How to Play NFT Game Upland Today: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023

Have you ever dreamed of having the world in the palm of your hand? With the game Upland, you can fit our planet on your smartphone’s screen and, most importantly, dispose of property, which actually exists at a particular address. Here is the Upland NFT game playing guide!

Upland is a metaverse based on the EOS blockchain. The branched game system of domains is the guarantor of the protection of transactions, which allows you to buy and sell digital property as if it were a physical object.

Each game object is inherently a non-fungible token (NFT). The point of NFT is that the asset protected by this certificate is one of a kind. Therefore, property sale in Upland is realized according to the laws of economics in the digital world. 

How to Start Playing NFT Game Upland?

The very first thing you need to do is to create an in-game account. Registering in the game is quite simple, just fill in the fields on the start page and confirm your email by clicking on the link in the email that you will receive.


Registration Form

How to start playing NFT game Upland? Well, a beginner starts the game as a Visitor and remains in this status until they buy property or collect 10,000 UPX. After that, they will become full-fledged citizens of Upland. Then you can upgrade your statuses to PRO (100,000 UPX), Director (1,000,000 UPX) and Executive (10,000,000 UPX). Each new status opens up additional opportunities.

The Upland space is a virtual projection of the cities and streets of the world. Any property, be it a public building, park, or structure, is traded for an in-game token — UPX. So, how to start playing NFT game Upland? Players can make the first purchase with 3000 bonus UPX, which they receive at the very beginning of the game. 

You will replenish the account by converting US dollars to UPX. To make an exchange, you should click on the ‘Get UPX’ button in the upper right corner of the screen, after which the exchange window will pop up.


Store Form

To date, not all territories have been digitized, but only a few cities, including, for example, San Francisco. You can walk around the city using the google-maps system to see where everything is. The game card itself is divided into two colors: blue and green. The green color marks the land plots on sale.


In-Game Land Plots

According to the NFT game playing guide, the game was inspired by Monopoly and its collection system: the player should purchase entire sectors, districts, or NFTs of a specific type to complete a task and receive a bonus. 

For example, to fill the collection King of the Streets, you need to purchase three objects on the same street. After placing them on the collection card, the player receives additional income. Also, daily entry into the game rewards you with a bonus.

NFT Game Playing Guide: UPX Earnings & Withdrawals

How to play NFT game? Upland provides an offline mode — an explorer, which assesses property and unlocks new buildings. Open land plots can be bought cheaper. Also, a player can come across a treasure and receive NFT or coins as a reward. For activity in the search for new territories, the player is rewarded with UPX currency.

The developers initially aimed to make the game so that the player could generate real income from playing it. Thus, in 2020 beta testing of the Tilia Pay payment network took place, through which users can withdraw funds to their PayPal account.

The new opportunity introduces in May 2021 allows the property to be listed for sale for US dollars, thus generating direct income in addition to fiat money. Transactions are subject to a 10% commission. Users can withdraw funds to Paypal account with a 5% commission.

NFT Gaming Tips: How to Make Money in Upland?

What are NFT gaming tips of Upland? Well, the main in-game tokens are property, today there are 500 thousand NFTs. Other non-fungible tokens presented in the game are collection cards. 

Blockchain Heroes is the largest collectible brand, founded in 2020, and featuring comical parodies of famous personalities and crypto trends. Their Stonk Wars card set featured heroes inspired by major financial institutions and government executives. A set of 7,500 packs sold out in 35 seconds.


NFT Cards

The main way to make money on NFT is to increase its price over time. Thus, buying an inexpensive non-fungible token now will bring a good profit in the future.

NFTs are actively sold on the Atomichub site, where you can also find collectible cards for the Upland game. You must have a Wax Wallet to conduct transactions.

Future Prospects for Upland

Upland maintains its status as one of the largest blockchain apps and continues to evolve. Thus, a 2021 project’s roadmap includes:


      • arcades, allowing web-based game developers to integrate their games with the owners’ business;
      • realty agencies that will help owners sell the property by publishing extended listings, as well as sell entire packages of properties and collections;
      • merchandise stores where owners will be able to sell goods to other players;
      • joint ownership will allow players to team up, jointly own a property, share earnings, and trade their share in it;
      • squads of up to 4 people will allow you to freely use each other’s resources;
      • advanced security settings — users will be able to recover the password, as well as generate their own private keys for the account;
      • mining and farming.


    All blockchain games with NFT tokens have potential and open up prospects for users. They sell real crypto coins, whose price increases along with the development of the project. The main thing is to enter the game before the cost has skyrocketed.

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    How to play NFT game Upland? Feel free to share your experience as well as your own NFT gaming tips in the comments!

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