Safest Crypto: How to Buy Cryptocurrency Safely?

Today, the security of cryptocurrency is an urgent issue for many investors. The reason for this is active interest in a new type of digital money of hundreds of thousands of Internet users, including hackers. Don’t want to become a hero of another crime story? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

What crypto wallets are the safest ones? What are the safest ways to trade crypto? Swithere will help you find out. Let’s get started!

Which Crypto Safest to Buy: Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

Which crypto safest to buy? In order to answer this question, let’s refer to verifiable sources. According to a rating published by a financial agency Weiss Ratings, the very first place in terms of overall security belongs to the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Despite its high volatility, Bitcoin remains the most popular and safest crypto in 2021. The crypto is rated A-.

The second safest cryptocurrency is Bitcoin’s main competitor, Ethereum. ETH is rated A- as well. Analysts commended its speed of technology updates as well as high transaction processing speed.

The third place in the rating is taken by Stellar (XLM). Stellar’s unique competitive advantage is a super-low transaction cost. Thus, Stellar allows to exchange crypto assets and avoid losing money on commissions. XLM is rated B. 

Cardano ranks fourth and is rated B as well. It’s necessary to note that Cardano was designed by academics and scientists who understand the needs of the marketplace

And the fifth place belongs to digital silver, Litecoin. LTC is known for its relatively low fees and fast transaction speed. LTC is rated B-.

What is the safest crypto for you? Don’t forget to share your own top in the comments down below!

Safest Crypto Exchanges: Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

What is the safest crypto exchange? If you want to buy crypto, the easiest option is to open an account on one of the various payment service providers. After paying a certain sum of money (for example by transfer or credit card), coins can be easily purchased. But how to choose the safest one? Here is our list of the safest crypto exchanges:


      • Coinbase
      • Gemini
      • BlockFi
      • Robinhood 
      • eToro
      • Bitcoin IRA
      • Binance 

    And last but not least, another worthwhile platform. If you’re interested in buying crypto safely, you should definitely think about doing this at Switchere

    Switchere is one of the safest crypto exchanges! On our platform, you have an opportunity to buy and sell the most popular cryptos in the fastest and most convenient way. 

    Moreover, we offer some surprising bonuses! Users of our platform enjoy a 0% service fee for the first order. What is the safest crypto exchange for you? Just share your opinion in the comments!

    Top Safest Crypto Wallets: Top 5 Best Wallets

    If you want to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or any other coin, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. This is a special software that resembles internet banking. It allows you to manage digital assets and perform various operations with them.

    To help users choose a worthwhile wallet among the wide variety of available ones, we’ve selected the top safest crypto wallets in 2021. Our top safest crypto wallets include:


        • Stormgain,
        • Coinbase,
        • Coinomi,
        • Exodus.

      In fact, a crypto wallet is a must-have part of the crypto ecosystem. Without it, working with digital assets is impossible. Therefore it’s so important to choose a convenient and reliable tool that will solve your problems.

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