Litecoin Price Forecast: How the Price Will Change

Litecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and is often referred to as Bitcoin’s ‘little brother’. Today we’ll take a look at the future price development of LTC. We created a forecast up to the year 2025, which is based on various sources. We mainly supplement the opinion of experts with historical events that had an impact on the Litecoin price. 

As always, a long-term forecast can never be predicted with complete certainty. Every forecast is a pure guess and everyone can make up their own mind. However, the opinions of leading experts can be used to form your own point of view. Let’s get started!

Litecoin Forecast 2020-2025: Future Price Development

The current news from 2020 certainly refers to a rather good development of the coin. If Charlie Lee and his team succeed in maximizing a privacy policy of the coin, this could result in a price increase. Being one of the pioneers in the field of digital currencies, Litecoin enjoys a high reputation among investors. While many refer to Bitcoin as ‘digital gold’, Litecoin is something like ‘digital silver’.

The reliability, the fast network, and the active community make LTC one of the leading projects to this day. In terms of market cap, the cryptocurrency created in 2011 has been stably included into the top 10. Future plans also show that Charlie Lee is working hard to promote his coin. Lightning Network, Atomic Swaps, Privacy, and Fungibility are just a few examples. 

Taking into account these plans, LTC could be a good investment in the future. The prerequisite for this is of course that the Litecoin Foundation can implement the desired goals. However, it’s unclear how much time the developers need for achieving their development goals.

Litecoin Forecast 2020-2025: What Do Experts Say?

As mentioned earlier, any forecast should be taken with caution. Bad news can lead to a sharp decrease in the price of a cryptocurrency. This also applies to Litecoin. The sudden sale of Charlie Lee’s LTC assets, for example, caused such a decrease. 

Many analysts and forecast companies specialize in long-term price forecasts. Some of them are limited to technical rate analyzes supported by AI-based software. Others evaluate the future planning of projects and their role in the market. This results in various forecasts, which can be a good basis for forming your own point of view.


Walletinvestor compiles its forecasts on the basis of AI-based software. Artificial intelligence takes into account the volume, current and future trends as well as the possible development of the market. Based on this, it draws conclusions about possible price development.

In the case of Litecoin, Walletinvestor sees a largely positive trend in 2021. According to the forecast, a notable decline in the price could occur in August 2021, which, however, will be followed by a notable recovery. Accordingly, the year 2021 could end at roughly the same level as the beginning of the year.

In 2022, Walletinvestor sees a small decline in March and April, which will continue until the end of the year. In particular, the winter months of 2022 could put an end to LTC. The experts see the LTC rate of just under $8 on December 1, 2022. By the end of the year, however, the rate should recover. 

In 2023 and 2024, the price could rarely exceed the $10 mark. According to the forecast, this trend is expected to emerge by 2025. On average, the experts expect prices between 2 and 6 US dollars. Accordingly, Walletinvestor is expecting a real price decline.


Digitalcoinprice creates its forecasts from historical data and uses it for future price predictions. The Digitalcoinprice experts are much more optimistic than Walletinvestor ones. The price is expected to double within the next year. In 2022, they predict an average rate of $97.76. Overall, the five-year forecast shows the second-highest average prices in 2022. 

In the following year, Digitalcoinprice sees a longer correction phase that runs through the entire year 2023. In general, the experts expect a fairly stable rate. However, according to the forecast, the price cannot be compared with the success of the previous year. According to experts, similar patterns could emerge in 2024. For the last year under review, the experts see a notable recovery in their analysis. At the peak, a value ​​of $100 could be expected.

Digitalcoinprice makes an extremely optimistic forecast. Accordingly, the rate could almost double in 5 years.


The experts at Coinpriceforecast, who specialize in long-term forecast of cryptocurrency prices, are also very bullish. The forecast for the year 2021 coincides with the forecasts of other experts. But in the following years, Coinpriceforecast expects a significant price increase. Prices between 110 and 130 US dollars could be expected in 2022. 

The very next year, the price of the coin could rise by more than 200 percent compared to today’s price. Coinpriceforecast’s prediction ends with two extremely positive years. According to the forecast, a price of over $200 could be achieved in 2024. In the last year under review, the rate continued to increase to as much as $220.

What do you guys think? Which forecast do you find the most accurate? Feel free to share your own LTC forecasts in the comments!

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