3 Popular Games to Earn Cryptocurrency in 2021

Today, we’ll consider the top three projects from a specialized PlayToEarn resource. This list will include games that are popular on a well-known foreign resource of blockchain games. 

The information presented here is collected from open sources, with self-study, and based on video reviews. Before we start, just remember that it’s impossible to earn large amounts of cryptocurrency in games of that kind. Well, let’s get started!

Super Crypto Kart

It’s a fairly well-drawn race, with interesting tasks and achievements. A player’s goal is to beat real opponents (multiplayer mode) or win in a single-player game mode. At the end of the game, you can earn or lose: there is a bet for each competition. The total sum is divided between the top 3 players.

  • Blockchains on which it’s based: Ethereum, Matic, Chain Games.
  • What coin can you earn: CHAIN. 
  • You can make a deposit at Super Crypto Kart via Swap.
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android.

To play Super Crypto Kart online, you need to link Metamask to your account. During the registration process, Chain Games send 1K test Chain coins to your account. You need to link your wallet to it. In order for users to better control their spending in the game, game developers have provided for use of assets limits, which can be set manually before the start.

To start the game, you need to select a ‘quick play’ mode. A server is selected automatically or you can select it manually. To start, you should either join an existing lobby or create your own. You will need to make your mandatory bet.

Be warned: as blogger Cagyjan warns, cheating may take place in Super Crypto Kart.

Merge Dragon Evolution

Merge Dragon Evolution is a CryptoSoul crypto project which is the simplest in terms of graphics.

  • In-game currency: SOUL tokens. 
  • Swap to BTC/ETH is possible.
  • Available for Android devices only.
  • Based on Ethereum blockchain.

The game menu contains ‘Daily Quests’, each of which has a series of rounds. For completing the task, you will be rewarded with tokens.

Nuances of the game: the more customized your character is, the higher his actions are evaluated. There is no time limit for completing each task. The speed of your character can be increased in two ways: free for watching ads for 10 minutes or paid for 250 SOUL for 240 minutes.

To withdraw funds, you will need an ERC20 or BEP8 wallet. But, as reported on the project website, there are only five wallets that work with a SOUL token: Metamask, ImToken, TrustWallet, Eidoo, MyEtherWallet.


This is an online game in which you need to grow crops and fruits, collect them to feed animals or sell them for cryptocurrency. You can also receive crypto for the sale of food, real estate, livestock.

The project provides trading opportunities. Developers have created a special exchange where you can track quotes for products obtained in the game and sell them for TRX when you find it profitable. It’s designed similarly to traditional crypto exchanges: you have the ability to create buy or sell orders.

  • Platforms: IOS, Android, PC, Laptop.
  • Blockchain: TRON.

The more developed your farm is, the more profit you can get. Accordingly, there are also purchases of various upgrades in it.

Like all the games described above, a wallet link is required. You can deposit or withdraw funds from the game only in TXR.

Which game did you like best? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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