What Are NFT Games: A Complete Guide for Beginners in 2023

Most gamers have already heard about blockchain games or seen news related to the Web3 gaming industry. Cryptocurrency and NFTs have made a breakthrough, gaining widespread popularity over the past few years.

Many gamers around the world have turned their hobby into a full-time or additional income. If traditional games still take users’ funds, then blockchain games allow you to monetize the time spent, perseverance, and high game skills.

Many beginners are still skeptical about crypto games or do not understand how they work. Today, we will tell you in simple words how to start playing NFT games for beginners far from the blockchain industry. Let’s get started!

What Are NFT Games?

Crypto or NFT games are those that use blockchain technology. In turn, blockchain technology can be called a digital financial system. Nowadays, anyone can create their own cryptocurrency (tokens) and come up with an application for it. This opportunity is actively used by large companies that create various projects.

The main thing to understand is that the value of any cryptocurrency depends on its popularity. The project only sets the initial price of the token by raising funds from investment funds.

In short, a project creates a product, for example, a game, then issues a token; large investors buy it by setting an initial price, and users trade the token on the open marketplace. If users actively buy a token, its value grows, and if they sell it, the price goes down.

Game developers quickly followed the trend and started to create projects with blockchain-based earning mechanics. Such projects are usually called Play-to-EarnGameFi, NFT, or Web3 Games.

How to Make Money by Playing NFT Games?

There are a lot of ways to make money in crypto (NFT) games. It all depends on the developers’ imagination and the game’s genre. Regardless of the earning model used in the game, the essence is the same everywhere — just play to earn.

For example, tokens have replaced a game currency in a crypto RPG. Players loot items with raids and dungeons and sell them to vendors. For each item sold, players receive the project’s cryptocurrency (token) to their wallets. Tokens can be used within the game to enhance game progress and increase income or can be exchanged for real money. 

As for NFTs, they have come to replace gaming assets. In simple words, NFT is a token in a single copy, which has many use cases. Here is a complete guide on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Thanks to NFTs, game assets can be transferred, sold on the open marketplace, and used in several games at once. Surely everyone at least once has heard of the Hearthstone card game, known for the high cost of cards, which cannot be sold to other players.

In NFT collectible card games, users can not only earn cryptocurrency for high-ranking positions but also trade cards on the open marketplace. If a player does not need an in-game card, they can put it up for sale at the desired price or trade it with another player.

In addition, players no longer need to spend money on the endless opening of packs with cards in the hope of getting the necessary one. Now it is enough to go to the digital marketplace and buy the desired card from other players. Gods Unchained is the most popular crypto card game using this model.


Gods Unchained NFT Game

NFT technology is used not only in card games. Almost any Play-to-Earn project has NFTs, which allow players to earn money by trading digital assets. In-game weapons and equipment, items, resources, characters, skins, pets, and other assets may be NFTs.

How to Start Playing Play-to-Earn Games?

It does not take much time to understand NFT games. Developers often care about users and provide detailed guides for beginners. Such manuals are called Whitepaper or project documentation.

However, knowing the basics of blockchain technology will greatly facilitate the process of learning any crypto game. The first thing to understand is that blockchain is a network. Currently, there are many different blockchains, and game developers themselves choose which network their project will be built on. The choice of a network depends on the developers’ preferences, the network’s popularity, the game’s genre, or other factors.

The most popular networks on which crypto games are created are Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain.

To interact with any network, and therefore with a game, users need to have a crypto wallet. It is usually installed as a browser extension or mobile app. Each network has its own separate wallet, except for some networks. For example, the same wallet is suitable for interacting with Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

It should be borne in mind that each network has its own main token, which is used to pay commissions. Typically, fees are charged for sending tokens, NFTs, or for various in-game activities. Don’t worry, commissions are often extremely cheap and cost a fraction of a cent. To fund your wallet to pay fees, buy the required token on a crypto exchange and transfer the cryptocurrency to your address. 

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Having a wallet and a desire to play will be enough to dive yourself into the vast world of Play-to-Earn and GameFi. Next, a beginner will have to find and choose a crypto game based on personal preferences or financial capabilities.

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Top 5 Free-to-Play NFT Games 

In most cases, crypto games require initial investments from players, albeit small ones. For example, buying an NFT character, a deck of NFT cards, or a game pass. But there are projects that require absolutely no investment to get started. It is enough for a player to invest their time in an active game or have high skills to start earning. Below are the top 5 free-to-play crypto games.


      • The Sandbox is the most popular blockchain metaverse. Players will be immersed in a virtual world where they can have fun, create their own digital objects and games, communicate with other players, and make money by taking part in unique events.
      • Gods Unchained is a collectible card game with Play-to-Earn mechanics. Build an invincible deck to win in the arena and tournaments. All cards in the game are NFTs and have different rarities. Earn cryptocurrency for victories and create rare cards for sale.
      • Immortal Game is the first blockchain chess with Play-to-Earn mechanics. Become a grandmaster and win weekly tournaments to start earning in the game. A variety of game modes and activities will not make anyone bored.
      • Skyweaver is a collectible card game with Play-to-Earn mechanics. Unlike most crypto card games, NFTs do not provide advantages here, and all players compete on equal terms. The game has rating modes and competitive tournaments.
      • Undead Blocks is a fun zombie shooter with Play-to-Earn mechanics. Choose one of the fighters and get rid of dangerous zombies. The game regularly hosts tournaments with valuable rewards. The conditions are simple: the more zombies are defeated, the higher your reward is.

    In addition to initially free projects, there are other ways to start playing blockchain games without investment. Many projects regularly arrange distributions of their tokens and NFTs, thanks to which the lucky ones get the opportunity to play even the most expensive games for free.

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    Nowadays, NFT games are no longer something new and unknown. The GameFi market has over a million daily active players and billions of dollars in turnover.

    If you want to try yourself as an investor or increase your capital in games, we advise you to take your time and study the market properly. Investing in cryptocurrency is always a risky business that requires certain analytical skills.

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