Top 5 Upcoming NFT Games to Watch Out For in 2022

Today’s topic is definitely worth considering since gaming is taking firm steps towards the whole crypto industry. These are the best NFT games that are about to go live in 2022 but are already changing the entire game industry! Sounds interesting? Well, let’s get started!


The first game on our NFT games list is Iluvium! Currently, this NFT game is highly anticipated by many players! Iluvium has hype potential, comparable to the hype around the Pokemon series at the time. Perhaps this is also because they are quite similar in their ideas. 

Here is how you should play the game:

  • Search and catch illuvials — there are over 100 of them to collect in the game;
  • Upgrade your captured illuvials in PVP battles according to the Preset Battle system, where your task is to position your Illuvials on the battlefield. That is, you should create a strategy and wait until the PVP battle is launched automatically.

You can start playing the game absolutely for free with access to the starting location, where you have the opportunity to obtain zero-level illuvials. Access to 1-5 level locations is paid.


However, having developed your zero-level illuvial, you have the opportunity to sell it and open access to the locations of the 1-5 level for the money you earn. Or you can withdraw money to your wallet — it’s all up to you!

Illuvium is the root cause of the unrealistic hype around NFT games. Today, it is the most promising game of the best NFT games, and it definitely deserves to be in the first place of our top! 

An ILV token is actively used in the game. You can earn it by completing daily quests and selling various items and artifacts in the in-game marketplace.

1 Month ILV Token Price Chart

The coin went on sale at the very beginning of 2021 for $60. In 10 months, it has grown ten times and is now trading for almost $1,300. The game Illuvium has established itself as a promising project, so the IVL coin price is steadily increasing.

Big Time

It is one of the top NFT games with huge opportunities to prove its true value over time. The peculiarity of this game is that Big Time completely gives up the Pay-to-Win model.

There is game progress, but it will not be possible to buy it. You can only increase it by playing the game. Now, you may ask, what is the NFT component of this game?

These are skins, that is, items that do not give an advantage over other NFT players. If you wonder who will want to buy these unnecessary items, you probably haven’t heard anything about such a non-NFT game as Counter-Strike GO.

In CS GO, various in-game items and skins that do not give any advantage over other players are still being sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

Big Time NFT Game

Big Time is an action RPG where you play in PVE mode with random players or friends to gain game progress and get some NFT items. 

In the spring of 2021, the game creators received 21M from a group of investors to develop a line of NFT items that players will buy in the future. Big Time has already launched several sales of NFT items on the largest crypto exchange Binance.

Guild of Guardians

In third place on our NFT games list is another action PRG game, but for mobile devices. The Guild of Guardians game is free to play. However, besides the fact that the game is free, its unique NFT heroes are already available in presale! Also, it will be possible to buy guilds, that is, game communities allowing to play in a cooperative model. 

Is it possible to make money in this game without your own financial investments? In fact, yes — you can take several free heroes and connect them together. Thus, you will turn several simple heroes into one, but more rare, valuable, and powerful.

And also, you have the opportunity to sell your NFT characters through the blockchain. The game will have a crafting system of various in-game items that you may then sell.

Guild of Guardians NFT Game

The hype around this game is justified because you can get GOG tokens even today by purchasing heroes or in-game items. The GOG tokens will enter the market in early 2022.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is being developed on the Unreal 5 engine, which means that the game will have excellent graphics. The game is one huge universe full of NFT items. 

The peculiarity of the game is that any of your spacecraft or NFT asset can be destroyed, stolen, or lost. 

Unlike other upcoming NFT games scheduled for release in early 2022, this project will be launched a little later. It is very large-scale, and the gaming community is looking forward to it! Some gamers are purchasing the token now, long before launch, to take advantage of this low price and support the developers in their ambitious project.

1 Month ATLAS Token Price Chart

Thus, today there is an opportunity to buy an in-game token ATLAS, which is now much cheaper than expected after the release. The ATLAS token entered the market in early September 2021 and is still trading at about 15 cents. 

Ember Sword

Game number five in our top NFT games list is Ember Sword. It is a classic multiplayer RPG game with PVE and PVP modes. The developers do not follow the Pay-to-Win ideology, and NFTs solely play an aesthetic function in the game but have their own characteristics.

For example, let’s say your in-game character killed some cool boss for the first time in the history of playing with your NFT weapon. This information will increase the price of your NFT item and make it unique.

Also, the game has already sold land plots in cities and villages as NFT property. The prices for them, as for real estate, reached 80,000 USDC. 

Ember Sword Land Sale

Thus, there are no tokens in the game, but it is valuable in having unique NFT aspects, such as digital real estate and in-game items. The Alpha version of the game will be launched in early 2022! 


Today, we have reviewed the best NFT games 2022! All of these games seem really promising. But still, the main thing is to start investing right now, not think too long before the bus is gone!

What are the best NFT games 2022 for you guys? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below. Have a great weekend!


This article is not an investment recommendation. Investors should take into account that the cryptocurrency market is very risky, and they make their investments at their own peril and risk.

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