Waves Ducks Ultimate Guide: How to Make Money Playing It in 2023?

Technologies are constantly improving and make our life even more diverse. Recently, NFT games, which allow users to have fun and invest in crypto, have appeared. Each item in such a game is a unique and non-fungible token, which makes it valuable.

Waves Ducks is a prime example of such projects. We decided to review this game with NFT tokens because players bought ducks worth $390,000 in the first week after the launch. Registration is quite simple, account top-up will be required, withdrawal is stable, and reviews about the game are only positive. So, how to play Waves Ducks? Let’s find out!

What Are Waves Ducks?

For those who do not know what NFT games are, we explain. Such projects are built on the blockchain. In this case, the Waves network is used. Users can collect ducks, which also serve as tokens. In fact, you do not just play the game but become an investor, supporting a still little-known coin.


The birds on Waves Ducks have already risen in price, so you will need a decent start-up capital to get started. However, this does not stop new players from registering on the platform daily. They buy ducks to breed and upgrade them, farm tokens, or simply for resale.

Thus, you can invest and collect ducks, start farming, and generate passive income as a result. Moreover, you can sell them any time you want and receive a tidy sum. Your ducks or tokens may rise in price, and then the investment will quickly pay off.

How to Start Playing Waves Ducks?

Game developers have released their own EGG token, which is used for withdrawals and in-game purchases. How to play Waves Ducks? You first need to buy these coins to spend them on purchasing a duck. If you buy two at once, then you can crossbreed them to receive offspring. Ducks can only crossbreed once, but this is enough to gradually upgrade your farm.

Ducks are divided into species according to different characteristics. The key is uniqueness. If the duck is rare and can boast of a high level, it is more expensive than the rest. At the moment, the game has a duck worth $15,000, and there is no limit. How do users earn? Well, in our Waves Ducks ultimate guide we have outlined a few ways to make money. Let’s consider them in detail!


      • Breed ducks. Birds are purchased for crossbreeding; offspring can be rare and expensive if you follow specific rules.
      • Build a farm. Purchase birds, buy perches for them, and just watch them bring you EGG tokens as a passive income.
      • Resale ducks is a great option for users who are well versed in the market. Profitable lots are purchased and then sold at a higher price.

    Choose any strategy and make a profit by all means at once. You can make a lot of money on this platform. But everything is not that simple. Only those who have a vast knowledge of blockchain technologies can understand every little detail.

    What Do You Need to Start the Game?

    How to start playing Waves Ducks? Well, EGG tokens are traded on only one platform — Waves Exchange. You need to register on it. It is a regular cryptocurrency exchange with WAVES/EGG and USDT/EGG trading pairs. Only through it is it possible to top up the balance and then withdraw money. Registration is simple by email and password, and you can log in through other crypto wallets:


    Waves Exchange

    You can transfer any other cryptocurrency here and make an exchange. If you are interested in buying USDT to swap it for EGG further, you should definitely think about doing this at Switchere. On our platform, you have an opportunity to buy USDT in the fastest and most convenient way using your credit card. Moreover, we offer some surprising bonuses! Users of our platform enjoy a 0% service fee for the first order.

    How much to spend at the start, everyone decides for themselves. First, you need to go to the ducks’ store and calculate the costs.

    Registration & Personal Account

    It is easy to create an account on the platform. On the main page, there is a ‘Start’ button. By clicking on it, a new tab with a gaming platform pops up, where you need to click ‘Sign Up’ and then specify your email, password, and agree with the rules:


    Log In Form

    Next, you need to enter the code sent by email. Now you can log in and go to your personal account. You will see the section with your own farm, where all statistics are collected:


    Farm Section

    You can see all indicators, and there are also several tabs at the bottom. There you can check your ducks, how much they farm, which ones are up for sale, and buy perches for your ducks:


    Perches Section

    There are two sections in the main menu. Incubator, where you can buy an egg to get a new duck (this is not profitable, it is better to buy a bird at the auction). Breeding, where you can select a pair of ducks for crossbreeding. The last section is Marketplace, where you can buy and sell heroes:


    Marketplace Section

    It is also worth mentioning the balance in the upper right corner. It displays the number of EGG tokens on your balance. When you click on it, an additional menu pops up, in which you can copy the wallet number and referral link:


    Referral Link

    The interface is rather user-friendly. We have considered the most important things, and below you can find instructions for the main steps.

    How to Buy a Duck?

