Crypto Influencers: What Should You Know About Cryptocurrency Founders

Influencers have long been part of everyday life on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. They use their great opportunities to promote campaigns or products on behalf of companies and organizations. However, they communicate with their followers not only for advertising purposes but also to compel them to believe in their personal views or own opinion.

There are influencers in all areas of life. Also in the financial sector, there are some ‘internet giants’ that regularly inform their followers about current events in the financial world and recommend various products. Especially in the crypto world, there are people who can gather a certain group of followers with valuable contributions or interesting forecasts.

In this article, we’re about to present the most well-known and important crypto influencers on the crypto stage. A certain group of crypto influencers has one important feature that cannot be dismissed — knowledge. Because they’re nothing more than founders of the largest cryptocurrencies of our time.

They are still actively involved in the development process or have already left the stage and shared their thoughts and knowledge about social media. The following people have already gathered large numbers of followers who regularly provide them with new information. Let’s consider them!

Vitalik Buterin: A Co-Founder of Ethereum

Russian-Canadian programmer Vitalik Buterin is probably one of the best-known personalities in the crypto world. Buterin is a co-founder of Ethereum. He continues to drive the platform’s success to this day and is also very active on his social media channels. 

He likes to engage in discussions on critical issues and express his opinion, which is very appreciated by his followers. Buterin always manages to express his enormous knowledge and thoughts very clearly. However, anyone who expects inside information or crazy price forecasts are in the wrong place.

Charlie Lee: A Creator of Litecoin

Another well-known crypto founder is Charlie Lee. Born in the Ivory Coast, the computer scientist with Asian roots worked for a long time at Google and Coinbase before he became a crypto founder. He developed the Bitcoin Fork Litecoin, which quickly became very popular. 

He then left Coinbase and devoted himself exclusively to his cryptocurrency. His social media activities were also very popular and he quickly gained several hundred thousand followers. He regularly expressed his thoughts on Twitter and shared the latest news about Litecoin. However, his activity drew much criticism.

Lee promoted his cryptocurrency for months via exciting tweets and innovative announcements. This resulted in price increases and gave rise to many hopes and expectations. Surprisingly, he shocked his followers when he suddenly announced that he had sold almost all of his Litecoin assets. Back then he was accused of price manipulations. Today, the situation has changed again and as a crypto influencer, he regularly provides valuable information on the topics of Bitcoin, blockchain, and scalability. He continues to head the Litecoin Foundation.

Justin Sun: A Founder of the TRON Platform

Sun, born in 1990, is a true workaholic. After graduating from college, he founded a Snapchat clone — a Peiwo app, developed his own TRON cryptocurrency platform, and now is the CEO of BitTorrent. He regularly makes sensational contributions on his social media channels and likes to get involved in critical issues. The founder, who is popular for his manner to speak frankly, likes to polarize.

Once he called his own TRON crypto a ‘shitcoin’ and shared pictures of his meeting with financial legend Warren Buffett. Otherwise, he also writes different posts, sharing his undoubtedly existing knowledge of cryptocurrencies. 

Nick Szabo: A Developer of Smart Contracts Concept

The academic career of the American computer scientist is very impressive. Legal scholar, cryptographer, and researcher Nick Szabo graduated with a degree in computer science from the University of Washington in 1989 and has been involved in cryptocurrency issues ever since. In the 2000s he developed the concept of smart contracts and was associated with the founding of Bitcoin. He has always denied being the true Satoshi Nakamoto.

Today Szabo is also an active crypto influencer who shares his posts on Twitter. In particular, fans of technical concept analyzes are just right for him. He regularly considers different concepts and describes mechanisms underlying many projects from the crypto world. He also always shares first-hand information about his own BitGold project.

What do you guys think about the famous crypto founders mentioned above? Just share your thoughts in the comments. Be ready to see other crypto influencers in the next articles!

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