Which Crypto Will Survive: Key Information to Know

Society today is divided into two groups. There are those who believe that Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency are a bubble and a pyramid, and those who believe that after a digital revolution the world will never be the same. The latter believe that the crypto market which will survive is the strongest financial market.

As a rule, people from the first camp hold this opinion due to the lack of information, while people from the second camp — due to the surplus of information. But anyway, which crypto will survive? Today, we’ll try to find out!

Which Crypto Will Survive Crash: Will Cryptocurrencies Disappear? 

Which crypto will survive crash? Well, first things first. Cryptocurrency is built on a decentralized blockchain system this is the core of digital currency. It’s based on a blockchain that ensures decentralization of the entire system. Regardless of the future of cryptocurrency, the blockchain will be actively used in the future. 

So, which crypto will survive crash? Will cryptocurrencies disappear? No, of course, they won’t. There are several reasons for this.

Bitcoin capitalization today (26/02/2021) is $871,494,322,556. The cryptocurrency has already passed the stage when people were afraid to invest money in it. Almost nine hundred billion dollars is a confirmation of this.

To take down the system, you need to destroy its center, the heart, or at least come with a note of protest to the head office. In the case of Bitcoin, this is also impossible — money is stored on separate wallets, and people who are independent of each other are engaged in emission. There is no company that could be influenced to at least reduce the Bitcoin rate.

Which Crypto Will Survive the Crash: Cryptos That Have Disappeared

Which crypto will survive the crash and which one will disappear? The disappearance of cryptocurrency usually means its removal from trading exchanges. The fact is that when launching an ICO, a company sends a request in which it asks to withdraw its tokens to a specific exchange — Bittrex, Poloniex, Yobit, and others. The latter is known as the most speculative exchange, where pumps (artificially inflated prices) and dumps (artificially lowered prices) occur more often than on others.

Bittrex is a reputable and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Let’s consider cases with the ‘disappearance’ of cryptocurrency on its example. Some trading pairs were removed from the exchange at the request of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Here are they:

  • BTC/BTS — BitShares,
  • BTC/BTA — Bata,
  • BTC/DAR — Darcrus,
  • BTC/DRACO —  DT Token.

The SEC equated these tokens with securities in a request. Securities cannot be traded without permission from the SEC. As you can see, cryptocurrency exchanges exclude not only tokens belonging to dubious ICOs, but also tokens that don’t meet the requirements of financial regulators. Which crypto will survive the crash? Let’s find out!

Which Crypto Will Survive the Bubble: Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Which crypto will survive the bubble? Well, it’s not a surprise that Bitcoin is the very first digital currency. However, over time, cryptocurrency exchanges were replenished with new coins. 

Today, thousands of different coins are stored in the wallets of millions of users and this is only the beginning! So, which crypto will survive the bubble? Here is our top with a brief explanation.

  1. Bitcoin — a store of value;
  2. Ethereum — a ‘world computer’ & an application platform of the future;
  3. Basic Attention Token — high-quality advertising data and user-friendly private browsing;
  4. Theta — a decentralized streaming service;
  5. Siacoin — a decentralized, secure & private cloud storage service;
  6. Orchid Protocol — decentralized and secure VPN;
  7. Monero — truly private transactions;
  8. Binance Coin — a token of the most well-known crypto exchange Binance;
  9. PAX Gold — tokenized gold which redeemable for crypto, fiat, and physical gold;
  10. USDC — a token created by Circle, the owner of Coinbase, which is the most transparent stablecoin in existence.

Which crypto will survive? What do you guys think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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