Bitcoin Vs Bitcoin Cash: What’s the Difference?

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash — which is the better digital currency and which one has more potential? Basically, these cryptocurrencies are more alike than you might think. They’re based on the same blockchain and are therefore technically interconnected.

So, Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash — which crypto is worth investing in? What are the key differences between them? What are the current prices of BTC and BCH? Today we’ll try to find out!

Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin: Key Differences

If we’re talking about the difference between Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin, an abbreviation must first be considered. Bitcoin is commonly known as BTC, while Bitcoin Cash is abbreviated to BCH. Bitcoin was the first digital currency from which BCH later forked. 

Another difference between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin is a block size: Bitcoin has a block size of 1 MB, while Bitcoin Cash’s block size is 8 MB. Larger block sizes can help process transactions faster, but the nodes also require much more data storage space.

Therefore, there is also a decisive reason against a larger block size. It leads to a stronger centralization of coins and means that, due to higher hardware costs, only large mining companies will be able to work profitably on the blockchain

A scaling issue is also a topic that lies at the heart of the Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin controversy. Meeting an ever-increasing demand is a huge problem for the network, but Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are both working on this issue. Bitcoin can only process comparatively few transactions per second (on average approx. 10) while in the case with Bitcoin Cash there are 213 transactions.

BTC Vs BCH: Bitcoin Benefits

BTC vs BCH — the advantages of BTC are obvious. Bitcoin was the first digital currency in the now growing cryptocurrency list. One of the most important features of Bitcoin is decentralization so that governments and banks are no longer engaged in a process of the money supply.

With small 1-megabyte block sizes and huge amounts of hashing power for securing the Bitcoin network, the degree of decentralization and attack resistance of BTC is number one among all cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin also can boast of the largest market capitalization for a reason. In the meantime, Bitcoin has not only established itself for crypto trading but is also used in other areas (for example Bitcoin machines or payments with Bitcoin).

BTC vs BCH — so, which internet currency is better and is worth investing in? Various criteria are necessary to choose a clear winner. This includes market capitalization, future prospects or security, and transaction costs. Bitcoin is at the top of internet currencies in terms of market cap. Bitcoin Cash performs well in terms of transaction speed. When it comes to implementation in daily payment transactions, Bitcoin has the edge.

Bitcoin Cash Vs Bitcoin Price: Price Development

Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin price — what about the price development? If you want to buy Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash directly or invest with a broker, you always have to pay attention to the price development. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are still volatile, which traders can take advantage of. According to many experts, Bitcoin, in particular, has great potential in the future, as the digital currency is also increasingly establishing itself as a means of payment.

But there is also BCH, which in itself doesn’t have any functionality of its own. For many people, Bitcoin Cash is a copy of Bitcoin with no proper function. This fact slows down the rate. Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin price — it’s time to consider the current rate of both of them! Bitcoin’s current price is $62,730, while Bitcoin Cash’s is $813.47.

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