How to Make Money in Genopets: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners in 2023

From an extremely niche and unknown to the public technology, blockchain has become mainstream in 10 years. Thus, in 2023, only lazy ones did not hear about crypto. But such a demand has prompted the development of a huge amount of projects based on this technology. A notable representative of such projects is games. Let’s take a closer look at the Genopets project ― what it is, how it works, and whether it is possible to make money while playing it.

What Is Genopets?

Genopets belongs to the new wave of blockchain gaming. The project is still in beta testing, which anyone can join, and a full launch on the Solana network is scheduled for 2023.

The game is based on the Move-to-Earn (M2E) concept. On the game’s main page, the developers proudly declare that Genopets is the first game based on this principle. However, the developers of STEPN, a project similar in principle, say the same thing.

The point is that players’ physical activity in real life is reflected in the virtual universe. For example, the app receives information from a smartphone about the steps taken during the day. Also, for pumping the character, the game offers a set of physical exercises and intellectual puzzles for characters’ upgrading.

The result is something like Nintendo’s Ring Fit. But instead of an expensive controller, Genopets player only needs a smartphone.

Genopets Mechanics & Essence

A clear analog of Genopets’ gameplay will be games such as Pokémon Go and Tamagotchi, whose main goal is to raise a virtual pet. At the same time, the initial creation of a character does not require financial investments in contrast to the same STEPN, where the entry threshold can reach $1000.

As mentioned before, to upgrade a virtual pet, you need to be physically active in real life — walk, run, perform special exercises, and so on. In turn, the pet’s level grows due to the gaming experience, which opens up:


      • new elements of the character’s appearance;
      • battles against AI and real opponents, like in Pokémon Go;
      • new exercises for players.

    As a result, the higher the level of the pet and the more unique its appearance, the more expensive its potential value in the marketplace. Victories in battles also bring resources that are used both for upgrading and for further sale.

    Genopets Gameplay

    A big plus of Genopets is the absence of initial investment requirements. The starting pet is created for free, and its upgrade depends only on the players’ experience. Still, one should not forget that any product is created primarily to make money. Thus, there is no escape from monetization tools anyway.

    The developers chose the classic way of monetization. In-game earnings are provided via:


        1. sale of skins or unique characters authored by developers;
        1. paid boost of pets’ upgrading;
        1. collection of fees from trading between exchange players.

      While everything is pretty clear with the first and last points, let’s consider the second point in more detail.

      By investing a certain amount of game currency, users get the right to craft a habitat, a piece of virtual land in the Genopets universe. Habitat is endowed with two functions — pet living and growing special crystals.


      Genopets Habitats

      Land plots are endowed with the power of one of the elements. A pet living on a land plot is accelerating in development. A character receives an additional leveling bonus if their element matches the habitat’s element.

      Also, crystals grow on the land plots corresponding to the habitat’s elements. These are separate NFT objects designed to boost virtual pets. Сrystal, in turn, can be used on your own character or sold to other players.

      In this case, it is not necessary to invest your own funds into the game. You can upgrade a free character, sell it, and use the proceeds to acquire some land. But, of course, this will take time and effort.


      According to the developers, Genopets is not a game about reproduction but about evolution. Thus, as mentioned before, the main part of the gameplay is focused on in-game pets.

      There is yet no detailed information about characters, crystals, or gaming NFTs. Perhaps the necessary information will be provided with the game’s release. But after all, beta testing is already underway, and more than a hundred pets have already been put up for sale on marketplaces. Lands and crystals are already on sale.


      Genopets for Sale

      How to Start Playing Genopets?

      So, after the game’s release, there will be no need to buy an NFT pet since it will be possible to create it for free. But while the project is in the beta stage, you can personally try the gameplay only by buying a genopet or a virtual land plot.

      While the project has not acquired its own store, the corresponding NFTs can be bought on affiliated marketplaces. The most notable of these is Solanart.

      About 120 NFTs with pets and about 100 land tokens are on sale on Solanart. Prices for characters start from 60 SOL and for a land plot — from 70 SOL.

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      In-Game Currency

      Native cryptocurrency is a mandatory attribute of blockchain games. Genopets is no exception. The project uses two tokens at once — KI and GENE.

      KI is an exclusively in-game currency, which comes from farming on habitats. But in addition, the currency is credited as the main reward for physical activity and victory in battles. KI is used for trading items within a project. This token cannot be exchanged for GENE.

      GENE is the key currency of the project, which is already traded on external exchanges.

      The in-game functions of the token include:


          • crafting new habitats;
          • increasing the limit on the daily pet’s upgrade;
          • increase the productivity of habitats.

        Still, the primary purpose of the token is to control the system. Accordingly, its functions are:


            • Voting on the further project’s development.
            • Access to advanced features and VIP content of the game.
            • Staking.

          How to Earn in Genopets?

          So, there are two main ways to make money in Genopets. The first passive way is GENE staking. The second active one is to play and sell the received NFTs.


          The project developers will launch this function in mid-May 2022. The longer the staking period, the higher the bonus. For example, 8 tokens locked for 3 months will bring a profit of 1.78 GENE. The reward can be collected at any time.

          In this case, users who staked the tokens:


              • get access to beta testing of the game;
              • participate in regular drops of the game currency KI;
              • increase farming in the game of the same currency;
              • fall into the white list, where NFT drops are usually held.

            Game Strategies

            Genopets is still a game that involves making money. The developers took care of the audience and proposed three strategies for making a profit:


                1. No investment. It is about active gameplay and regular completion of tasks. Thus, the pet will grow to a ‘liquid’ state in about a month and a half. Its sale will bring about 60 SOL. By staking several GENEs, you can reduce the upgrading time by 20-50%, depending on the amount of investment. 
                1. Initial Habitat purchase and accelerated character upgrading. This is how it works: your pet receives a bonus to experience, and crystals grow on your land plot. Crystals can also be sold or used to upgrade your genopet to increase its value.
                1. Buying land for subsequent leasing of it to other players.

              The final earnings directly depend on the size of investments.


              Genopets is one of the first NFT games with the Move-to-Earn concept, which offers an opportunity to make money by playing or performing activities. The game seems pretty promising, still, one should wait for the official release scheduled for 2023.

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