    There are two ways to fill your farm with birds. The first is to buy an egg and thus issue a new NFT token. Everything is quite simple here, go to the Incubator section, press just one button, and after a few minutes, a duck hatches:


    Incubator Section

    However, it is too expensive. The EGG costs almost $800, and here, sellers are asking for 3.47 EGG (about $2800). It is easier to go to the Marketplace page and select a suitable lot. Other players put ducks for sale in the store, and they set the cost themselves, which can change in the auction mode. Potential buyers place bids, the most generous offer wins:


    Duck Sale

    Each lot has two buttons (prices). Initial price is the current rate. Buyout price is a blitz price at which you can buy out a lot without bargaining. The main thing is to bargain for the most profitable offers. To understand which ones are worthwhile and learn how to start playing Waves Ducks, you need to understand the classification of ducks.

    Waves Ducks Ultimate Guide: Main Types of Ducks

    When you open any lot from the auction, its card displays complete information on the duck. 


    Duck Stats

    These symbols determine the bird’s uniqueness, and the rarer it is, the higher price it has. In addition, its level of farming depends on these stats. The first 8 letters help determine which genotypes were used for breeding the duck. There are only 6 options here:


        • A — Elon;
        • B — Satoshi;
        • C — Doge;
        • D — Bogdanoff;
        • E — Chad;
        • F — Harold.

      In the example above, you can see that the genotype consists of the letters E and F. Respectively, this duck was obtained by crossbreeding Chad and Harold’s genotypes. You can also see noticeable changes as body parts are transmitted at the genetic level. Also, in the Genotype line, there are two characters after the das. The first one indicates the rank of the duck, which can be:


          • G — Genesis;
          • H — Hero;
          • I — Ideal;
          • K — Knight;
          • L — Lord;
          • M — Magical.

        Newly hatched ducks are marked with the letter G. Their rank increases by crossbreeding birds of the same type, which increases the stats of the duck. The last letter in the genotype indicates the background color:


            • R — red;
            • Y — yellow;
            • G — green;
            • B — blue.

          The background does not affect anything, but it is essential to choose the same color when buying a perch. The color of the new ducks is set randomly. Everything is quite clear here, but there are other important lines in the description that you need to know about.


              • On Farming — whether the duck is used for farming;
              • EGG production — farm per month;
              • Can breed — whether crossbreeding is available;
              • Market price — the price on the market;
              • Price dynamics — price evolution chart.

            The rarest ducks are expensive, and basic ones are cheap. Sellers do not always evaluate their lots correctly, so you need to be careful. The main thing is not to rush. Enter the bidding for the most profitable offers, and even if you do not manage to win the lot right away, you will find what you were looking for over time.

            How to Crossbreed Ducks?

            You can obtain unique characters by crossbreeding different genotypes. With a 50% probability at the genetic level, characteristics are transmitted to the offspring. In the Breeding section, you can select two of your ducks to breed. Each character gives offspring only once, then becomes sterilized:


            Crossbreeding Process

            The process takes a few minutes, and you end up with an additional duck with mixed stats. In any case, it will cost more than its ancestors. You can use the new character for farming, other crossbreeding, or simply sell it at the auction.

            How to Make Money by Selling Ducks?

            The cost of rare and upgraded ducks is relatively high, but this does not stop buyers. Moreover, many players are engaged in crossbreeding and then combine the resulting offspring to make it even more valuable. Marketplace has a sale section, where you can select the market price or set your own one for your ducks:


            Marketplace Sale Section

            In front of each duck, you will see a button to start the auction. How exactly you will receive new heroes is not important, you can put any of them for sale. Just do not rush to get rid of NFT tokens because they bring passive income from farming.

            How to Generate Passive Income on Waves Ducks?

            Not so long ago, the developers added staking to the game. Now you can buy perches for ducks so that they bring EGG automatically. The perch costs 1 token. It is a lot, so you need to calculate everything first. EGG production is indicated in the description of the bird:


            EGG Production

            When considering lots for purchase, keep in mind how many tokens you will get per month. If you put ducks on perches, you don’t have to do anything at all. They will generate passive income and can be sold at any time to recoup the money invested. The most important thing is to buy a perch of the right color for the character.

            How to Earn from Referral Program?

            Without investing in the game, you can earn by attracting new participants. You can copy your referral link in the additional menu that pops up when clicking on your balance. Invite players with it:


            Referral Link

            The conditions may change since the affiliate program was added in June 2021. At the moment, rewards are 5% of the EGG spent on the game. As long as the rate of this token remains at a high level, this is a very advantageous offer.

            Referral statistics (their number and commission) are displayed on the main page of your farm. For example, if your referral pays for the perch, you will receive $40, and if they pay for an egg, the profit will be about $140 (at the current exchange rate).


            To sum up, Waves Ducks allows people to make decent money. Your income depends on skills and investment, plus there is a chance to receive rare ducks just for free. In addition to all this, the EGG rate may continue to increase in value. The main thing is that the high cost does not frighten new players.

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            Hope you found our Waves Ducks ultimate guide useful! Have you ever played Waves Ducks? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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