Morgan Stanley May Soon Invest in Bitcoin

At the end of last year, it became clear that the interest of major investors in Bitcoin would ultimately increase. After MicroStrategy has bought more than 70,000 bitcoins and Tesla has also invested in the number 1 cryptocurrency, now it’s Morgan Stanley’s turn. At least that’s what Bloomberg reported, referring to unspecified sources. The focus was on the Counterpoint Global Investment fund, which manages assets to the value of $150 billion.

So far, Morgan Stanley already has an indirect Bitcoin investment in the form of its 10% stake in MicroStrategy. It was considered as a bullish indicator in January:

The motive is clear, the US dollar is losing strength while Bitcoin continues to grow and is becoming more attractive for institutional investors. It’s not a currency as it was originally intended, but more of an asset and ‘store of value’. Because despite the high volatility in the past, it has been mainly considered a store of value. Most people who have ever bought Bitcoin are at a loss with their investment. Rumors fly so quickly that Morgan Stanley refused to comment on the matter.

Institutional Investors & Bitcoin

The website offers a good overview of the institutional investors who have already invested in Bitcoin. At the top for the listed companies is currently the software company MicroStrategy, with a total of 70,000 bitcoins, followed by Galaxy Digital Holdings (16,402 bitcoins) and the Marathon Patent Group (4,813 bitcoins).

Among the ETF-like funds, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is by far ranked number one. While Grayscale holds just under 650,000 bitcoins, CoinShares only holds just under 70,000 bitcoins. 650,000 bitcoins currently correspond to more than 3% of the current circulating supply.

In total, the institutional investors listed on the website currently hold more than 1.2 million bitcoins, valued at just under $60 billion. The purchase price of all these bitcoins was $44 billion.

Conclusion: Institutional Investors Are Coming!

We think that we can soon welcome Morgan Stanley as another Bitcoin institutional investor. That would send a huge signal to many other potential major investors who still doubt. Today, it’s probably more risky not to hold any Bitcoin than to invest a small part of a liquid portfolio in this cryptocurrency.

What do you guys think? Would you invest in Bitcoin now? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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