How to Play Colonize Mars: An Ultimate Guide for Beginners in 2023

Colonize Mars is a collection of limited-edition digital trading cards and an NFT gaming app built on the WAX ​​blockchain. The Mission One marked the beginning of colonization on Mars. Mission One originally sold 50,000 boxes for a total of $1.2 million. Funding went to the further development of the game. How to play Colonize Mars NFT game? Today, we’ll try to find out!

How to Start Playing Colonize Mars?

The ultimate project’s goal is to create an NFT game app where players will collect resources, earn in-game currency ($MARTIA token), and build their own colonies on an interactive map. In the first stage, the developers made it possible to purchase boxes with supplies; these are NFT packs that contain digital trading cards of various levels and can be unpacked at any time. Packs come in two levels — Standard and Ultimate. They, in turn, differ in price and the number of rare cards you may get.


Colonize Mars Boxes

The maps showcase the various types of vehicles and equipment required for the first phase of the colony. Now there are stickers and 7 target elements that can be actively used in the game. These are Scouting Drone, Fuel Plant, Fission Reactor, Cargo Rocketship, Solar Panel Array, Ice Mining Rig, and Rover.


Colonize Mars Mission-One Objects

Players can burn three cards of the same type and rarity to turn them into one rarer. The card hierarchy looks like this:


      1. Standard
      1. Shadow: obtained by burning 3 Standard cards.
      1. Stainless Steel: obtained by burning 3 Shadow cards.
      1. Gold: obtained by burning 3 Stainless Steel cards.
      1. Dark Matter: obtained by burning 3 Golden cards.
      1. Sketch or Ownership: obtained by burning 3 Dark Matter cards.

    Burning 3 Dark Matter cards gives you a 100% chance to get an Ownership card of the same type, if available. If there are no Ownership cards left, you will receive a Sketch card, which will allow you to receive bonuses in the future. Only 20 Ownership cards are available for the first mission. Property NFTs correspond in direct proportion 1:1 to unique equipment or vehicles on the colony map. The more resources you own, the higher your position is on the leaderboard.

    How to Buy Colonize Mars NFTs?

    Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is a blockchain designed to scale e-commerce transactions. The protocol uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus mechanism. The platform allows users to participate in a fully functional virtual marketplace and buy NFTs with its native WAXP ​​token. The network was originally designed to serve over 400 million active esports video game players who wanted to trade in-game items.

    WAX is designed to take advantage of the current centralization of video games and provide users with a decentralized platform where they can exchange, trade, buy and sell assets. Thus, WAX became the first decentralized marketplace focused mainly on video games and digital collectables. It is also the first protocol where gamers can fully own their assets, regardless of provider or network.

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    Colonize Mars NFT Marketplace

    How to Make Money in Colonize Mars?

    The first way is to buy packs and resell individual cards. In 80% of cases, when purchasing a box, you spend less money than the required lots separately. How does this work? Players buy a pack, resell it separately and make a profit.

    What is more profitable: buying a lot of cheap NFTs and combining them or buying an expensive card? Well, everything is quite simple here: if a package of cheap NFTs costs less than the expensive one, then you should buy inexpensive cards and then combine them.

    The second way is just to buy NFTs and wait since a limited number of cards increases their value in the market. Even standard NFTs are limited edition, and the availability of more expensive cards depends on the number of cheap ones. As a result, the cost of each of them begins to increase significantly. This is what earning in the game is based on. Assuming that the cost of the cards will increase over time, many users have started to purchase them since the release.

    Game Development Plans

    In the future, the NFT game app will allow players to collect resources, earn in-game currency ($MARTIA token), and build their own colonies. Players will be able to buy undeveloped lands and build their own outposts on them.

    Many believe that in the future, Colonize Mars will be able to surpass even the well-known EVE or the Alien Worlds crypto project. In the future, the game should develop into a large colony on Mars, bringing together millions of players worldwide. The project is already arousing genuine interest and offers a unique gameplay that no one has previously implemented in this format. 

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