How to Play ZOO Crypto World: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023

ZOO Crypto World is a GameFi project created on the BSC network. The game offers a variety of mechanics with the possibility of receiving cryptocurrency using a Pay-to-Earn mechanism: initial investments are required to make money while playing. How to start playing ZOO Crypto World? Here is everything you need to know!

ZOO Crypto World NFT Game Guide: Key Things to Know

As mentioned before, the project was created based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This provides a high speed of in-game transactions with low commissions for their implementation. Developers from Singularity Studio assure that the game is profitable for all users.

The development of ZOO Crypto World began in mid-2021, and an alpha version of the project with main gaming mechanics was released in Q3. Until the end of 2022, the team promises to introduce new in-game modes and characters. Three specialists in the IT industry founded ZOO Crypto World. They are presented as Nicholas, Loki, and Wilson on the official website.

Nicholas is an Ivy League graduate and former Blizzard Entertainment employee who served as General Regional Manager for more than a decade. Loki is a graduate of Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a strong background in high-tech, and Wilson is the president of a commercial electronics company and legalized hacker for the Slowmist group with more than five years of experience.

How to Start Playing ZOO Crypto World?

So, how to start playing ZOO Crypto World? At the beginning of a new day, each player receives three free entrances to the arena (tickets). Players do not receive a reward for their use, even if they win combat. Still, if players purchase tickets for at least one $ZOO, then they will receive a bonus entry and the opportunity to participate in the distribution of rewards in the form of KEYs shares. Thus, a random amount of a KEY share from 0.1 to 0.3 is raffled per day and can later be combined into a whole KEY necessary to get a new NFT.

The reward size depends on the player’s success in the arena and the number of active users. 900 whole KEYs are paid daily, which are subsequently divided into shares. 500 of them are allocated to players who buy tickets to the arena and thereby participate in the currency burning. 450 KEYs are allocated among players in the top 200 ranking. In turn, another 50 KEYs go to players from the top 200 as an additional reward for investing:


      • For the purchase of one additional ticket — 10%;
      • For 2 — 20%;
      • For 3 — 40%;
      • For 4 — 70%;
      • For 5 — 100%.

    Thus, the player who takes first place in a daily combat top and has purchased five additional tickets for 32 $ZOO receives a reward of 36 KEYs. Another 1050 KEYs are raffled weekly for PvP combats, and if you buy five tickets daily and hold the championship in the weekly ranking, the reward will be an additional 126 KEYs.

    PvP Mode

    In PvP mode, players enter into combats with each other. To participate in combat, you need several cards that are balanced in roles and characteristics. Each card has specific stats that can increase over the course of upgrading. However, their balance remains the same to suit a specific role (attack or defense). Only epic and legendary cards can be upgraded, and the level always remains basic for the rest of the cards.


    NFT Card Details

    To receive a team bonus, a player can purchase several cards at once, stacked in a set of 4 cards. There are legendary and epic sets: three of them have the same rarity (junk), normal and rare, and the last one can be legendary or epic. As a result of choice, a player receives a team with the sum of the characteristics of all cards and an additional bonus.

    How to play ZOO Crypto World? To engage in combat, a player builds two teams, each containing three cards. One is attacking, and the other is defending. Since combats are turn-based, an attacking team is active and deals damage to an enemy, while a defending team takes damage when changing a turn.


    PvP Combat

    The combats take place automatically. In other words, the player’s skill cannot affect the process in any way since its outcome is calculated based on the characteristics of the cards of both opponents. Simply put, whoever has the more powerful cards wins. Therefore, only users with large initial investments can compete with top players.

    PvE Mode

    The next step in our ZOO Crypto World NFT game guide is PvE mode, suitable for beginners since users with only one card instead of six cards can participate in it. Players need to defeat a boss. In addition, every day, two monsters appear in the arena, which you also have to fight. To get the full PvE reward, you need to join both combats. The point of this mode is to pick the most powerful card and deal as much damage with it as possible. Suppose a player prefers to start playing ZOO Crypto World with minimal investment. In that case, they can put all their energy into upgrading one attacking NFT with good characteristics to receive rewards for boss combat.

    MMORPG Mode

    This combat mode is announced for release in November 2022. According to the developers, it will expand and significantly change the combat system. Players will be able to participate in both PvP and PvE combats, as well as use new hero mechanics: talents, skill tree, artifacts, equipment. In addition, it will involve clan and regional battles. The developers also state:

    The MMORPG mode will introduce EXTREME burning mechanisms for the ZOO token.

