How to Make Money in Pagan Gods: Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Pagan Gods is a unique blockchain game based on Slavic mythology. The project runs on the WAX ​​protocol, using NFT cards to build gameplay, as well as its own cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for real money. Let’s find out what the game mechanics are all about and learn how to make money while playing!

What Is Pagan Gods NFT Game?

Pagan Gods crypto game is a combination of an ordinary computer game for entertainment with a Play-to-Earn concept. The entire gameplay is based on cryptocurrency earning; received crypto then can be exchanged for real currency within the gaming ecosystem or using third-party services. 

Digital assets can be obtained in several ways: by completing levels and daily tasks, receiving bonuses, or buying and then selling crypto on more favorable terms. In any case, NFT games allow you to monetize the time spent and increase real income.

The game is still under development and testing and operates on the Inanomo crypto exchange. The alpha version was released in September. As mentioned before, the game plot is based on Slavic mythology. The action takes place in the mysterious world of Pagan, in which the ancient gods clash in mortal combat with each other. Each user can choose one of eight heroes with special combat and strategic skills and weapons. A hub is available for all players, allowing them to exchange messages and emotions.

All achievements are unlocked as you complete missions in Pagan Gods. The higher the hero’s level and set of qualities, the more valuable rewards can be received for successfully completing tasks. The game is built on the principle of a linear RPG, with the possibility of monetization. Players are given special cards, which are added as bonuses for completing missions or received in special draws announced on Twitter or Telegram.

Pagan Gods Gameplay

To start playing Pagan Gods, you need to assemble a team of courageous warriors. Each warrior, in turn, represents a unique NFT card. A detachment is formed from individual fighters. You can exchange or sell warriors after you have enough new cards (characters) to compose a squad (fighting force).

There are 3 main game modes in the game:


      • PvP (Player vs. Player)
      • PvE (Player vs. Environment), which means war patrol.
      • Legends (epic raids)

    Thus, players need to engage in epic battles and form an alliance with other players for the right to possess unique cards and the rarest resources.


    Pagan Gods NFT Cards

    How to Start Earning in Pagan Gods?

    The game mechanics of Pagan Gods is based on receiving and selling NFT cards. The cost of one standard NFT card is 50 cents. At the same time, all their prices are significantly different, and it will be possible to get up to $10,000 for selling a rare card.

    You can get in-game NFT cards in several ways.


        • Participating in the free giveaways. Announcements of such draws are usually posted on the project’s Twitter and Telegram accounts.
        • Completing tasks, which are published on the game page on Twitter. They consist in attracting new users, subscribing, and retweeting.
        • Purchasing cards via auction, which features not only common, but also rare and legendary NFTs.
        • Completing daily quests.

      Those who assemble their own team of referrals and work together are more likely to get the most valuable rewards.

      Pagan Gods NFT game uses the WAX ​​Wallet, which allows players to get a cryptocurrency and monetize playing time by buying or selling NFT cards received during the game.

      Pagan Gods In-Game Currency

      Since the old days, and long before the emergence of minted money (which, in turn, mainly consisted of precious metals), our ancestors used valuable animal furs as a yardstick and medium of exchange.

      FUR is the main token in the world of Pagan Gods. Fur constitutes one of the most important, crucial, and valuable in-game items. It is required in the process called ‘evolution’ — while obtaining FUR, you can upgrade and strengthen your heroes.

      What else makes FUR so practical and adds value to it? Well, you can withdraw FUR tokens (which you gain through the game while demonstrating skill and talent) and sell them on a crypto exchange.

      How Much Can You Earn in Pagan Gods?

      As mentioned before, players can earn money in the game by buying and selling NFT cards of various values. All of them are divided into:


          • Ordinary: the price of which ranges from $0.5 to $5;
          • Rare: the price starts from $50;
          • Legendary: such cards can be sold for $1,000.


        Pagan Gods Marketplace

        You will need to have some WAXP tokens to purchase in-game NFT cards. If you’re wondering where to buy WAXP to purchase some NFTs, you should definitely think about buying it at Switchere. On our platform, you have an opportunity to buy WAXP in the fastest and most convenient ways using any available payment method. Moreover, we offer some surprising bonuses! Users of our platform enjoy a 0% service fee for the first order.

        You can earn in the game by upgrading your own heroes and completing tasks. How much you can earn depends on the following:


            • Gaming skills and abilities;
            • Time spent on completing missions;
            • Active participation in the project’s social media discussions, 
            • Completing additional tasks that allow you to receive bonuses;

          The popular analog of Pagan Gods, Alien Worlds, is a space universe where you can farm Trilium and NFTs. You can get Trilium as commissions for land earned during the game, participation in bets, and NFTs can be earned for winning battles with other participants. In the first year, new players can receive about 440 million TLM, which does not include NFT cards. It is profitable to exchange cryptocurrency for real money, taking into account current rates. The current price of 1 TLM is $0.01323.

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