How to Play Star Atlas: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023

Star Atlas is one of the best upcoming NFT games in the entire crypto space, set in a galaxy-sized virtual reality metaverse. Therefore, every player can find a cozy place for themselves, create a unique character, buy a spaceship and go on an amazing journey on it.

In addition, the game rewards players with tokens for in-game achievements. The economy is based on $ATLAS and $POLIS cryptocurrency tokens, which can be traded on crypto exchanges. Still, how to play Star Atlas? Here is a complete Star Atlas guide to know the game better! Let’s get started!

Briefly About Star Atlas NFT Game

Players who progress in Star Atlas and come up with a good strategy will be able to bring their in-game achievements into the real world by selling digital assets on crypto exchanges. The online game is built on the Solana blockchain, driven by the latest Unreal Engine 5, and supported by the Serum project.

The game was announced in January 2021, and the launch is planned for 2022. Currently, the project works as a mini-browser game with active NFT sales. The prices for spaceships differ significantly — starting from $5 and ending with $100,000. There are also unique, expensive spaceships that will be sold at an auction.

Star Atlas Guide: Main Fractions & Their Description

The plot of the NFT game takes place in the distant year 2620, where three factions split control of the space:


      1. The MUD Territory is ruled by The Human Kind;
      1. The ONI Region is led by a consortium of alien races;
      1. The Ustur Sector is commanded by the Cybernetic sentients.

    These factions constantly fight for resources, dominance, and territory using different methods.


    Faction Selection

    For example, suppose a player chooses to be in charge of the Star Atlas and develops a strategy that will affect the intergalactic conflict. In that case, they will receive some rewards for their contribution. Getting into the metaverse, players gain experience and also get acquainted with blockchain mechanics.

    How to Start Playing Star Atlas: Basic Game Mechanics

    The main challenging and at the same time exciting activity in Star Atlas is space exploration. Given the factional fighting and the sphere of influence that is constantly changing, players must use their spaceships equipped with radar to survive in hostile and unpredictable conditions.

    If players develop their own strategy for victory, they will find useful in-game resources on the way necessary for game progress. A player with these resources immediately gains a new level with an opportunity to upgrade the spaceship and enhance abilities, for example, reduce damage or increase the chance of mining more valuable resources. Optionally, these resources can be sold for $ATLAS or the Star Atlas in-game currency.


    Star Atlas Resources

    By the way, players always have to maintain a healthy balance of in-game tokens to survive in the game. When you decide to take up the mantle of explorer, you need to find someone to manufacture it since a newbie has no skills. Still, there is an easier way — to buy a ship for $ATLAS. Also, you need to manage other expenses, repairs, fuel, ship maintenance, and so on.

    All technological advances a player has made are tracked as NFTs, making them tradable in the Galactic Marketplace.

    Star Atlas Game Genres

    As mentioned above, each player chooses the genre in which they will play. Here everything is purely individual, and a variety of directions allows you to choose the best ones. So, how to start playing Star Atlas?

    #1 Great Strategy

    Getting into this genre, players control the entire faction. They have the ability to approach the rest with various maneuvers to bypass the generals and create trade routes. All unexplored areas are mapped, offering the opportunity to develop a unique galactic empire. A unique victory strategy brings additional assets necessary for further in-game development.

    #2 Exploration

    Most players consider this genre one of the best ones since here they get into a real adventure. On a spaceship, you can travel through deadly and treacherous space areas, look for new places and explore them. The main goal is to create your own unique expedition. 

    Here you can also work on creating new operations to mine minerals on planets and moons. Exploration rangers must ensure that the ship is constantly in working order and upgrade it. Optionally, you can fly around the ship manually using a virtual reality headset.

    #3 Role Play

    The universe requires a huge amount of ore and other minerals — it is the only way players will be able to survive. For example, you can become a merchant and sell newly found minerals, or you can become a cargo carrier to ship the found raw minerals to different space stations. Also, gamers can choose other professions at their discretion.

    #4 Space Flight

    It’s a fascinating genre where you can control your ship, explore the galaxy, build, upgrade the ship, sell it, and so on. Outer expanses are beautiful and attractive — getting here, players experience unique emotions from the view. 

    During space flight, the cockpit view gives players the feeling of owning and grounding their chosen ship. First-person view, in turn, allows players to use devices such as flight sticks, throttles, multifunctional control panels, head-tracking hardware, and, most importantly, virtual reality displays on their heads.


    Star Atlas Ships

    Of course, getting into such a world, you fall out of reality, and time slows down. To feel the atmosphere to the full extent, make sure to use a VR headset.

    Other Star Atlas Mechanics to Know

    Once we have found out how to start playing Star Atlas, let’s consider other in-game mechanics which are definitely worth knowing!

    Faction Security Zones

    The Star Atlas is a rather dangerous place, getting into which the player feels constantly stressed. But at the beginning, the gamer is in a safe zone. In this faction-secured zone, you can explore all the game’s basic functions except destructive-based gameplay loops such as rescue, combat, and salvage. Once the player is sufficiently confident enough to venture out, there is a medium-tiered safety zone that mercenary groups secure. The main thing is to survive and save your resources.

    Station Modular Construction

    The main thing in the game mechanics is to build your own building base and additional installations that perform specific functions.


        • Refinery (for refining raw ore into higher tiers).
        • Commerce (for storage and trading in the in-game marketplace).
        • Shipyard (for ship manufacturing, repairs, refueling, configuration, and docking).
        • Hangar (for long term storage of ships)
        • University (for training and recruiting crew).
        • Retail (for crafting and selling components and advanced materials).
        • Cargo (for storing materials and components).
        • Defensive (for building turrets to defend the space station and its inhabitants).

      Crew Members

      The player can control not only the ship but also the team. This means that they can set their traits, teach them new skills, and constantly work to improve their results.


      Crew Member

      How Is $ATLAS Cryptocurrency Used in the game?

      As mentioned above in our Star Atlas guide, the main in-game currency necessary to purchase new ships, land, inventory, and various materials is $ATLAS. It can be traded both on the in-game marketplace and secondary one.

      $ ATLAS’s initial offering is $1 million, with the next $500,000 to be allocated in an exchange offer. The game developers have foreseen that 36 billion $ATLAS tokens can be created during its existence. Since serious players in the crypto space support the project, it is quite expected that the tokens will grow in price.


      All-Time $ATLAS Price Chart

      Still, there is also another token — $POLIS. Players who have this asset can make in-game laws and create rules on their land plots. For example, in their own state, they can tax other residents, issue fines, and so on. If the owners of the $POLIS token unite in their faction, they will have a huge advantage over others. During the game’s life, gamers can create 360 ​​million $POLIS assets.


      All-Time $POLIS Price Chart


      The main goal of Star Atlas is to provide players not only with a gaming experience but also with the opportunity to earn assets that can be cashed out in real life. Currently, the game offers a huge number of possibilities. If you compare it with others, in Star Atlas, you can simultaneously earn money and discover the most secluded corners of outer space.

      How to play Star Atlas? What other interesting facts do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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