What Wallets Support Ripple: Best Ripple Wallets in 2020

As the name speaks for itself, a wallet is a kind of storage. If you refer to digital currencies, it is accordingly an electronic wallet where the tokens of different currencies can be stored. Most crypto exchanges are inaccessible at all if you don’t have a wallet or an account. The question arose, what wallets support Ripple?

The problem you face when you’re about to create a Ripple wallet concerns security. That’s why Switchere is going to check and compare different types of Ripple wallets. We’re also about to show you the overall pros and cons of each type.

Today, you will find out what wallets support Ripple as well as how to use them. In this context, there will be a comprehensive overview of the best Ripple (XRP) wallets in 2020. Let’s get started!

What Crypto Wallets Support Ripple: Online & Desktop Wallets

What wallets support Ripple? Actually, there are many types of crypto wallets for XRP storage. In this section, we’ll consider two of them. 

Online Wallets

When it comes to digital wallets, so-called online wallets are the most common ones. Most often you can find them directly on crypto exchange platforms. The main advantage here is that you don’t have to register on a separate service platform, but can simply manage the coins via Ripple Account.

Online wallets are also known as hot wallets because they are always connected to the network. If you’re familiar with the online payment service PayPal, you will be able to understand the system quite quickly. It also manages digital credit.

This type of crypto wallet is not only accessible to all, but also easy to use. However, online wallets’ owners may face difficulties in terms of security. Well-known online wallets are Coinbase or blockchain.info.

Desktop Wallets

You may still wonder what crypto wallets support Ripple? Are there any other types? Of course, there are. In addition to hot wallets, there are also other types that allow users to save a program directly on their computers. These are software solutions that enable users to manage the purchased currency on the PC. The desktop or PC wallets require a Ripple wallet download. When using a Ripple desktop wallet, it’s especially important to protect your own computer from different viruses and Trojans. 

It’s best to take a closer look at the best anti-virus programs beforehand. If a virus infects your computer, your passwords as well as private keys may suffer from the attack. The consequence of this could be a complete withdrawal of the cryptocurrency. If you’re interested in this type of crypto wallet, make sure to choose only reliable providers. Among them, there are Bitcoin Core, Electrum, or Exodus.

What Digital Wallets Support Ripple: XRP Mobile Wallets 

What crypto wallets support Ripple? So-called mobile Ripple wallets, which are available on iOS, are very popular. Of course, this isn’t surprising, taking into account the growing popularity of smartphones. This means that users can easily open their Ripple Wallet App and access their accounts at any time.

Also called smartphone or tablet wallets, have much in common with the PC wallets already presented. The Ripple app also uses programs that are installed on a mobile device. And as with PC wallets, you have to be very careful when it comes to security. So, what digital wallets support Ripple? Well-known mobile wallets are for example Atomic Wallet or Breadwallet.

What Hardware Wallets Support Ripple: Best XRP Hardware Wallets

What hardware wallets support Ripple? What are they all about? The users who pay particular attention to security usually opt for the so-called hardware wallets. How do they work? You connect them to the network only in case you’re about to use them. In contrast to the Ripple Desktop Wallet, devices that look like USB sticks are connected to the computer at certain times. These are powerful devices that manage key distribution, passwords, cryptocurrencies, and addresses.

However, cold wallets also have some disadvantages. Despite the guaranteed security conditions, there are relatively high acquisition costs. So, what cryptocurrency hardware wallets support Ripple? What are the best ones? Well, Ledger and Trezor Ripple wallets are still the most popular ones of their kind.

What other XRP wallets do you know? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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