How to Play Decentraland NFT Game: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023

Metaverses like Decentraland are gaining more attention because they are the next frontier for online gaming and entertainment. Development of the Decentraland game began in 2017 when the DCL team raised the necessary amount to create a blockchain-based project. Beta testing started in 2019, and only in 2021, it went live to the general public. As a result, testing turned a small experiment into a huge 3D world. 

How to play Decentraland NFT game? What is the gameplay all about? What role does land play in the game? Our complete Decentraland NFT game guide will help you find out all the answers. Let’s get started!

Decentraland NFT Game Guide: Key Game Features to Know

The gaming platform is located on a 300×300 grid with nearly 100,000 land parcels. Users created many in-game objects, so the graphics may vary in quality. 

Features of the real estate market are relevant for Decentraland. Thus, here land parcels in prestigious districts are more expensive. If a player purchases several land plots in the neighborhood, then it’s possible to deploy large buildings on them. The main problem is that land is always scarce and expensive. Therefore, to acquire a prime piece of real estate, you will need to spend a lot of time in the game.

The main feature of the game is the ability of users to control it fully. No rules or corporate assignments limit gamers. The main thing is to have an in-game currency that allows you to influence the economy of the game and vote for various initiatives. Anyone can influence almost anything, including investments and permitted in-game items.

How to start playing Decentraland NFT game? Well, Decentraland isn’t just about exchanging in-game items. Here, you can get hold of various games and activities with which other users can interact. You can create in-game items with the help of NFT technology — these are non-fungible tokens that can be bought and sold in the in-game marketplace. All gamers can create NFTs, and the rest can use these assets by purchasing in-game items and reselling them.

Briefly About Decentraland Advertising

The NFT marketplace expands the familiar concept of computer games. The line between the digital and real world is erased thanks to it. After all, players can do more than just dress up their avatars in a T-shirt with a specific company logo. In Decentraland, you can install a billboard on your land parcel and rent it out to real companies. Thus, other users can read the billboard and navigate to the company’s website in a browser.


Billboard Advertising in Decentraland

All these features open up great prospects from the side of the real world. Indeed, as users grow, there are many additional opportunities. For example, a player can purchase a nightclub and broadcast live performances of famous bands there. In addition, several platforms have already announced their desire to join Decentraland.

For example, a Canadian investment firm that focuses on decentralized finance called purchased nearly $2.5 million worth of virtual land in Decentraland in late November. The purchased lots are based in Decentraland’s Fashion Street district. 

Sam Hamilton, Head of Content at the Decentraland Foundation, commented on this purchase:

Fashion is the next massive area for growth in the metaverse. So it’s timely and very exciting that Metaverse Group has made such a decisive commitment with this land purchase in the heart of Decentraland’s fashion precinct.

Of course, the project is currently being finalized. It still has some drawbacks: long loading times, crashes, and an incomprehensible interface. But over time, the developers fix all the bugs and argue that the game has a lot of potential.

Decentraland NFT Game Adventure Guide: What Are Land Parcels & Districts?

As mentioned before, the entire metaverse is divided into unique districts. Information about them contains data about coordinates, owner, and description. Thus, there are more than 36K land parcels, which are divided into 57 districts. The developers formed the general development and monetization plan based on applications sent before the end of 2017.

After that, districts with different development and budget were created. The developers plan to regularly hold voting in each of them to change internal rules and make various decisions. This could be selecting an architectural style or a distribution of profits. District members can decide what to do better: distribute the budget among everyone or develop the community further with its help.


Land for Sale

That is why, before buying a land parcel in a specific area, you first need to read the community manifesto. After all, it may be prohibited to independently decide what to build on your land parcel since the entire community will make a decision.

Districts & Their Main Characteristics

As mentioned before, all districts in the Decentraland NFT game adventure guide differ significantly. Each of them has its own characteristics and stats — let’s consider all districts in more detail!


