How to Make Money with Switchere Referral Program

Crypto referral program is a great way to earn extra income. With the help of our referral program, users and their mates can take advantage of instant rewards as well as receive regular passive income by trading cryptocurrency with like-minded people.

Today, I will help you find out how Switchere referral program works as well as how to find your personal referral link on the platform. Let’s get started!

How Does It Work

Switchere referral program is a multi-level program that allows you and your mates to receive rewards in cryptocurrency while trading on Switchere exchange.

Once you sign up for Switchere platform, each user account receives its own free referral link. The referral link represents an URL containing your referral ID.

You should share this link with your mates and family, so that they will be able to register on the Switchere platform. The amount of registrations is unlimited. Moreover, your mates may share their referral links as well and you will receive revenue for the transactions of your ‘referrals’ referrals’!

Switchere referral program has two levels:

  • 80% revenue for 1-st level referrals;
  • 20% revenue for 2-nd level referrals.

That is, once a transaction of your 1-st level referrals is complete, 80% of the transaction fee will go right to you. And once 2-nd level referrals exchange or buy crypto on the platform, you can expect 20% revenue. Sound pretty good, right?

Where to Place a Referral Link

You can place a referral link on your own web site as well as on forums or social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.).

Referral Program Banner

As an option, you can download one of our banners. The main idea is to post great content on your account, place the Switchere banner nearby to attract new users and get your income!

How to Find Your Referral Link: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Visit our website at and log in to account.

2. After clicking the ‘Account’ button, click ‘Referral Program’.

3. After entering the ‘Referral Program’ page, press the ‘Referral’ button. Here is your referral link!

4. Copy and share the referral code with your friends or family so that they can register and trade on the platform.

5. How to find a banner? Click the ‘Promo’ button and scroll down till you find our banners. You can select the size as well as the color.

If you have any troubles with the referral program, let us know at [email protected]

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