Top 7 Best NFT Games 2022 to Play & Earn Cryptocurrency

NFT, or non-fungible token is a special digital object uniqueness identifier created using blockchain technology and allowing the object to be assigned to one owner. Recently, more and more people have been talking about NFTs in games. Thus, we decided to consider the best NFT games 2022. Let’s get started!

Top NFT Games: Key Features to Know

NFTs will become a key to the adoption of augmented and virtual reality. With NFTs, we can create unique digital assets, skins, digital clothes for your avatar, or an entire digital city.

Other examples of NFT assets include a digital painting on the wall of your house that is only visible when wearing VR glasses or a headset or unique filters to emulate the style of your favorite Instagram bloggers. The blockchain provides NFT security, so your assets cannot be copied, hacked, or duplicated. NFTs in virtual reality enable creativity and self-expression from the real world, socialization, and perception of feelings.

NFT Games List: Top 7 Best Play-to-Earn Games

For this list, we have found the best NFT games as of early 2022 that will allow you to make money. These games can boast entertaining gameplay and, in addition, provide an opportunity to sell in-game characters and items to other players for real money.

#1 Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the top NFT games inspired by the Pokémon series and based on the Ethereum blockchain. It features millions of adorable fantasy creatures called Axies, which players can collect, breed, train for battle, and sell as digital pets. The game’s core essence is the Play-to-Earn concept, which rewards players for putting in their time and effort.

The in-game reward is expressed in the form of $SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens, which can be earned during the game. $SLP tokens can be exchanged for Ethereum tokens on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or Binance.

Perhaps, Axie Infinity is one of the highest quality cryptocurrency projects. The in-game content is well designed — from the gameplay to the tokenomics. With peak monthly sales of $42 million in June 2021 and a sales forecast of over $1 billion, this is currently the most expensive NFT collection.

The game is available on different platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The developers’ goal is to create a virtual economy where you can run a business, breed and fight Axies, or simply have fun.

#2 Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a Free-to-Play collectible card game with the opportunity to earn money through gameplay where users can build card decks and play against each other. Gods Unchained is similar to traditional TCGs like Hearthstone, with various in-game features and specifics.

According to the information on the official website, the project’s market cap jumped to $1.3 billion in two weeks. Cards are Ethereum NFTs, so all players own their own assets. For example, one of Griffith’s NFT cards, The Chosen, was sold for $12,000 in May 2021.

With the recent launch of the exchange and never-before-seen card trading options, Gods Unchained has become one of the leading collectible card games. It works based on Immutable X, so all in-game transactions will take place without paying the so-called gas fees, a commission for computing power.

#3 Illuvium

Illuvium ranks third in our NFT games list and is an open-world RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain where users can earn in-game rewards. Thanks to the integration with Immutable X, players can experience a new era of NFT. You will get access to gasless payments, peer-to-peer minting, and instant transactions with secure asset storage.

Illuvium combines elements of traditional RPG games with combat mechanics from the popular auto chess genre. The game’s launch is scheduled for 2022.

#4 The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse that allows you to earn money by playing the game. Here you can own land, create your own game or play other users’ games.

You can manage a vast virtual world as a collector, artist or simply become a gamer traveling around the metaverse, switching between worlds from one game to the next. The Sandbox is built on the Ethereum network and uses its own cryptocurrency called $SAND.

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Currently, The Sandbox is one of the best NFT games. The developers created a special editor that allows you to create models and animations for a future blockchain version. If you are looking to purchase digital land or real estate, this is one of the best options!

#5 CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties, developed by Dapper Labs, was the first game built on the Ethereum network, which was released in November 2017. Here, players buy, trade, and breed digital cats with rare stats. In fact, these cats are unique and non-fungible ERC-721 tokens. Digital kitties can be traded on major NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Believe it or not, collecting and breeding digital cats is a lot of fun. For example, in 2017, the game’s popularity caused the Ethereum network to become overloaded.

A crypto kitty can be bought or bred by crossbreeding two cats. Breeding allows players to unlock rare attributes. In addition, you can earn rewards by making collections of cats and then send them to KittyVerse, where they can participate in fights. You can also solve puzzles with other players.

#6 Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians (BOG) ranks sixth in our NFT games list and is an NFT multiplayer PvP arena developed on the Unreal Engine. This is a challenging fighting game based on the Solana network, where players constantly fight each other and receive rewards for winning.

Users will enjoy not only the power of the blockchain but also high-quality graphics. Players will face harsh battles in various places of the vast sci-fi world. BOG is designed for PC but plans to support cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android in the future.

BOG believes in the future of the metaverse sector and is trying to build a secure in-game economy with long-term potential. With the release of each new game, BOG provides an exciting metaverse with amazing graphics, unique NFTs, and numerous opportunities to earn real money.

The global gaming market is currently valued at more than $300 billion, with NFT games accounting for less than 10%. Thus, the potential of such a fighting game is much higher.

#7 Idle Cyber

Idle Cyber ​​is a border defense game set in 2088 where humans command a mutant squad, defend a wall, kill cyborgs, and defeat giant bosses to save humanity.

Idle Cyber ​​is built on BSC and looks quite promising. Players will have many opportunities to earn and trade NFTs, making good profits. In addition, the project is developing steadily, so investors can also earn money by investing in this game.

Best NFT Games 2022: Key Benefits of NFTs

NFT is a unique digital asset with the ability to get a good profit in real money. Over time, well-known developers will launch their new upcoming NFT games, and projects like Axie Infinity may become an excellent opportunity to escape from reality.

  • Digital creativity licensing solution. NFTs cannot be duplicated or copied. Each of them is associated with a certain value and exists in a decentralized digital environment based on blockchain technology.
  • Ability to make money on digital assets. Monetization is another potential advantage of NFTs. Converting digital items into digital assets means assigning monetary value to them. The early stage of non-fungible tokens is precisely the monetization of digital works of art. Various Internet memes have already become digital assets, such as the viral video ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’, the ‘Disaster Girl’ meme, the Nyan Cat YouTube video, and the popular Doge meme sold in June 2021 for $4 million.
  • Collectibles, fundraising, and games. Physical collectibles such as sports cards have been converted into digital assets by creating their digital equivalents as non-fungible tokens. Thus, you can create the basis for the development of video games that allow you to earn money in the process of playing.
  • NFT investment and trading. Converting digital files into non-fungible digital assets creates delivery restrictions. You don’t have to play the game at all but may earn on NFT items. For example, the digital collectible ‘CryptoPunk #3100’ first sold for $2,127 in 2017 and was sold to another collector in 2021, which brought over $7.5 million for the original owner.


The best NFT games 2022 considered today have become an integral part of the gaming industry. NFT games are a relatively new phenomenon, and people strive to join the sector in pursuit of making good profits. They are attracted by the limited supply, proof of ownership, and the ability to exchange assets with other players.

In 2021, many games were developed, some of which went live. Several NFT games are already scheduled for release in 2022. Thus, those interested in them now have the advantage of joining the market first. NFT technology saves us from intermediaries and allows us to take another step into the future.

What are the top NFT games? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below!

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