How to Play The Sandbox NFT Game: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023

The Sandbox blockchain game is a multiplayer NFT game where users can create their own worlds with unique in-game objects. The Sandbox is an analogue of Minecraft, the most famous game in its genre. 

About the Developers

The Sandbox game was created by the developers of Pixowl Inc., founded in 2011 as a startup. Since 2013, the manufacturer has been working with The Sandbox 1 and the 2D Sandbox Evolution game for mobile devices. The company can boast of many eminent partners, including:


      • Atari
      • Opera
      • Binance 
      • Dapp
      • Wax, and others

    Thanks to this support, the team plans to reach 100 million users over the next ten years. The founders of Sandbox are Arthur Madrid (CEO) and Sebastian Borge (COO). The staff includes specialists from France, England, the USA, Argentina, Japan, India, etc. The company is proud of such a multinationality and believes that diverse cultures will positively impact game development.

    What Is The Sandbox All About?

    The Sandbox is a multiplayer game in which players can create their own worlds with unique objects. You can build a labyrinth, come up with all kinds of puzzles, draw relief maps, or send an invitation to the created world to other users. The project is being developed so that each player can realize their ideas and create their own game. Programming skills are not required.

    The game is based on the Unity engine. Soon, the developers plan to improve the physics of objects, add destructibility, and the ability for users to independently adjust the speed of controlled characters or the jump height. Simple moderation tools will also be available to the owner. 

    Using Game Maker software, users will create games of various genres: RPG, adventure, open world, etc. The software is regularly updated, each time providing new features. You can create games not only alone but also in co-op with friends.

    Comparison with Minecraft

    The Sandbox’s ideas are very similar to Minecraft. There are similar cubic graphics and ample opportunities to realize your potential. But, unlike Minecraft, Sandbox has one undeniable advantage — a well-implemented blockchain and a marketplace where players buy and sell their creations.

    This opportunity, in turn, encourages players to create unique locations. Gorgeous landscapes with real buildings, maps of states, game characters, numerous interactive objects — the scale for the activity is impressive. It is noteworthy that each world belongs to one specific user. This is possible thanks to the introduction of NFT tokens into the system.

    The creators argue that blockchain doesn’t make The Sandbox any better. However, it helps to unify the players’ experience. As a result, developers with players can be rewarded for their efforts. The company plans to achieve full decentralization in the game by issuing SAND tokens. Thus, players will have 100% ownership of the platform, which will continue to develop. SAND holders will be able to make decisions on key management and development issues.

    How to Start Playing?

    It is pretty expensive for a beginner to start playing the game since from the start, you will need to invest money (approximately $100, depending on the rate of ETH and SAND). 

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    Registration Form

    To register, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. MetaMask is a fairly popular cryptocurrency wallet on the Ethereum blockchain, which is also a Sandbox partner. You can install a browser extension or a smartphone app to provide quick access to cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.

    What Is In-Game LAND?

    Land plots in The Sandbox are digital real estate properties owned by a specific player. Users use land plots to create games, dioramas, maps, etc. Each land plot is a unique non-fungible token of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721). Their number is limited to a total of 166,464 land plots.

    You can combine several land plots into real estate. There is a special type of in-game real estate, which belongs to several owners at once, and is called a District. You can become the owner of LAND on the official website of The Sandbox using a digital map. Owners can lease their land plots to other players, collaborate with users, giving them access to their territory.


    Land Sales

    A standard 1×1 land plot is 96 meters long and 96 meters wide. In the Sandbox universe, 1 meter equals 32x32x32 voxels. There are several types of real estate in the game, differing in size:


        1. Small — 3×3 size, consists of 9 land plots
        1. Medium — 6×6 size, consists of 36 land plots
        1. Large — 12×12 size, consists of 144 land plots
        1. X-Large — 24×24 size, consists of 576 land plots

      The main function of LAND is to provide game designers with the ability to create, publish and monetize a digital product. You can also play games created by other players. At the discretion of the creator, such projects can be paid or free of charge.

      What Are In-Game NFTs?

      The Sandbox has the NFT marketplace. With its help, registered users can buy objects that can later be used. Buying NFT is easy — just follow a few simple steps:


          • register on the site and log into your account;
          • buy ETH and SAND;
          • go to the market;
          • select an NFT object;
          • select the desired number of NFT units;
          • confirm the purchase and pay for it.

        Then you can use the NFT object as you see fit. The seller sets the price for an NFT object based on its uniqueness and rarity. For processing all transactions, a commission is charged in the amount of 5% of the transaction sum.


        The Sandbox Marketplace

        What Is SAND Token?

        SAND is an in-game currency represented as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Users use it to buy/sell or exchange NFTs in The Sandbox market. It is also used to manage and develop the platform, buy land, in-game resources, or custom avatar designs. SAND is needed to create your own NFTs, sell and monetize them.

        For the opportunity to play certain games, authors may require a payment in the form of SAND. Users can also earn currency as they play. In addition, a SAND token is also needed to hire game designers and artists. Developers often hold contests on their land plots. The reward is the in-game currency in most cases.

        Currently, the SAND price is changing very quickly and is influenced by demand, supply, and other market factors. 


        7 Day SAND Price Chart

        As was mentioned before, SAND holders will have the right to vote on key aspects of governance: assigning grants for creators and developers, setting priorities for platform development, etc.

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        How Can You Make Money While Playing?

        It all depends on the users themselves. The platform does not provide any financial advice, but you can always ask community members for advice. By investing SAND in LAND, you can generate passive income. At the moment, the contribution is the only way to get in-game items that you can use or sell.

        In the game, you can make contributions to the liquidity pool and get your share of the profit, the amount of which depends on the rate. The reward will increase depending on the number of land plots you own. When making a profit from SAND tokens, you may have to pay income tax. Check your country’s tax regulations for more details.


        Today, we have considered one of the most promising NFT projects. The Sandbox is a metaverse built on the Ethereum blockchain where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experience. The Sandbox project SAND token is an ERC-20 utility token used as an in-game currency.

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        Have you ever played The Sandbox? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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