Top 10 Best NFT Collections You Should Know About in 2023

Best NFT collections of digital art are one of the main reasons why this field has become so popular, and many digital artists have been able to earn millions of dollars on this. Admirers of digital art collect valuable objects for their own pleasure and subsequent sale at a higher cost. 

The top NFT collections, which we will consider today, are highly rated and include both rare and common objects. But more on that later!

Top NFT Collections: What Is an NFT Collection?

An NFT collection is understood as a set of an unlimited number of non-fungible tokens related to a common theme or field. In addition, a collection can represent several separate parts of the same object. 

A complete NFT collections list is valued significantly higher than individually sold items. Brands or sports clubs often launch licensed NFT collections, and the items in the set are of varying degrees of rarity. Those that are more common are valued higher in monetary terms.

Best NFT Collections 2023: Why Do People Collect NFTs?

Owners of the best NFT collections 2021 cite five key reasons why collecting virtual artwork is a good idea. Let’s consider all of them in detail!


      • Participation in the establishment of a new cultural paradigm. NFT democratizes the digital art market as much as possible, gives way to experimenters and innovators.
      • An opportunity to invest in an increasingly popular asset. As collector Priyanka Desai points out, the scarcity aspect makes NFT an attractive asset.
      • With the help of these tokens, a person is able to get something ‘beautiful, unique and special’ — a piece of the Internet that belongs only to them.
      • NFTs allow you to support a particular creative community directly. For example, there are collectors supporting the crypto art of black artists.
      • With the help of NFT, anyone can become a collector. You can even build your personal digital gallery with platforms like SomniumSpace and Cryptovoxels. 

    NFT technology forms an extensive ecosystem of platforms, marketplaces, and creators. Thus, there are tons of opportunities to create top NFT collections and services based on this. 

    NFT Collections List: 10 Best NFTs of 2021 

    All the best NFT collections 2021 from our top 10 are based on the Ethereum blockchain — so far, it is the most popular platform for launching them. You can buy or sell the listed tokens or create your own NFT art using the OrenSea marketplace. So, here is our NFT collections list!

    #1 CryptoPunks


        • Number of objects: 10,000 
        • Market cap: 1,193,025 ETH 
        • Daily trading volume: 1,171 ETH 

      There are 10K CryptoPunks characters generated based on specific appearance parameters — glasses, hairstyles, skin color, accessories, etc. You cannot find two identical punks as their parameters differ in rarity. Punks with the rarest features are more expensive. The record sale is punk #3100, sold for 4200 ETH.

      #2 HEAD DAO


          • Number of objects: 10,000 
          • Market cap: 5,698 ETH 
          • Daily trading volume: 476 ЕТH 

        It is a decentralized autonomous organization, the right to participate in which is received by owners of NFTs in the form of various pixel heads. The organization is already run by 2,700+ users who have exclusive access to the community and a voice on development issues.

        #3 Bored Ape Yacht Club


            • Number of objects: 10,000 
            • Market cap: 418,574 ETH 
            • Daily trading volume: 378 ETH 

          Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the best NFT collections of 10K unique NFTs in the form of apes. Digital collectibles are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and serve as a kind of club membership card, granting access to privileges for its members. Fore example, one of the privileges is access to a space for sharing graffiti. Over time, the community will unlock other opportunities as well.

          #4 Finedza by Tyler Hobbs


              • Number of objects: 999 
              • Market cap: 163,336 ETH 
              • Daily trading volume: 360 ЕТH

            Fidenza is a generative algorithm for creating unique digital drawings. The main characteristic common to all paintings is graceful curves that resemble streams. Curves must not intersect with each other. The configuration of the flow field itself is universal. It can be modified to have moderate or extreme turbulence or even sharp corners.

            #5 CreatureToadz


                • Number of objects: 8,888 
                • Market cap: 4,165 ETH 
                • Daily trading volume: 313 ETH 

              CreatureToadz is a joint project of several successful NFT communities. Its main goal is to create a decentralized autonomous organization and give NFT a new and valuable potential. Digital artist Skirano handles the rendering of the images (stylized frogs).

              #6 CyberKongz


                  • Number of objects: 4,124 
                  • Market cap: 62,897 ETH 
                  • Daily trading volume: 264 ETH 

                These are randomly generated 2D/3D characters. Each digital art is based on a monkey model that can complement many different objects. Ten of all created tokens are legendary, and they will bring their owners BANANA tokens worth $10 for ten years. One can use BANANA for breeding to create new monkeys. Therefore the size of the collection is not limited to a certain number.

                #7 Doodles


                    • Number of objects: 10,000 
                    • Market cap: 16,470 ETH 
                    • Daily trading volume: 246 ETH 

                  Characters are generated based on more than 100 attributes and features to create 10,000 unique images. NFT owners can vote on questions related to user experience improvement and campaigns that benefit Doodles. The main goal is to bring Doodles to every direction of modern popular culture.

                  #8 Emblem Vault


                      • Number of objects: 20,090 
                      • Market cap: 33,402 ETH 
                      • Daily trading volume: 143 ЕТH

                    Traded Emblem Vault tokens are hosted on several different blockchains, including Ethereum. The NFT collection complements the core idea of a fully decentralized token that allows trading between any EVM-enabled blockchain. You can conduct transactions not only with tokens but also with files or create joint storage.

                    #9 Kaiju Kingz


                        • Number of objects: 3,384 
                        • Market cap: 18,042 ETH 
                        • Daily trading volume: 140 ЕТH 

                      These are pixel beasts that can be used in blockchain metaverses. The idea belongs to the creator of the project mentioned above within the framework of his recently founded Augminted Labs. Kaiju Kingz strives to expand the community and improve collaboration between its members. At the start, there were 3,333 objects in the collection, each of which gives its owner the right to vote within the DAO.

                      #10 Jungle Freaks by Trosley


                          • Number of objects: 10,000
                          • Market cap: 16,176 ETH
                          • Daily trading volume: 132 ETH 

                        These are hand-drawn characters from the legendary cartoonist George Trosley, who collaborated with Hustler magazine for over 30 years. The artist was also assisted by his son. At the start, all 10,000 NFTs were sold at a single fair price of 0.7 ETH.


                        The range of NFT capabilities is unlimited and extremely varied. These tokens provide copyright protection for collectibles and digital art, virtual real estate, and more. 

                        Given the growing popularity and adoption of NFTs, other blockchain platforms besides Ethereum drew attention to this technology. There is no doubt that more artists will enter the sector in the near future. Thus one should wait for upcoming NFT collections!

                        What is your favorite NFT collection? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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