Top 3 Best Triple-A Blockchain Games to Play in 2023

More and more top game projects are entering the world of blockchain gaming but keep this private. Why? Well, this is because many remain skeptical about cryptocurrency and everything that is involved in this sector. The reaction from the public can hurt the company’s image, reputation, and the products they produce.

Suffice it to recall how fans of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. disliked GSC Game World for planning to release an NFT collection. One should also recall all the articles and posts from influential gaming publications about how blockchain will affect the gaming industry. Many people think that NFT is a huge scam created solely for profit.

Today we will consider several Play-to-Earn projects created by the developers of truly legendary AAA games. Only a few of them consider NFT a destructive model. Let’s get started!


Civitas is a powerful project that has been in development for a long time. The year 2023 is approaching, and the game’s test version launch is scheduled for Q1.

The project has raised over $20 million from major investors and venture capital funds. Delphi Digital, Three Arrows Capital, Framework, and many other famous names are among them.

The game is being developed by former employees of Ubisoft and Tencent, who took part in the creation of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, EVE Online, Battlefield, Crash Bandicoot, Cyberpunk 2077, and other famous games.

Civitas is an economic strategy game where players have to develop civilization and battle for world domination by fighting and making alliances with other players. The project will also integrate a VR model that will add additional mechanics.

Chosen NFT playable characters are already being traded on OpenSea. They will allow owners to access early versions of the game and provide additional perks. Civitas will also launch an NFT land sale soon.

Cards of Ethernity

Cards of Ethernity is a collectable card game with Play-to-Earn mechanics set in the dark fantasy universe Aether. Currently, the game features 150 collectable cards with unique abilities. A variety of cards will allow you to build a deck for any desired style of play. Now the game is available for a limited number of users who have a key.

Clement Martin, the founder of Noone Studio, is behind the project. His team participated in the creation of God Of War, FarCry 6, Beyond the Good and Evil, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

In addition to expert developers, the project is famous for its active social networks. CoA’s Twitter account is followed by: ImmutableX, Big Time, Ultiverse, and many other influential players in the blockchain industry. This is a very good indicator. The presence of ImmutableX among followers may indicate a future partnership.

Wildcard Alliance

Wildcard is an online PVP arena with Play-to-Earn mechanics where players will have to confront in exciting battles. Players should expect a variety of characters and pets, which will allow you to create a vast number of bundles and battle strategies.

Wildcard raised $46 million, which fully justifies the name Wild. Among the investors, there are the most powerful funds: Paradigm, Griffin Gaming Partners, and many others.

Wildcard’s social media is very active, considering the team hasn’t launched any major marketing campaigns yet. For example, participants communicate regularly in Discord, and the project organizes various activities. Twitter can also boast a decent number of well-known names in the industry among followers.

Wildcard co-founder Paul Bettner is an entrepreneur, producer, founder, and CEO of Playful Studios. There are rumours that the game has been developed for more than five years by experienced specialists who took part in the creation of Age of Empires, Lucky’s Tale, and the incredibly popular World of Warcraft game.


Many industry professionals are switching to Play to Earn because they see potential and a great future in it. Large companies see the prospects and profits in this sector. Thus, those who still remain skeptical about blockchain and see a threat in it risk losing a chance to join this promising industry!

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