Top 7 Best Cryptocurrency Startups You Should Know

Blockchain technology is attracting increasing interest in many spheres of human activities. The number of blockchain startups is already in the hundreds and this number only continues to grow.

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Unfortunately, while some platforms show success, others crash and find themselves at the center of fraud schemes. Therefore, for a bright future of blockchain, companies need to learn how to properly use the new technology. Today, we’re about to take a closer look at 7 startups that are considered the most promising ones this year. Let’s get started!


Lendonomy is a youth lending platform. Its main goal is to eliminate the problem of poverty and strengthen social ties between people.

This blockchain system is also called ‘Airbnb for Money’. The point is, Lendonomy doesn’t just let you borrow money. It helps borrowers and lenders find each other. At the same time, the rights and obligations of each party are well covered in a smart contract.

Lendonomy also teaches young people how to handle money properly and communicate with thousands of other users.


British blockchain platform Fieldcoin offers an innovative approach to transactions for the purchase and sale of land and other types of real estate. It helps landowners find potential investors and vice versa.

Fieldcoin makes it easy to invest in land by eliminating bureaucracy and the need to involve intermediaries. Developers have created the first project, which aims to manage land and real estate in a decentralized manner. And the blockchain guarantees convenience and security.


SwapRadar is a special blockchain-based trading algorithm that matches cryptocurrency exchange rates and offers the best combinations. The aggregator himself gets a little profit from the deals.

The program searches for highly profitable trading positions and automatically notifies users. SwapRadar is integrated with trading accounts, allowing you to exchange coins quickly and profitably.

Omisego (OMG)

The OmiseGO cryptocurrency project allows you to send funds and accept payments in any currency — fiat, crypto, or digital asset. The project is aimed at a wide audience, so everyone can make a deposit with low fees.

Developers claim that about 2 billion people will use the platform in the future. At the same time, payment systems with support for different currencies are being created on the basis of OmiseGO.

The Ethereum blockchain system was created by Omise, an online payment operator in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. The Thai edition of Forbes magazine awarded the platform developers in the category ‘Digital Startup of the Year’.


It is the first multi-blockchain token exchange system. For this, the technology of atomic swaps is used, which allows you to send and receive transfers in cryptocurrency without intermediaries.

Transactions are processed through the Bitpanda brokerage system. Pantos now supports work with tokens created on the basis of the Ethereum and Lisk blockchains.

The main advantage of the platform is fast payment processing and low fees.


This startup aims to change the field of education and become the first blockchain solution for this field. Developers strive to update aging infrastructure and create an accessible platform for teachers and students.

The company was established in the Swiss canton of Zug and attracted about 2 million euros in investment. These funds were used to improve their own educational system, which stores academic records on the blockchain and guarantees students’ constant access to them.


It’s a professional cryptocurrency trading platform. Developers have done their utmost to ensure a superior approach to buying and selling digital currency and digital assets (tokenized assets).

In addition to exchanging coins, Binaryx offers users wallets for storing digital currencies and assets, detailed lessons on trading and cryptocurrencies at Binaryx Academy, as well as White Label solutions for creating a trading terminal, wallet, and basic exchange.

The Binaryx team also announced the imminent implementation of tools for digital asset management, margin trading, and tokenization of business shares.

What other promising crypto startups do you know? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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