Top 7 Best-Performing Altcoins of February 2022

Most of the coins that have shown significant growth since the beginning of the year belong to the gaming or metaverse field. Most likely, this is a stable trend, influencing the direction of development of the crypto world. Today, we will find out which altcoins can bring the maximum profit in February. Let’s get started!

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Forecast

According to CoinGecko, the market cap of the leading cryptocurrency exceeded $727 billion. True, when compared with the all-time high reached in November last year ($69K), bitcoin fell in price by almost 78%.

Still, experts note several reasons why bitcoin, and the whole crypto market, may begin to grow. This is primarily because the Federal Reserve indicated that it could start raising interest rates as soon as March. Stocks will go down, and bitcoin will become an alternative asset once again.

For those who are used to high returns and are not afraid of risks, cryptocurrencies will give a chance for an attractive profit margin. So far, in anticipation of the decision of the American regulator, bitcoin does not show any sharp price movements. Experts no longer expect deep drawdowns and emphasize that the bullish trend has not yet been indicated.

1 Month BTC Price Chart

Top 7 Most Promising Altcoins to Know

Below are seven altcoins that can rise in price significantly in the next 12 months. Let’s consider them in more detail!

NinjaFloki (NJF)

It is one of the promising coins showing explosive growth during two winter months; in January, it was 1125.66%, and in February — 687.88%. The token’s current price is $0.000005441. According to the project’s release, NinjaFloki is a gaming space where you can earn tokens to buy NFT characters. There is almost no data on the game’s creators. Still, all the necessary certificates have been received, and the token is traded on a stock exchange.

1 Month NJF Price Chart

Chainbing (CBG)

A token that showed 618.47% growth costs a little more than $29. The Chainbing ecosystem is designed to store, analyze, monitor, and control large amounts of blockchain data. The essence of the innovation is that users of the system actively check the reliability of the data, develop new control mechanisms, and receive bonuses in the form of tokens for this. 

The creators of the ecosystem, in turn, provide an array of smart data for testing. There is also paid content, access to which is provided for tokens. As always in cryptocurrency systems, Chainbing (CBG) users have the right to control the further development of the chain of this blockchain.

1 Month CBG Price Chart

Snowtomb (STOMB)

At a current price of $3.42, this altcoin showed quite an outstanding dynamics of 554.45%. It claims to be a mirror asset (reserve currency) of the rather ambitious startup Avalanche.

The goal of this ecosystem is to dramatically increase the speed of money transfers in blockchains by increasing their throughput. A special protocol based on DeFi has been created for this purpose.

1 Month STOMB Price Chart

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Bole Token (BOLE)

On the one hand, no one expected 521.55% growth from this coin and there are many prerequisites that this hype will end soon. Moreover, the coin celebrated its birthday on February 7th. On the other hand, the creators of the ecosystem have quite set goals and a desire to become one of the main utility tokens in the world of the hospitality industry.

BOLE is one of the cryptocurrencies accepted for payment in the restaurant chain of the same name (it includes 14 establishments) and a loyalty card for visitors who will receive various bonuses with its help. The token is also given to those who write a review about the restaurant chain’s quality of food and service.

Still, experts are alarmed that almost all tokens belong to the same address, which is the reason for a recent sharp price decrease. The advantages of the coin are a trading volume with a turnover of almost $900K and a market cap of $450 million.

1 Month BOLE Price Chart

GScarab (SCARAB)

The next contender for the title of a promising cryptocurrency is GScarab (SCARAB), an algorithmic token of the financial ecosystem that provides liquidity to the Fantom Opera network. The token has a rather high price of $249.33, but the growth of the coin showed significant growth of 467.94%. As with Snowtomb, SCARAB is pegged to the system’s main token, $FTM. Thus, thanks to a special mechanism within the protocol, the token’s price follows the price of the main currency. The project creators state:

Due to the success of Tomb Finance, we have decided to replicate their protocol for the people who were too late on Tomb and missed out on the biggest rewards because algorithmic tokens have higher rewards when they are starting out.

The startup owners also promised to find a use case for tokens that would help investors see the benefits and values ​​of the ecosystem and start funding it.

1 Month SCARAB Price Chart

Rise of Defenders (RDR)

Rise of Defenders (RDR) showed 431.45% growth. An important distinguishing feature of this project is the creation of a unique digital identity for each user of the platform. Therefore, in addition to verifying an email address and mobile phone number, they require you to scan your passport or other legitimate photo ID.

Moreover, according to the creators of Rise of Defenders (RDR), the disclosed user data will help attract advertisers, and the profit from these transactions will replenish the wallets of all platform users.

However, according to experts, Rise of Defenders is not ready for listing on traditional stock exchanges and plans to receive funding from ICO. Moreover, the process of collecting money is slow and lasts more than two years. Auditors have not been allowed access to the platform yet, and there are no industry certificates either.

1 Month RDR Price Chart


The MetaPay virtual payment system (+422.81% since the beginning of February) will allow making payments in the metaverses worldwide using dynamic payment cards for transactions related to cryptocurrency and fiat money.

MetaPay has taken the niche of an open system of payments and settlements on the blockchain for metaverse users. The MetaPay virtual payment terminal will be available through web extensions and built-in decentralized applications that expand to mobile apps.

1 Month METAPAY Price Chart


Today, we have considered the top 7 best-performing altcoins of February 2022, which have every chance of reaching new all-time highs in the near future. Which coins to choose is up to you!

Which altcoins do you consider the most promising for investing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


This information is provided for informational purposes only. Such information is not intended as and may not be relied upon as trading advice. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Please do your own research and due diligence on the services provided by online cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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