Coinbase IPO: When Will It Take Place?

The Coinbase exchange is one of the most important providers of cryptocurrencies. In addition to listing various projects, the company is also active as an investor. Moreover, different products are part of their services, including news. Now there is every indication that a long-awaited Coinbase IPO could take place soon. So far, however, a lot of users doubt whether these plans will come into effect. Today, we’ll try to find out!

Coinbase is generally considered to be a trend-setting company in the field of cryptocurrencies. Many projects that the trading platform has recently added to its offer significantly rise in price. This is due to the good reputation that the company can boast.

What Do Investors Expect from Coinbase IPO?

The company recently announced that it had submitted its applications for registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is the supreme financial regulator in the United States which controls trading in securities. Coinbase IPO must first be confirmed by the SEC.

Coinbase is one of the leading companies in the field of cryptocurrencies which also has a good relationship with the responsible authorities. The latest estimates in 2018 showed that the company was worth approximately $8 billion. 

Since many customers use the exchange and find the service to be worthwhile, the Coinbase IPO could also succeed. In addition to digital assets, investors are also increasingly looking for other opportunities and want to invest in stocks that aren’t directly dependent on the crypto market. 

The form of the IPO Coinbase is aiming for has not been disclosed yet. For this reason, investors should follow the news for the exact date.

Should You Invest in Blockchain Stocks?

The Coinbase IPO is just one example of how companies from the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector can participate in the regular exchange. So far there are only a few examples, but an increasing trend can already be seen.

This is mostly due to the increasing acceptance of digital assets. Young investors in particular are looking for new ways to build a portfolio. Blockchain technology is an important topic for many industries that could experience changes in the future.

However, caution is also required when choosing a broker. Not all providers have a large selection of stocks on offer, and hidden costs can also arise. The choice of the right broker for stocks is therefore the most important point, which is decisive before making an investment.


The announcement by Coinbase can be seen as positive news for the crypto market. While Bitcoin has just hit a new all-time high, news like this could keep positive sentiment. This also benefits altcoins and other projects that are part of the ecosystem.

It’s also possible that new investors will invest in cryptocurrencies as a result of the attention. So far, many investors shy away from digital assets and prefer conventional forms of investment. However, a successful IPO of a crypto company can easily change the situation.

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