Top 10 Cryptocurrencies by Market Capitalization in 2022

Total cryptocurrency rating includes more than 19,000 coins. Most of them are shitcoins with no value or liquidity and are not traded on top exchanges. Thus, they will never repeat the success of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other innovative cryptocurrencies. Still, there are many promising crypto coins to buy and earn on the growth of their value in the future.

Best Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap of September 2022

Here is a brief overview of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. The list is current as of September 2022 and was compiled using the CoinMarketCap analytical resource. Thus, kindly note that the crypto market is volatile, and any coin can easily be off the rating and get into it. Let’s get started!

#1 Bitcoin (BTC)

All-Time BTC Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $354,428,381,658

Traditionally, the first place in the list is occupied by the very first and most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. For the first time, its decentralized digital network started working in 2009, and since then, it has been considered the flagship guided by creators of altcoins, one way or another.

Bitcoin has always been the most expensive cryptocurrency, but it has also had difficult times. The coin either falls or recovers after a downtrend. In any case, the demand for it never disappears. As a result, its market cap is growing.

#2 Ethereum (ETH)

All-Time ETH Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $159,789,771,783

Ethereum, created by Vitalik Buterin in 2013, ranks second on our list. The main difference from Bitcoin is the full use of smart contracts (BTC also has them, but the functionality is limited). In addition, many developers find Ethereum a very convenient platform for creating decentralized applications (DApps).

The development uses a dynamic programming language that resembles JavaScript in many ways. And the concept of ‘gas’ was introduced as a means against the abuse of resources, with the help of which the possible number of operations is limited.

#3 Tether (USDT)

All-Time USDT Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $67,925,519,167

It’s a cryptocurrency whose value is equal to the U.S. dollar. Such currencies are called stablecoins and serve to digitalize national currencies. This eliminates the sore subject of crypto — high volatility. Moreover, at the same time, all the key advantages of digital money, such as security and anonymity, are preserved.

Many companies are already partially switching from the traditional dollar to Tether to take advantage of these benefits. All this makes the coin that popular.

#4 USD Coin (USDC)

All-Time USDC Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $50,157,807,020

It’s another stablecoin, second only to Tether among stablecoins. It is fully regulated, centralized, and controlled by U.S. regulatory authorities. This has both pros and cons. The disadvantages are pretty obvious, and the advantages are that the degree of coin backing is controlled at the state level. Each USDC is guaranteed to be backed by the U.S. dollar.

#5 Binance Coin (BNB)

All-Time BNB Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $41,928,973,933

The token issued by the Binance exchange continues to gain popularity. Its functionality initially consisted in the ability to save on exchange commissions. But over the years, it has been greatly expanded.

In the meantime, Binance Coin is a fairly promising investment tool that shows a steadily growing value. Some of the tokens are regularly redeemed and burned, reducing the amount of assets in circulation, to fight inflation.

#6 Binance USD (BUSD)

All-Time BUSD Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $20,522,795,846

Binance USD is a dollar-backed stablecoin from top crypto exchange Binance in partnership with Paxos that acts as a custodian of U.S. dollars and issuer of BUSD. Binance USD was launched in 2019 and is regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services. 

BUSD is available for direct purchase and redemption at the rate of 1 BUSD = 1 USD and runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

#7 XRP (XRP)

All-Time XRP Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $17,342,659,214

XRP is a platform that primarily performs the role of a cheap and fast payment system. With its help, you can exchange currencies, including making cross-border payments. This opportunity attracts mainly large companies — for example, Santander and American Express.

Many investors also note an increased level of network security, compared even with Bitcoin. Ripple transactions are fast, and power consumption is also significantly less.

#8 Cardano (ADA)

All-Time ADA Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $14,932,645,847

Cardano is a blockchain platform developed on the basis of scientific research — the project’s team consists of top engineers and scientists. The project even has its own philosophy. ADA is being actively developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and Lancaster University.

The platform consists of two levels: one focuses on working with smart contracts, and the other focuses on tokens. Of course, this is not a unique product, but the team tries its best to improve the platform as much as possible so that it works faster and more reliably.

#9 Solana (SOL)

All-Time SOL Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $10,994,948,811

Solana is a blockchain platform that can compete with Ethereum in terms of its functionality.

It also supports work with highly efficient smart contracts and allows you to host DApps, NFT tokens, and much more. It features very fast and cheap transactions, due to which developers are increasingly choosing this platform, and the SOL token is growing in price.

#10 Dogecoin (DOGE)

All-Time DOGE Market Cap Chart
  • Market cap: $7,507,442,888

Originally created as a joke after the run-up in Bitcoin, Dogecoin takes its name from an internet meme featuring a Shiba Inu dog. Unlike many digital currencies limiting the number of coins in existence, Dogecoin has unlimited issuance. It can be used for payments or for sending money.

Dogecoin is in high demand by famous influencers, bloggers, and rappers. Thus, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, posted several tweets about Dogecoin being his favorite cryptocurrency.

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What Do Experts Think About the Prospects of the Crypto Market?

Whereas at the time of its creation, the cryptocurrency was an experiment for a very narrow community of geeks, today, it is a powerful investment tool known worldwide. Analysts believe that the cryptocurrency market will more than triple by 2030. Thus, no companies or investors can ignore it.

Already now, the benefits of cryptocurrencies are attracting many companies, and traditional financial institutions have to meet this demand. For example, U.S. Bank has created a custodial service for holding BTC, making it possible for hedge funds to invest in crypto.

All this leads to active attempts by the government to regulate the crypto space. Of course, they fundamentally destroy all the initial features of cryptocurrencies, especially anonymity. Still, almost all experts are convinced that crypto market development will be impossible without regulation since it increases the protection of beginner investors from scammers.

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The rating of cryptocurrencies allows you to visually see which coins have achieved the greatest success and have every chance of further growth. The rating is usually compiled by market cap, which reflects the level of community interest in a particular coin.

For trading and storing digital assets, choose only reliable, proven services that experts recommend, and do not chase the benefits that scammers can promise. Also, invest only what you can afford to lose — cryptocurrency is a good investment tool, but only with a reasonable approach.


This information is provided for informational purposes only. Such information is not intended as and may not be relied upon as trading advice. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Please do your own research and due diligence on the services provided by online cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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