What Is Crypto Kitties: Interesting Facts to Know

What is Crypto Kitties? CrуptoKitties is a game based on digital collection cats in a form of ERC721 non-fungible tokens (NFT) on Ethereum blockchain. The player can buy, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats, as well as earn money on them.

Here NFT guarantees a unique status of ownership and performance. The project claims that every cryptokitten is unique and cannot be replicated without the consent of its owner. So, what is Crypto Kitties? Let’s find out more details!

What Is Ethereum Crypto Kitties: Where to Begin?

What is Ethereum Crypto Kitties? Well, how was mentioned before, the game is based on Ethereum smart-contract, therefore it’s managed in a decentralized manner. To start playing, the user must first register on crуptokitties.co and link a MetaMask wallet, which will store NFTs. 

What is Ethereum Crypto Kitties? What should you do next? The next step is to buy cryptokittens, the payment is made in ETH from the MetaMask wallet. For the purchase and sale of cryptokittens or NFT a special marketplace has been created. 

After the purchase, the corresponding NFT token is transferred to the user’s wallet, and from this moment you can start breeding. What is Ethereum Crypto Kitties? How to make money on them? In order to earn money, you need to make your cryptokittens attractive for the market. Different kinds of rare attributes can increase the cost of cryptokittens.

What Gen Is Best in Crypto Kitties: Key Things to Know

Each virtual cat has its own 256-bit gene with DNA and 12 attributes, called ‘cattributes’: the form of a mouth, eyes, color. What gen is best in Crypto Kitties?

Generating new rare kittens with the help of base pairing is quite difficult, but this is the main goal of the game. It’s necessary to find a way to generate kittens with more rare attributes so that they cost more than their parents. The method of transferring attributes from the parent to kittens will be secured. However, it works similarly to real genetics. That is, the attributes of parents will be inherited by kittens with a higher probability.

So, what gen is best in Crypto Kitties? Well, Generation-0 kittens are considered the most valuable, as there are a limited number of them. Initially, they were owned by the platform developers, who then sold them.

What is Crypto Kitties? What other interesting facts do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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