Why Should You Invest in Bitcoin Stocks?

Bitcoin’s rapid growth doesn’t seem to have come to an end yet. Many experts and investors are forecasting prices of over $100,000 and higher. Various indicators show that there is still room for further improvement.

First, Bitcoin can be compared to physical gold as it could play a similar role. Our traditional money, i.e. banknotes such as US dollars and euros, used to serve as evidence of gold possession. As a result, the money had a very high priority and was accordingly valuable. 

Many people today advocate that their money is backed up with gold or a similar valuable asset. Bitcoin plays a particularly important role here, as no alternative has been found besides gold.

Moreover, Bitcoin also offers great potential for increasing value. Investors can not only invest directly in Bitcoin, there are already numerous tools for this. In this sense, the term ‘Bitcoin share’ stands for all options for investing in Bitcoin on a classic exchange.

Bitcoin Stock: Key Existing Options

If you don’t want to buy Bitcoin yourself and keep it in a wallet, there are several options available.

Grayscale Trust

Grayscale is one of the largest investors in digital currencies worldwide. Accordingly, the commitment to drive the sector forward and to bring new investors into the market is also great. As one of the first providers of a security based on Bitcoin, they set a milestone. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust offers the possibility to benefit from the Bitcoin price without having to buy, manage and secure it yourself. The index is tradable on the NASDAQ OTC, as well as on the London SETsqx.


For a long time, there was a lively discussion about the Bakkt provider as well as Bitcoin futures associated with it. For several months, Bitcoin enthusiasts speculated on a publication of these papers and hoped for a further price increase. As a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), expectations were accordingly high.

In addition, the strict regulations and security standards reveal the seriousness of the stock exchange. Big companies like Microsoft and Starbucks were also on board and ensured good marketing.


The BitMEX trading platform also offers Bitcoin futures. Customers can also speculate on other cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Litecoin on this platform. In addition, higher profits can be achieved through leverage.

Trading takes place exclusively in Bitcoin and there are no costs for customers. In addition, the order book is available in real-time, and the exchange benefits from high liquidity. If you want to create a technical analysis to evaluate the rate, you can use all indicators and tools for chart analysis on Bitmex free of charge.


Being one of the most popular providers for social trading, eToro is one of the market leaders. Beginners can follow and learn the strategies of professionals there. In addition to trading CFDs, the broker also offers the purchase of real cryptocurrencies and stocks.

Registering and using the site is completely free and there are no hidden costs. The fees are also transparent and very low compared to other brokers. One advantage of trading CFDs is that traders can also bet on falling prices and thus make a profit.

Bitcoin Group AG

Bitcoin Group AG is a listed company that operates a Bitcoin trading venue. It offers the opportunity to invest in a real Bitcoin share and participate in the company’s profits regardless of the Bitcoin price. 

The business model also focuses on participating in other companies in the field of cryptocurrencies. This relates to the management, control, purchase, sale, and coordination of these companies.

Hive Blockchain Technologies

Another real Bitcoin share is offered by Hive Blockchain Technologies. Their business model includes the mining of Bitcoin, whose price is closely correlated with the Bitcoin rate. The Canadian company also relies on the development of blockchain and the required data structure. In addition to Bitcoin mining, Hive also mines other cryptocurrencies at its locations in Canada, Sweden, and Iceland.

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