What Is the Best Platform for Trading Crypto 2021?

While digital coins are now popular with both retail and institutional investors, there is also widespread skepticism about the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies as an asset class. This skepticism should no longer take place since a lot of institutions are now involved in this area.

However, if you want to access the cryptocurrency investment space, you need a trading platform that can suit your needs as well as provide reliable tools for crypto trading. What is the best platform for trading crypto? In this guide, we’ll try to find this out!

Best Platform for Crypto Day Trading: eToro 

What is the best platform for crypto day trading? Well, our choice is eToro, which is one of the best options for day traders looking to trade stocks. The multi-asset platform has been on the market since 2007. Today, there are 16 different coins that can be bought and sold there.

eToro also offers trading with a much wider range of assets. The platform allows Forex day trading as well as several major cryptocurrencies and a number of commodities for trading. Overall, eToro is commission-free. These factors make eToro the best platform for crypto day trading.

We also like eToro because of the research tools it offers. The platform serves as a social network where you can follow other traders and or even copy their portfolios. It also has built-in charting software and a news feed. The only drawback to eToro is that the charts aren’t very advanced, so you won’t be able to develop your own indicators or backtesting strategies.

Best Crypto Platform for Automated Trading: Crypto Bot

What is the best crypto platform for automated trading? Well, preconfigured trading algorithms include indicators for performing operations in a given period (timeframe). 

The simplest program in principle can be written by anyone familiar with the basics of programming and crypto trading. Moreover, the network has enough material on this topic.

So, let’s consider the best crypto platform for automated trading. CryptoHoper is a bot for Binance exchange and 9 other popular crypto platforms. It supports over 100 virtual assets, has a smartphone app and many built-in indicators (RSI, EMA, Parabolic Sar, etc.).

A user can use market making, arbitrage, or create his/her own trading strategy. A week of free use is provided.

Best Crypto Trading Platform for Beginners: Key Tips

How to choose the best crypto trading platform for beginners? Well, as of 2021, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency trading platforms available on the market. While some are larger CFD sites that offer multiple asset classes, some specialize exclusively in cryptocurrency exchange services.

Whichever option you choose (CFD platform or cryptocurrency exchange), there are some factors you need to consider before registering.

Thus, the best crypto trading platform for beginners should include:

  • regulations and licenses,
  • different types of cryptocurrencies available for trading,
  • CFD trading,
  • leverage support,
  • different types of payment methods.

What is the best platform for trading crypto? Feel free to share your favorite crypto platforms in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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