Top 7 Crypto Twitter Accounts Everyone Should Follow

Today it’s important to have information support for effective trading and profitable cryptocurrency investments. Many crypto enthusiasts consider Twitter as its source. We have collected the top 7 popular Twitter accounts where you can get relevant and timely information about the digital asset market. Let’s get started!

1. The Block Analyst Larry Cermak

His account contains a lot of analytics and discussions of relevant topics. Larry also publishes results of his own research and other information about ​​the current state of the digital asset market. In addition, you can learn a lot of new and useful information about the crypto space from discussions that the analyst likes to participate in. 

2. WhalePanda Investor

This microblog is full of criticism and sarcasm about the current events on the digital asset market. From his reposts and heated discussions, you can find out the latest news, as well as get acquainted with the opinions of the members of the crypto community about them. 

3. Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano publishes news, links to recent podcasts, and a lot of other useful and relevant information on his page. Also, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital is a fan of heated discussions with members of the crypto community and Bitcoin critics. One of Anthony Pompliano’s favorite opponents is a ‘gold bug’ Peter Schiff.

4. Primitive Crypto Managing Partner, Dovey Wan

A lot of important news for the crypto space comes from China. Unfortunately, they often become available only after some time due to translation difficulties. Dovey Wang has become a ‘bridge’ between the PRC and the English-speaking crypto community, due to the fact that she is an active participant in the crypto industry, who knows both languages: English and Chinese.

You can find a lot of relevant news, written in Chinese, on her page. Dovey Wan shares a translation with subscribers of her microblog, and often gives useful explanations of the current state of the market.

5. Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey

You can also find a lot of interesting and useful information for the crypto community in the microblog of the Twitter CEO. The thing is, Jack Dorsey actively promotes ideas of decentralization and has an extremely positive attitude towards the digital asset market. Many of his projects are aimed at the development of the cryptocurrency industry. For example, Square.

6. Analyst Willy Woo

You can find relevant analytics and threads with discussions about peculiarities of the current state of the digital asset market on his page. At the same time, Willy Woo often illustrates his vision of the situation with unique graphs. Also, the analyst regularly participates in entertaining discussions with his followers and well-known members of the crypto community.

7. Cryptographer Adam Back

Many people consider him to be the creator of Bitcoin. Adam Back enjoys a reputation among the members of the crypto community thanks to his knowledge and extensive programming experience. As a result, his statements about the digital asset market and other issues related to cryptocurrencies are considered reliable.

Adam Back loves to enter into discussions and discuss current issues. You can find news and opinions on many issues on his page.

What other reliable crypto Twitter accounts do you know? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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