German Police Have Arrested a Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto

There are many fraudsters in the crypto industry, but few are as bold as Jorg Molt. It’s said that he had stolen more than one million euros with a ‘Bitcoin Pension’. When he wanted to flee to Mexico, he was arrested by the police at Frankfurt Airport.

Jorg Molt: Another Bitcoin Fraudster Was Busted

In November 2019, it was clear that he is most likely nothing but a scammer and a fraudster. At that time, Jorg Molt appeared as a speaker at the SIMS conference at Symbiosis International University and was introduced as a ‘co-founder of Bitcoin’. During his speech, he claimed to own 250,000 bitcoins, which is far from reality.

A few days ago he was arrested by the police at Frankfurt Airport when he was trying to flee to Mexico. The reason for his escape is the failed Bitcoin Pension, one of the projects of the self-proclaimed Satoshi, who now urgently needs a good lawyer. He will be charged with fraud and will likely be convicted.

He promised the investors of his Bitcoin Pension guaranteed huge returns, which he wanted to generate by re-investing customer funds in Bitcoin mining equipment.

Who Is Jorg Molt?

Jorg Molt, whose real name is Jörg Örtl, is a scammer with a very unusual biography. He isn’t only DJ Sunlove, a wedding musician, but also the founder of Satoshi School, which he launched after several MLM activities. Among other things, he was involved in the well-known MLM project Bitclub Network.

With his Satoshi School, Jorg Molt sold seminars in order to bring them closer to trading and investment strategies. He presented himself as the co-founder of Bitcoin, a pretty bold statement that has proven false once facts have been verified. This person obviously doesn’t have the unique technological know-how that would be necessary to develop something like Bitcoin.

Keep Your Eyes Open and Avoid Bitcoin Scammers

Jorg Molt is said to have taken more than one million euros from the Bitcoin Pension investors. For most of them, it will be a total loss at the end of the day. Whether he spent all the money remains unclear.

Before making an investment decision, you should first find out more details about the creator of the project. Most investors could have avoided a Bitcoin Pension loss by doing quick research beforehand. Guaranteed returns are always a clear warning sign.

Jorg Molt’s crypto career is probably over with his arrest and one can only hope that his victims will learn from their mistakes. In the best case scenario, you will get back part of your invested capital.

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