It is the largest district in the metaverse, which includes more than 10K land parcels. Aetheria itself is made in the Cyberpunk style, attracting fans of the movies ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘The Matrix.’ Thus, all lovers of the dystopian future gather here. The main building of the district is the Fractus nightclub. It is located in a large building that also contains:


      • Hall for online games tournaments.
      • Casino.
      • Arena for tournaments.

    All ideas are still under testing and development, so significant changes in the district’s concept are possible and thus may take place in the near future.


    The Fractus Nightclub in Aetheria

    Vegas City

    It is a district consisting of almost 7K land parcels. As the name implies, it is the center of attraction for gamblers. Vegas City was originally a casino, shopping, and nightlife scene. In addition, there is an arena for broadcasting various tournaments like Esports Arena.


    Vegas City

    Dragon City

    Meet the district where two different cultures met: West and East. Accordingly, all buildings are made in a combined style. There are buildings similar to Tiananmen Square and famous buildings in Western Europe. 

    In this part of the metaverse, there will be no such active development of commercial activities. Of course, you can find some shops and casinos here. Still, this will not affect the sharp jumps in prices within the district.


    Dragon City

    Fashion Street

    It is a district full of famous brand stores. Here users can try on any item they like with the help of virtual reality glasses. Of course, the technology is a little ‘damp’, but it will make a real breakthrough over time. Thanks to this feature, players will be able to instantly pay with cryptocurrency or fiat money for a purse or T-shirt.

    In addition, the district will hold fashion shows and exhibitions. This will save the cost of renting halls, model flights, and much more. And if this district becomes a place of attraction for active users, then any popular brand will want to have several plots of land here.


    Fashion Street

    Red Light

    As the name implies, it is a district for adults. Here you can participate in live chats, visit adult stores or use a dating service. It is very easy to monetize your own land parcel and profit from it in the Red Light district.

    In our Decentraland NFT game guide, we have considered some of the most popular districts available to the metaverse users. In addition, the developers plan to launch themed districts for engineers, science fiction lovers, and many others.

    How to Start Playing Decentraland NFT Game: Key Things to Know

    How to start playing Decentraland NFT game? All financial transactions within the game are carried out using $MANA tokens. It is used to buy land parcels and build infrastructure facilities. Thus, this token allows land owners to receive digital income in the future. 


    All-Time $MANA Price Chart

    Experts believe that the more popular the Decentraland platform is, the higher the $MANA cost will be. As a result, the domestic market will gain momentum and become attractive to many companies. Of course, provided that the game becomes in demand.

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    How to Trade Digital Land in Decentraland?

    How to play Decentraland NFT Game? As mentioned before, the game revolves around digital land parcels. Today, most of the land belongs to active players, while the rest of the land plots are rented or sold by the game developers. All owners can dispose of their property as they see fit. Thus, the land can be sold, rented, or used to deploy your own exclusive content.

    The land parcels are sold in the format of a Dutch auction. The bottom line is that owners set their own price, and potential buyers choose what to do next: buy or wait for a decrease in value. If there is no demand, then a seller lowers the price. And so on until the moment when it suits at least one buyer. This method eliminates various betting manipulations.


    Auction Price Changes Chart

    How to Make Money by Playing Decentraland?

    In fact, most players do not declare their earnings. However, you can make a profit in the game in several ways:


        • Rent out a billboard for advertising;
        • Create virtual meeting rooms and chats; 
        • Conduct trainings or seminars;
        • Hold exhibitions;
        • Rent out land parcels.

      In 2018, the developers held a second auction, at which land plots were sold for a total of $6.6 million. On average, 12K MANA were paid for the land.


      The main competitor of the game is the Second Life project. However, it has several drawbacks, including a low number of users, a high level of complexity, and a large number of bugs. The project has not been developing for a long time, so Decentraland has good chances to take a leading position in this niche.

      Hope our Decentraland NFT game adventure guide has helped you find out more about this promising game! Have you ever played Decentraland? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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