TRON Price Prediction: TRON Forecast 2021

What will be a TRON price prediction for the coming years? This is what more and more investors are asking themselves about. Will a self-proclaimed ‘Ethereum Killer’ continue to increase in price, move sideways, or even crash? These are rather interesting questions!

In this article, we’ll present our own forecast as well as the one from popular crypto experts on the future of TRON. Today, we’re about to consider the TRON price prediction 2021 and beyond. Let’s get started!

What Is the Prediction for TRON Price: Key Things to Know

What is the prediction for TRON price? Well, first things first. Let’s learn the basics of TRON first!

It’s necessary to note that the promising project is often forgotten by a large number of investors. Quite often investors concentrate on the top cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. TRON was founded by Justin Sun, who previously worked for Ripple. 

An ICO of the TRON Token (TRX) was issued at the end of August and resulted in great demand. Originally, the TRON website was a decentralized content delivery platform. Music, video producers, and artists of all kinds should have an appropriate decentralized platform on which they can trade and interact directly with consumers.

So, what is the prediction for TRON price? TRON (TRX) can boast of consistently positive March. After a significant price correction at the end of February, the share price rose steadily in March. The TRX rate rose from $0.04 to $0.05 (as of March 19, 2021). The price is currently moving with a bullish tendency. 

TRX/USD chart reveals that the price is above the 20-day average. If bulls manage to maintain the bullish trend, further price gains up to $0.06 could follow.

TRON Price Prediction Today: Key Factors Affecting the Rate

What is the TRON price prediction today? Well, there are a few factors that could have a positive impact on a TRON forecast in the coming years. Let’s consider the most important ones!

  • Upcoming updates. An Apollo update is scheduled for mid-2021. The update is intended to enable content creators to further develop their brands. In addition, TRON is about to offer users an opportunity to launch ICOs. Overall, the last update aims to increase profitability of the platform. 
  • Strengthening the gaming sector. TRON recently announced a 100 million gaming fund to be spent over the next three years, also known as the TRON ARCADE. The fund is intended to support game developers in order to create more games for the platform. 
  • Partnerships. New partners have already caused some price increases in the past. The platform has recently partnered with major players in the content and entertainment industry. These not only increase the popularity and the number of users but also draws the attention of other companies.
  • Justin Sun. Most people consider the CEO and founder of TRON, Justin Sun, as the real brain behind the whole company. That’s why critics point out that further success of the platform, as well as TRON price prediction today, depend solely on him. Thus, if Justin Sun falters, it can be fatal for the entire project.
  • Established competition. TRON has to stand out as a platform against the large centralized competition in the form of Facebook, Google Play, and Instagram. In the decentralized area, there are also enough potential competitors who are trying their best to enter the market. Thus, the success of TRON depends on how it can stand out against the multitude of competing projects on the market.

TRON Future Price Prediction: TRON Forecast 2021-2025

What is TRON future price prediction? What do analysts say about the long-term trend? Let’s try to find out!

Sometimes it can be really hard to make cryptocurrency price forecasts. The further you look into the future, the more speculative are the assessments. The same applies to TRON future price prediction. Nevertheless, some prominent analysts have dared to make forecasts. It’s time to consider them!


Cryptoground experts state that in the following months of the year, the price will continue to increase and reach a value of approximately $0.091. The long-term TRON forecast is also positive. By 2024, a TRX will be worth $0.1741, which means a price increase of over 222%. They see a crash of TRON as rather unlikely.


WalletInvestor experts are those who are about to contradict Cryptoground’s forecast here at this point. They see Tron as a bad long-term investment and believe that a crash cannot be ruled out. In 3 years, 1 TRX would only be worth $0.0039. This corresponds to a price drop of over 93% compared to the current price.


CoinSwitch analysts sure that the chances for TRON to establish itself in the market are rated very high. According to CoinSwitch, the long-term TRON forecast depends heavily on mass acceptance and whether the platform can attract enough startups, artists, and musicians. If that can be achieved, TRON could significantly increase in price by 2023.

What is your TRON price prediction? Feel free to share your forecasts in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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