Top 8 Weirdest Cryptocurrencies on the Market

The hype around Bitcoin is going really strong. But Bitcoin is only one of thousands of cryptocurrencies currently available on the market. We think that now it’s time to consider the craziest cryptocurrencies ever. Let’s get started!


Burger King Russia had this brilliant idea for a regular customer loyalty program. Instead of boring bonus cards, loyal customers receive whoppercoins. To do this, you simply scan the receipt with your smartphone. Anyone who has collected 1,700 whoppercoins can buy a Whopper with them.


Dogecoin became known for Elon Musk’s tweet and made an incredible price jump. Thus, he wanted to bring a Dogecoin to the moon. Originally it was created only to make fun of Bitcoin. This is where the funny logo with a Shiba-Inu puppy comes from. 


If this name sounds familiar, then just pay attention to the Hollywood blockbuster Avatar. A highly valuable mineral is called that there. The future of Unobtanium has already been planned for the next 300 years. Because by then there should be a maximum of 250,000 unobtaniums. We’ll see if it really works.


The cryptocurrency with the cat as a logo even has its own emoji. It was supposed to be the main Dogecoin competitor. The cat logo made it popular mainly in Japan. There you can even use Monacoin in online shops. Still, it isn’t as popular as Dogecoin.

Useless Ethereum Token

Another token of Dogecoin type, which one just wanted to make fun of. The creator is an ‘unknown person on the Internet’ who describes Useless Etherum as follows:

‘The UET ICO transparently offers investors no value, so there will be no expectation of gains’. However, the founder actually raised over $60,000 on its project. It doesn’t get any crazier than that!


This token is intended to optimize dental treatment. This cryptocurrency for dentists is designed to perfectly unite insurance companies, manufacturers, patients, and dentists with each other for the benefit of all. This makes it the first blockchain-based dental treatment in the world.


Since 2014, ‘plant’ lovers have been able to use Potcoin to carry out discreet transactions. Since the cannabis market has been legalized in more and more regions around the world, the future of Potcoin remains to be seen.


888tron is a decentralized blockchain casino. The player receives 888tron tokens for playing casino games. The great thing about 888tron is that you receive dividends every 48 hours. A total of 100 million 888tron tokens are available, only just under 30 million of which have currently been earned.


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