Tesla Landlords Will Now Accept Bitcoin Payments

A few weeks ago, Tesla’s activities in the crypto market caused a stir. The electric car manufacturer, led by Elon Musk, bought Bitcoin (BTC) for a billion sum and thus caused quite a stir among investors. Elon Musk also announced that he could imagine accepting the leading cryptocurrency as a means of payment for his vehicles. 

According to current reports, however, Tesla could also make payments in BTC itself, because the landlord of one of the Tesla sales outlets will accept Bitcoin payments in the future. Therefore, it’s quite possible that Tesla itself not only makes payments in Bitcoin but also pays bills in BTC cryptocurrency.

Caruso Properties Will Accept Rental Payments in Bitcoin

Caruso Properties is a property management company based in Los Angeles. In addition to many private properties, the company also manages space for companies. One of Caruso Properties’ most famous customers is undoubtedly Tesla, who has been renting their property for several years. 

The electric car manufacturer has opened a sales center in the Brand Center in Glendale, California. Caruso Properties is now apparently planning to add an interesting addition to its customers’ payment options. In the future, the company will accept rental payments in the form of Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

To this end, the property manager entered into a partnership with a Gemini trading exchange. The American exchange is best known for its founders and crypto veterans Tyler and Cameron Winkelvoss. Caruso wants to give its private and commercial customers the opportunity to make payments in the form of cryptocurrency.

However, strong demand for the new payment method hasn’t been indicated yet. At the same time, in an interview, he stated that the investments made have already turned out to be profitable. However, he didn’t give any specific figures.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Is Becoming More Popular

Caruso Properties that is known as the landlord of a large Tesla sales outlet now accepts rent payments in Bitcoin. Thus, the company is about to integrate the Bitcoin trend into its structures. As a result, it’s possible that Tesla will transfer its rent to Caruso in the form of BTC in the future.

In this context, the real estate manager, led by Rick Caruso, entered into a partnership with the American crypto exchange Gemini. In addition to processing payments, the two companies also agreed that Caruso would convert and store 1% of its cash reserves in BTC. Tyler Winkelvoss, the co-founder of Gemini, described the move as ‘an important sign for the acceptance of Bitcoin in the real estate market’.

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