Town Star NFT Game: The Ultimate Guide on How to Play Town Star 2022

Town Star is a blockchain game created in 2019 by Gala Games led by Eric Schiermeyer. Your main task is to create a city and run it, engage in the construction of buildings, purchase inventory, play with other users to increase the turnover of game currency by producing more in-game goods. Players can then convert the in-game profit into real money. So, how to play Town Star NFT game? Today, we’ll try to find out!

How to Play Town Star NFT Game: Basic Gameplay

Town Star NFT game assets are in-game items (equipment, inventory, buildings), which can be purchased in the Gala Games marketplace. Items for sale include character skins, water towers, improved storage for wheat and grapes, and much more. Also, players can purchase NFT items on third-party crypto platforms.

To start playing, first, you need to select a location on the map, which is identical to the world map. There you can deploy your city. Each usable tile in the world map represents a 16×16 plot of land, which can be one of three kinds of biomes: 

  • forests
  • plains
  • desert

As for surroundings, there are mountainous areas or locations near the water (oceans, rivers). Just note that the further development of the city depends on your choice. For example, if you start playing in the mountains, you can mine blue steel, a fairly expensive good in the game. If your town is far from central cities, then make sure to increase gasoline production.

Town Star Map

In total, there are 256 land plots. From the very start, players receive buildings such as a warehouse for wood, fuel, and wheat and also a well and a truck.

At the beginning of the game, you will have to transport wheat. One batch will bring you $3,000 of in-game currency. After progressing, two building options will be available — a windmill or a ranch. The first option focuses on flour production, the second — on livestock. Beginners prefer to choose a windmill, as it takes fewer resources to make flour.

Town Star Windmill

Every day players can complete new tasks to establish the production of various goods.

How to Start Playing Town Star NFT Game: Key Steps to Follow

To start playing the Town Star NFT game, you only need a PC or laptop with Internet access and free time. A detailed step-by-step guide on how to start playing Town Star NFT game consists of the following steps.

  • Click on the Register button in the upper right corner.
  • Next, enter your first and last name, email address, in-game nickname, and create a strong password.
  • After filling in the above fields, you will receive a confirmation email. Just click on the link in the email to continue.
  • To start playing Town Star, you need to select the Games section on the website, find Town Star, and click the Play button.
  • After downloading (which may take some time), you need to select a game server, your city’s starting location, and complete a tutorial.
Town Star Servers

Town Star NFT Game Guide: How to Progress in Town Star?

Since the project positions itself as a city-building simulator, any experience in such games will be a bonus. How to start playing Town Star NFT game? Well, users start playing by selecting a location on the map for further creation and development of the city.

Do not neglect this step, as it is very important. Regardless of the starting location, all players have a basic set of buildings and units. That is, everyone is on an equal footing. Each biome (areas on the map with unique characteristics inherent only to it) has its own pros and cons. For example, if you start in a wooded area, it would be reasonable to work with the forest — cut trees and sell wood. If you started on the plains, then livestock would be the right choice, and so on.

Town Star Biomes

Earning in-game currency is as follows — you produce a certain good (wheat, livestock, wine, cakes, steel, and so on), which you need to sell to a neighboring city for profit.

Selecting the right strategy, thinking, and choosing production chains and geographical locations are important steps for successful development and getting into the top server.

Suppose you decide to choose a location away from a major city. In that case, you should also take into account several points — either the gasoline used to transport goods will be more expensive, or goods will take longer to be delivered. 

When choosing a location by the sea, it is possible to use a cargo pier instead of an ordinary truck since a boat allows you to deliver not 10 units of cargo simultaneously but 100. One should also take into account that a boat uses a much larger amount of fuel, so, first of all, you should think about building storage facilities for goods and gasoline.

What Is a Town Star Marketplace & How to Use It?

The in-game marketplace is the Gala Games website. To buy or sell goods, you first need to register on the site. After registration, you can proceed to the game. Currently, the project is still under development (Early Access). Still, the first season is free, which means you can start playing without investing a cent.

Town Star Marketplace

After registration, you can go to the Inventory tab to check your number of $GALA (special tokens created by the developer company) and all your tokens and coins.

Also, after registration, you can use the Store tab, where you can buy NFT items for Town Star and other games of the company.

$TOWN Tokenomics

The issue of the $TOWN currency takes place on the principle of ‘mint on demand’; the developers themselves enhance the decentralized nature of their network. At the moment, the distribution system is calculated based on the points available in each cycle. All this makes up the total amount of $GALA distributed among all network users every day. Thus, the developers regulate the number of coins in their ecosystem and prevent inflation associated with their number.

That is, the competition cycle takes place one week — after its completion, winners who earn $GALA are determined. You cannot directly buy $TOWN with $GALA, but you can exchange them by creating orders on various exchanges.

How $TOWN Is Used in the Game

$TOWN is a unique in-game currency that acts as a cryptocurrency. On special platforms, you can swap it for another crypto (for example, bitcoin) and fiat (the US dollar). You can use it to buy NFT items, both on the official website and on some other platforms. They will allow you to earn and develop your city much faster. After taking place in the ranking, you will be able to receive a certain amount of $GALA upon completion of the cycle.

All-Time $TOWN Price Chart

How to Earn and Withdraw Money?

You can earn in Town Star only by constantly playing the game, as there are in-game cycles, and upon completion, you receive a reward in $GALA tokens. Each purchased item brings a player a fixed daily income. In addition, all information is publicly available, so it is not difficult to calculate how much you can earn on a specific NFT item in a year. For example, if you buy an Ancient Bitrue Wheat item (the price is $2,726,220 on the OpenSea platform), you can earn 1000% of the item’s value in a year.

Ancient Bitrue Wheat

Also, the game has much cheaper NFTs. For example, Solar Panel (the price on the developer’s website is about $1,300), in a year, you will receive a yield almost equal to the cost of the item — 90%.


The Town Star project definitely has prospects for future growth and development. The game is an NFT prototype of one of the most popular games of its time, FarmVille, which had a huge number of fans. Now, while playing your favorite game, you can also earn real money.

Town Star is part of the Gala Games system, which is constantly growing and developing. In addition, there is an opportunity to invest and get a yield of 1,000% per annum.

How to play Town Star NFT game? What other interesting tips & tricks do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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