Where to Find News on Cryptoсurrencies?

Today, a lot of people wonder where to find the best news on cryptocurrencies. Well, here is some interesting crypto news. Bitcoin is struggling to break the $12,000 mark again. Some altcoins saw significant price gains in the past week. The biggest winners were YFI, CVT, and AMPL.

The consolidation phase continues as before. Bitcoin was able to pass the $11,800 mark at the beginning of the week, lost the price gain in a quick sell-off, and has now recovered. Bitcoin is currently trading at $11,717. Just get latest news on cryptocurrencies on Swrichere! Let’s get started!

Where to Find the Latest News on Cryptocurrencies?

Where to find the latest news on cryptocurrencies? Let’s consider the market cap of bitcoin and altcoins!

The total market capitalization (bitcoin + altcoins ) was around 370 billion US dollars a week ago. This mark could be reached again after losses (low point ~ 350 billion US dollars). The total market cap of a crypto sector is currently around $375 billion.

Altcoins grew from $150 billion to a market capitalization of $160 billion. The steadily growing DeFi sector in particular is partly responsible for this. That’s why it’s really important to know where to find news on cryptocurrencies.

The overall situation on market remains positive, and there is no cause for concern on the stock market either. The question now is whether Bitcoin would start another run at the 12,000+ US dollar mark and thus pull down altcoins. In the last few days, at least considerable daily volumes have been observed in Bitcoin trading.

Where to Find the Best News on Cryptocurrencies?

Once we’ve found out where you can get latest news on cryptocurrencies, let’s consider the top 3 altcoin winners of the week. 

Yearn.Finance (YFI)

YFI’s price has changed significantly since it was launched in mid-July. It rose from less than 1,000 US dollars to 35,000 US dollars and has thus surpassed the Bitcoin price by far. The price even hit the $40,000 mark on some crypto exchanges.

YFI is a yEarn governance token of a DeFi protocol used to aggregate income from other lending protocols. YFI investors can use their tokens to vote on proposals for network upgrades. You can also earn YFI by doing so-called yield farming via yEarn.

CyberVein (CVT)

CyberVein is a relatively young project which has dedicated itself to the decentralized management of complex data sets. For sensitive data sets, in particular, this is a suitable kind of protection from public eyes.

Just as the Internet is a public network of networks, CyberVein is a public network of immutable databases on which information can easily be traded, linked together, and converted into structured data. The price of CVT token could increase by over 150% in the last week.

Ampleforth (AMPL)

Where to find the best news on cryptocurrencies? Switchere is the answer. And we’re ready to present the last token from our top. 

Ampleforth is a really successful DeFi protocol. Lenders can provide liquidity in the form of various crypto assets via Ampleforth. Borrowers can take out loans from various pools and pay interest on them.

The AMPL Token is the governance token of the Ampleforth platform. In the last seven days alone, the price of AMPL has increased by over 150%.

Get Latest News on Cryptocurrencies

YFI surprised the majority of crypto investors once again, now it’s important to observe where the profits could flow. If you want to engage in cryptocurrency trading now, you shouldn’t devote yourself only to charts, but also to fundamental analysis. That’s why it’s really important to know where to find news on cryptocurrencies.

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