Switchere-Powered On-Ramp Solution (Buy / Sell Crypto)

As cryptocurrency becomes increasingly prominent, an effective on-ramp solution is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It serves as a gateway to digital assets, bridging the gap between traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. However, businesses often face hurdles such as delayed settlements, complex API integrations, and exhausting verification procedures. But worry not — Switchere is here to simplify your journey into the crypto world with its premier on-ramp solution, offered at the best prices in the market.

Why Switchere On-Ramp?

Switchere has redefined the on-ramp landscape with its innovative and market-oriented solution. The solution has been carefully developed with a keen focus on versatility, designed to meet the diverse needs of various partners, regardless of their industry or size. The key advantages of Switchere’s on-ramp solution include:

  • Full KYC onboarding for regulatory compliance;
  • Instant settlement to eliminate transaction delays;
  • Turn-key back-end development services to reduce technical burden;
  • Quick and straightforward integration, achievable within hours to a week;
  • No redirects, with a Switchere-powered on-ramp widget that fits right into your site or app;
  • Support for popular fiat currencies and an extensive crypto portfolio;
  • Dedicated technical support to guide you through the integration process.

Switchere’s on-ramp solution comprises three integration methods:

  • Simple Widget Integration: Offers a seamless integration in iFrame, with customizable color scheme, size, language preferences, and more. This enables users to complete their checkout on a single page.
  • ‘Buy Crypto’ or ‘Instant Buy’ Buttons: Perfect for quick integration on any platform. Just tap the integrated button, and you have access to the pop-up Switchere widget functionality.
  • Switchere API: Accessible through the developer portal, the API allows for a streamlined user workflow by eliminating duplicate registration and KYC verification. It comes with full back-end infrastructure and technical support throughout the integration stages.

Get Started in Minutes

Supporting two major fiat currencies, Euro (EUR) and US dollar (USD), and over 30 digital assets such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, TRX, and more, Switchere’s on-ramp solution offers an unmatched fiat-to-crypto conversion experience. Moreover, the integration of widely-used payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay ensures a smooth fiat on-ramping process.

We did all the work for you, while you keep business as usual and save your time — it is enough to choose the preferred Switchere integration method and start boosting sales, traffic monetization and increasing your service proposition with ease.

Ready to revolutionize your crypto transactions? Take the first step and explore the power of Switchere’s on-ramp solution. To get started, visit our website or book a call.

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