What Is Cryptocurrency Mining: A Step-by-Step Guide 2021

Today, cryptocurrencies are quite a popular topic. The cryptocurrency concept has given rise to a new industry — cryptocurrency mining. What is cryptocurrency mining? Well, first things first! 

Every day the number of miners is growing steadily, and it becomes harder and harder to mine cryptocurrencies. Some time ago, it was possible to mine coins at home and earn a fair amount of bitcoins. Well, but now the purchase of special and expensive equipment is a necessary step to mine cryptocurrencies. So, what is cryptocurrency mining? Today we’ll try to find out!

What Is Mining Cryptocurrency: Principle of Operation

What is mining cryptocurrency? Well, cryptocurrency mining is a process involving the use of computer resources to process transactions of a payment system by creating new blocks, ensuring their security, and generating new records in a common database.

In fact, a computer owner collects and processes information about current operations with cryptocurrency using his/her resources for the operation of a virtual payment system. This activity is necessary in order to carry out a transaction, ensure a high degree of its security, as well as to ensure smooth and effective functioning of an entire peer-to-peer decentralized system. The larger the number of miners and, accordingly, the computer resources involved in the process, the more reliable and stable the system is.

What is mining cryptocurrency? How does crypto mining work? Well, an owner of a computer resource receives a reward for processing information. This reward can be in the form of a commission or the cryptocurrency issued in the process of mining. 

What Is Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency: Key Things to Know

Today, in order to mine cryptocurrencies effectively, you need a lot of computing power. Obviously, the purchase of such powerful computers requires considerable financial resources. As a result, a new type of mining pool has appeared, called cloud. What is cloud mining cryptocurrency? Cloud pool provides for the purchase or lease of computing power from specialized companies that have appropriate equipment.

In this case, all operations are carried out via the Internet. So, what is cloud mining cryptocurrency and how does it work? Well, the interaction scheme is as follows. A specialized company receives in the form of profit the funds from a client, which it needs for further development and the acquisition of new, more powerful computers. At the same time, a user is able to mine coins on the most modern and advanced equipment.

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining Apps: Popular Mining Software

What is cryptocurrency mining apps? What are the best ones? Let’s consider the most popular ones which are available in Google Play!


It’s a rather new game that represents a blockchain galaxy simulator where authentic digital funds are mined on virtual planets. The game is played by users from all over the world.

  • Development and improvement of planets to increase the earnings of tokens.
  • Purchase and sale of planets.
  • Rent of spaceships for the development of locations.
  • Create your own nation and compete with other players and countries.


Aircoins is an action game for searching and trading cryptocurrency on a smartphone. The project is designed to unite the gaming and cryptographic sectors within one platform.

  • The developers promise to bring the coin to a large international exchange soon.
  • The main idea is to visit beautiful places and be the first to collect tokens.

Bitcoin Mining Play 

Bitcoin Mining Play is an android application for crypto enthusiasts who want to increase their capital by investing in digital currencies.

  • Distinctive features of this program:
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Real mining of virtual coins;
  • An opportunity to play an exciting crypto game;
  • Referral system. For each user you invite, you will receive 0.0005 BTC to your balance.

The app is absolutely free, its developers guarantee complete security and confidentiality of your account. However, each user should understand that it’s impossible to make big money in such apps.

What is cryptocurrency mining apps? What other reliable crypto apps do you know? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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