    Heroes & Their Characteristics

    All heroes in the game are presented as NFT cards, which a player can get from the marketplace or when opening chests. Depending on their characteristics, cards have five levels of rarity: junk, normal, rare, epic, and legendary. The level determines the number of incentive payouts and rewards for participating in in-game events.


    Cards Rarity

    All heroes are divided into 42 teams, collecting which you can get bonus characteristics in combats and mining. They are mostly divided according to the specific stats of characters: hyenas, monkeys, dogeArmy, pelicans, etc.


    NFT Marketplace

    The higher the rarity and better characteristics of the card, the more expensive its cost. Junk NFTs can cost less than a dollar, while legendary ones can cost more than $3K. When buying a card, the characteristics of the mining craft are most important, and the comparability of the card’s stats relative to the team since this increases the chances of success in daily combats.

    Chests & KEYs

    The game has an internal currency, KEY, with which you can open chests and get random NFT cards. They are always available in the character menu, and the KEYs can be won in daily combats or bought on the marketplace. You can open no more than ten chests at a time, after which you will have to wait a while — this is how the system protects itself.

    Having one KEY, you can open one chest. Cards of heroes of various rarity fall out from them with different chances — from junk to legendary. Junk NFTs are priced significantly lower than the cost of KEYs on the marketplace, but the possibility of getting them is much higher (almost 55%). Therefore, investing in KEYs is considered risky: it is much more profitable to purchase heroes directly on the marketplace and get KEYs for in-game activities.

    Mining Camp

    $ZOO mining in the game is carried out in the mining camp mode. Any card from the chest falls into a user’s hands with the first mining level. This level remains constant, does not change or level up, and the card’s rarity determines the base stat of the craft.


    Mining Camp

    Junk cards have a base craft score of 1, normal ones — of 2, and rare cards — of 4. The scores of epic and legendary cards are unique and are generated individually for each hero. The spread for epic cards is from 10 to 30 units, and for legendary cards — from 60 to 100.

    The system’s hashrate determines mining size. The more people at a time mine the currency, the smaller the share. This share is multiplied by the mining skill of the heroes used in mining, and players with the most powerful cards get more $ZOO. The developers claim that it is technically impossible to achieve zero hashrate. Still, they can release more tokens as they approach this mark.


    The farm section is actually a liquidity pool, where users can invest in $ZOO or other currency to receive passive income. To date, the pool is available on the project’s official website and PancakeSwap. Investors receive income for passive confirmation of transactions, which may vary depending on its volume and availability of funds.

    Users receive KEYs as a reward for increasing the $ZOO liquidity. KEYs, in turn, can be used to open NFT chests and thereby potentially increase their profitability from the game.



    $ZOO Tokenomics

    The $ZOO token is used to purchase in-game NFTs and can be generated by users in mining camp and farm modes. $ZOO can also be purchased at exchanges.

    The number of issued $ZOO tokens amounted to 200 million coins. The creators presented a plan for the next 5 years. In the first year of the project launch, it is assumed that users will generate 60% of the tokens, then — 20%, 10%, 6%, and 4%. Moreover, the team plans to evaluate the project’s success at the end of the second year of its existence. In the event of a drop in value, they plan to refuse payments to strategic partners and increase rewards to players to encourage their interest in the game.


    All-Time $ZOO Price Chart

    How Much Can You Earn?

    Once we have found out how to play ZOO Crypto World, let’s consider earning opportunities. These are largely determined by the activity of users and the quality of NFT cards of playable characters that players own (in other words, by initial investments).

    Today, the $ZOO rate tends to decrease slowly, so the calculations of potential earnings will be made from the current situation. If a player invests about $600 to buy a rare card, then the daily mining revenue will be about $8 (depending on the hashrate and the coin’s value). It will take about 8-12 weeks to get profitable on pure mining.

    As you earn, you can also invest in the farm and receive KEYs that can potentially increase your profit. However, it will still take about three months to break even. During this time, the currency may decrease or, on the contrary, increase in value.


    The project was launched quite recently but has already attracted a fairly large number of participants: about 35,000 users have joined the game’s Telegram chat, with more than 16,000 users joining the Discord chat. In addition, more than 100,000 people have subscribed to the project’s Twitter. 

    Still, the currency price has continued to decline since entering the market. This may indicate low confidence in the project for making investments. In other words, users are trying to earn money with minimal investment without rushing to acquire a large amount of $ZOO. 

    Thus, for an objective assessment of the game in our ZOO Crypto World NFT game guide, one should wait for some more time so that the development team would have time to introduce new features and increase the number of interested players.

    Have you ever played ZOO Crypto World? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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