Key Benefits of Token Listing at Switchere

One of the key ways to spread a newly created virtual currency among the masses is to get it listed on a crypto trading platform or an exchange. Any project seeking to be listed on exchanges is required to prove the value of the token/coin in tandem with numerous factors. Such factors encompass a professional development team behind the project, publicity, audience engagement, usefulness and practical application in the fintech sector, and top security measures that guarantee its robustness.

More importantly, it is crucial to have a trusted and reputable platform that will serve as a full-featured and user-friendly launch pad for token distribution among the masses. And this is where Switchere comes into play. Essentially, Switchere offers a golden opportunity for new and existing projects to raise/boost sales of their own coin/token.

Why Switchere?

Concerning the major advantages for new and rising startups, Switchere offers a meteoric starting point in the form of a crypto listing Launchpad.

  • Switchere offers a full-featured Launchpad for bringing crypto into the masses, growing its user base and the pro-active community.
  • Switchere facilitates and guides project teams on how to best issue and launch their virtual currencies, get listed on exchanges and avoid drastic price fluctuations.
  • Listing on Switchere means not only swapping between cryptocurrencies but also enabling users to buy and sell your crypto for fiat.
  • Partners can sell their crypto at an exclusive service fee – 1%.
  • We contribute to marketing campaigns of the project (airdrops, fee discounts, referral programs, etc.) to attract and reward active users. We’re happy to discuss and implement any ideas of our partners.
  • By deploying the Switchere-powered widget, you let your clients buy your digital asset directly from your website without any redirections. Moreover, the widget can be fully customized according to your website’s design.

Switchere enters into new partnerships both with early-stage startups and recognized projects in the crypto industry. Listing on Switchere is beneficial not only for new crypto projects but also for existing ones looking to grow and expand. The advantages are numerous and include fiat on- and off-ramping, access to crypto purchases on their own websites, and impressive growth of the existing customer base.

In case of new blockchain integration on the Switchere platform, it grants new opportunities to other projects and businesses operating on the given blockchain to get listed faster and give a fresh impulse to their digital assets.

All projects listed on Switchere enjoy the following benefits of the platform:

  • Global Coverage

With a presence in over 160 countries, Switchere is your global passport to the crypto world;

  • Multiple Payment Methods (Both Fiat and Crypto)

Choose from over 5 payment methods, including cards, transfers, and various alternatives, as well as 30+ most popular cryptocurrencies;

  • Full User KYC Onboarding

We handle all the work so you can focus on your business growth, marketing, and conversion rates;

  • Instant Settlement

No more waiting! At Switchere, crypto transactions happen at lightning speed. You click, and before you know it, the job is done;

  • Round-the-Clock Customer Care Service

Our Customer Care agents are available 24/7 to help clients solve their issues quickly and efficiently. Our team’s average response time is 57 seconds.

How to Apply?

If you’re a crypto startup seeking a perfect place to launch your project sales, you are welcome to use our services. Apply via the following this link. Your application will be reviewed by our team, and we will contact you as soon as possible. List tokens and grow a user base with Switchere! Contact us and find out more information here.

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