Product Updates | May 2023

Summertime is just around the corner, and it’s heating up over here at Switchere! In this article, we’re taking a look back at the milestones we hit in May 2023, and sharing a sneak peek into what’s on our roadmap for June. Let’s dive right into the exciting updates that took place at Switchere in May!

May has been an incredibly busy month, filled with platform improvements and fixes. Our team was particularly focused on enhancing our product system and delivering an even more seamless user experience. Here’s a quick summary of where we stand:

What Was Done in May?

  • Upgraded the blog design to light mode, which completed the website’s transition to a new design;
  • Carried out widget fixes;
  • Made API improvements;
  • Improved the user flow;
  • Made overall product system improvements to smoothen the user experience;
  • Conducted website’s SEO optimization fixes;
  • Changed withdrawal confirmation mechanism to a code sent via email, making it easier to use;
  • Removed a Phone Verification step — new customers no longer need to verify their phone numbers;
  • Developed and rolled out a Fixed/Floating rate feature.

What’s Next for June?

  • Improving the user flow;
  • Further optimization and acceleration of the website’s loading speed, which will significantly smooth the user experience;
  • Developing a ‘Saved Cards’ functionality.
  • API improvements;
  • Overall product system improvement to smoothen the user experience;
  • Continue working on the mobile app’s improvement to smoothen the user experience further;

That’s it for May! Stay tuned for more Switchere updates, and see you in late June.