Where to Buy NFT Art: Top 6 NFT Platforms to Know 2023

Only the laziest crypto enthusiast doesn’t discuss NFT today! The incredible surge in the growth of digital art is the most impressive trend in recent times. The popularity of NFTs is growing among collectors, investors, and traders. Today, we’ll find out where to buy NFT art to build your own collection. Let’s get started!

Where to Buy NFT Art Token: What Is NFT?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. Unlike cryptocurrencies and conventional tokens, NFTs are unique: each exists in a single copy. NFT tokens are works of art, real estate, or, for example, artifacts in a computer game. Thus, they are all unique and cannot be copied.

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The most common are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which comply with an ERC-721 standard, but there are also analogs on other blockchains to create NFT art — BSC, Solana, Tezos, Flow, Polygon, etc.

NFTs allow artists and designers a new way to monetize their creativity. Where to buy digital art NFT? Well, there are many different marketplaces and platforms. That’s why some NFTs sell for thousands, even millions of dollars, especially if famous people create them.

Where to Buy NFT Art Coin: What Is NFT Marketplace?

So, where to buy NFT art token? As mentioned before, NFT marketplaces come into play here! NFT marketplaces are platforms where they can be sold, bought, or exchanged. These platforms are created specifically for non-fungible tokens, and all kinds of digital works are stored, displayed, sold, and in some cases, even created here.

Marketplaces for creating and trading NFTs can be divided into three main types:

  • Universal decentralized marketplaces. A good example is OpenSea. It usually works on the same blockchain or on related ones. OpenSea allows trading on Ethereum and Polygon and requires connection via web3 wallet. Every transaction, including sending NFTs for sale, comes with a network fee.
  • Marketplaces for collections. A good example is CryptoPunks. The platform also works in a decentralized manner, and each user connects using a web3 wallet. Still, you can’t create your own NFTs but only buy those that creators have already minted from scratch.
  • Centralized marketplaces. These include Binance NFT. One doesn’t need to have a separate wallet, and the marketplace balance is used to pay for a purchase or receive funds. Purchased NFTs are also stored centrally but can be sent to offline wallets.

The marketplace’s main functionality should have: minting new NFTs, buying/selling NFTs at a fixed price or using an auction, adding collections or objects to favorites, etc.

Where to Buy Digital Art NFT: Best Platforms to Know

So, where to buy digital art NFT? To date, there are many such platforms, but we will focus on the 6 most popular and worthwhile of them. Let’s get started!

#1 OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the largest and most popular NFT marketplaces today. The variety of collections overshadows many other trading platforms. Thousands of different NFTs are presented here — from paintings by contemporary artists to game cards. In addition, the platform has multiple auction features and is fully integrated into the crypto infrastructure.

OpenSea users must pay a fee when listing their work for sale. This fee depends on users’ demand in the network, time of day, and many other factors. Sometimes the sale price can even exceed the price of a created work of art. Still, most often, it is $70-100.

#2 Rarible

Rarible is a platform that has gained popularity worldwide among those who wonder where to buy NFT art token. Using a native $RARI token, artists here can create and sell their arts. Another important difference is the opportunity for authors to receive remuneration every time their artwork is resold.

The Rarible platform, by the way, has one of the highest trading volumes of all NFT marketplaces. Registration on the site is free of charge. Still, you will need to pay a commission to list each new token or create a collection — $30-100 for each art listed.

#3 Nifty Gateway

The Nifty Gateway platform has convenient functionality for buying and selling NFTs, as well as an impeccable reputation. The Gemini exchange bought it.

The key feature of this platform is that users can buy NFTs using fiat currency (US dollars, euros, yen, etc.), and sellers can withdraw the proceeds to their credit or debit cards.

How much does it cost to list your artwork? Art listing is free. Nifty Gateway takes a 15% commission from each transaction. From each NFT resale, the platform retains 5% and an additional 30 cents. When reselling NFTs, the author receives 10% of the transaction.

#4 SuperRare

If you’re still wondering where to buy NFT art, here is No. 4 platform on our list. SuperRare is a virtual digital art gallery. Each work is authentically created by an artist and is regarded as a crypto-collectible digital item that can be owned and traded. To confirm their authorship, artists develop a specialized certificate.

The SuperRare platform is explicitly focused on digital art and works of famous and talented artists. A native $RARE token for decentralized governance was launched with the community’s help. Membership in the SuperRare DAO allows you to curate the platform, control market parameters, and vote on this ambitious art project.

Listing your artwork is free. Still, SuperRare withholds 15% of the first sale’s transaction. Also, the platform takes a 3% commission from each successful NFT sale.

#5 NBA Top Shot

NBA TopShot is an NFT platform with support for the well-known American Basketball League. The platform’s concept is to issue and sell digital sports collectible cards. Only instead of static images, NBA Top Shot cards contain videos from past games. Each clip, in this case, is a unique token of its kind. Each sale in NBA Top Shot is subject to a 5% fee.

#6 Foundation

The Foundation NFT platform has a stylish design and is considered more advanced. Foundation is an auction platform, which requires receiving an invitation from some author to join it. An auction is held by analogy with a real public sale of goods. Anyone who has indicated a higher price for a certain time gets an artwork.

The Foundation platform is a resource where you need to show your artworks with the maximum involvement of a future audience, for example, by sharing them on social networks or blogs.

Listing your artwork is free. Still, Foundation withholds 15% from an art token’s sale. When reselling NFTs, its author receives a 10% royalty.


Today, we’ve found out where to buy NFT art coin and considered the most popular NFT marketplaces. Thus, the industry continues to develop, and now we see a lot of promising projects. The popularity of non-fungible tokens will only grow in the coming years with the emergence of innovative apps for digitizing art, property rights, collectibles, or just for fun.

Where to buy NFT art coin? What other promising NFT marketplaces do you know? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

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