Who Accepts Bitcoin: Major Companies in 2020

Are you about to pay with Bitcoin, but don’t know how and where? Who accepts Bitcoin as payment? We’ve already considered this topic in our blog, but let’s do this one more time. 

Today, there are more and more opportunities for you to pay with crypto. Bitcoins have long since ceased to only be used to pay in the Darknet. There are many goods manufacturers and service providers who accept payments with the cryptocurrency both online and offline — from small cafes to international corporations.

At this point, we would like to consider the online retailers who allow Bitcoin as a payment option in their shop. Get in touch with us by writing in the comments your examples of an online provider who accepts Bitcoin. We’ll then add them to our list. Thank you and let’s get started!

Who Accepts Bitcoin as Payment: Shopping Online

Dealing with bitcoins still differs from one online retailer to another. One trader wants you to indicate in the ‘Comments’ line that you’re about to pay with bitcoins. While another is considered to be the one who accepts bitcoin for payment so that you can choose bitcoins via the payment option. Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is finding its way in e-commerce slowly and steadily.

The acceptance and especially media reports will certainly not decrease as the rate continues to rise. The headlines that had been negative in the early years have also changed significantly. 

The list shows that currently, more unknown shops have taken up the issue of Bitcoin payments. This is certainly one reason why consumer acceptance is still lacking. There are a few Bitcoin enthusiasts who see BTC as an independent currency, and believe that it could become the next world currency. Still, who accepts bitcoin online? 

Who Accepts Bitcoin Online: The Map of Shops

In order to make your search a little easier, we’ve briefly considered different providers which accept payments in BTC. Let’s find out who accepts bitcoin as payment!


Bitcou.com is a provider who accepts bitcoin for purchases. In addition to vouchers, Bitcou Werbung also offers credit for mobile phone contracts. All relevant providers on the German market are on offer. Including Telekom, Vodafone, O2, and Eplus. In addition, credit can be purchased from all well-known play stores. Including the Battlenet, Xbox, Nintendo, and Steam.

The range of vouchers is extremely broad. In addition to the large online mail-order companies such as Amazon and Zalando, credit can also be purchased from many other shops. It should be noted that some vouchers can only be topped up with certain sums.

In addition to Bitcoin, Bitcou also accepts a number of altcoins as payment. The list of accepted altcoins includes Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, NEM, Ether, and even Doge. 


This platform shows shops and service providers that accept Bitcoin in your area. It would be simply impossible to list them all, but that isn’t even necessary. Coinmap has already made this! Just highlight the fact that this service will help you find out who accepts bitcoin in the US, Germany, France, Spain, or even in Madagascar.

On the platform, you can scroll over the world map and get an overview. If a region is of particular interest to you, then zoom in. The shops are marked accordingly on the map. However, it should be noted, that not all entries are always up to date. This could be due to a change of ownership, for example.

Who Accepts Bitcoin for Purchases: Travel & Hotels

Are you about to go on a trip and wonder who still accepts Bitcoin in the travel and tourism sector? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s try to find out!


Flights, hotels, and rental cars. ABitSky has specialized in this and today offers even more opportunities. If you want to finance your wanderlust with Bitcoin, you can use the platform.

aBitSky offers flights from well-known airlines, but also cheap options, such as Ryanair flights. There is also a wide range of accommodation options. Whether an apartment, a cozy holiday home, a ski lodge, or a villa, everything can be booked.

In addition, hotel rooms can be booked worldwide. Exclusive service or a simple room, both options are available.


Travala is also a reliable provider of trips that can be bought with bitcoins. In addition to booking flights, rental cars, and hotels, Travala offers a very special bonus program. Loyal users of the service will be rewarded with a utility token of the platform (AVA)!

This means that the travel company has its own advertising cashback program, which is based on a cryptocurrency. Unlike many other tokens, AVA is based on the Binance Chain and not on Ethereum. Users can store AVAs in their wallets and use them to pay for trips at a later date. Travala also accepts AVA as a means of payment.

In addition to the AVA token, there are 29 other payment options, 26 of which are cryptocurrency ones. In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, many different altcoins are accepted. 

Who accepts Bitcoin online? Do you know any other providers? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comment! 

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