What Is Alien Worlds (TLM) Crypto: Everything You Need to Know 2023

Alien Worlds is a decentralized NFT and financial services platform that allows users to interact, compete and collaborate with each other via gameplay. Players can purchase digital objects like NFTs, complete quests, participate in battles and competitions. You can also own land, rent it out and make money, and receive passive income in other ways.

TLM (Trilium) is a multifunctional platform token that allows you to earn by staking, managing planets, collecting NFTs, participating in in-game events, etc. Starting April 7 and ending on May 7, 2021, users were able to farm in-game tokens through the Binance Launchpool. Here is a complete guide on the TLM (Trilium) token. Let’s get started!

What Is Alien Worlds Platform All About?


      • Planets. Players can manage these planets and mine minerals. Owners of each planet themselves choose a game strategy and type of mining resources. Players can use TLM tokens to vote for certain decisions of owners. Thus, initially, there are six planets. Each of them is represented by a smart contract on the WAX ​​blockchain. The Federation can create new planets, and the community agreed on their terms and conditions. Every day, the planets receive a certain amount of TLM, which the Guardians distribute among players at their discretion.
      • Control mechanisms. Users can place TLM on a specific planet to be able to vote on it. The number of planets for bidding is not limited. The tokens confirm the right to vote that a smart contract returns back to stakers. At any time, players can exchange them once again for Trilium.
      • Planet’s treasury. It’s the total balance of TLMs locked.
      • Federation. It consists of the project development team. Federation is responsible for approving new planets or removing them, issuing NFTs, counting and distributing TLMs. The team also supports the technical part of the game, its design, and usability.


    Alien Worlds Cards

    Main Types of NFTs in Alien Worlds

    During the creation of Alien Worlds, the developers created the following types of in-game items, which act as NFTs:


        • Land
        • Avatars
        • Minions
        • Artifacts
        • Tools
        • Weapons
        • Missions

      Each NFT has a name, avatars, functional features, ownership, and a history of ownership change registered in the blockchain. NFTs appear in the user interface as trading cards.

      Land is considered the main in-game NFT. It is located on the planets; the features of a particular land plot have such parameters as the time between mining sessions, the number of TLM generated per mine, the probability of receiving NFT for a mining session. Each planet initially has a limited amount of land. All of them are the property of the Federation until the moment of purchase by a user. Landowners have the right to rent out their land plots, receiving a percentage of the reward from the TLM mined by a landholder.

      Rights and Obligations of Users


          • Alien Worlds users are called explorers.


            • To become an explorer, a member requires a WAX account (which provides enough computing power to start playing).


              • Users can choose to place a bid on one or more planets. Funds are transferred through the WAX ​​Cloud Wallet. 

            Each participant can set their own name up to 18 characters long. A new user is provided with a starter pack that includes a basic avatar and a shovel. From this point on, you can start mining Trilium via the gameplay.

            TLM (Trilium) Token: Technical Features

            TLM is the native token of Alien Worlds, which is used to place bids on planets and participate in in-game events. It is released on the Ethereum, WAX, and BSC blockchains so users can store Trilium on any chain they like. The maximum number is limited to 5 billion.


            All-Time TLM Price Chart


            In the near future, the developers of Alien Worlds will launch new quests with a daily distribution of resources to landowners. In particular, there will be an automated mechanism for distributing NFT mining incentives to specific landowners. Thus, users are provided with opportunities to receive valuable NFTs that can be bought and sold, earn on staking, participate in planetary management, events and adventures.

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