Top 15 Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies with the Biggest ROI in 2021

2020 and 2021 were strikingly different from previous years of cryptocurrency existence. In particular, such concepts as DeFi and NFT have captured mass media attention. Today, we’ll consider the top 15 most profitable tokens launched in 2021.

Almost all of them belong to projects from the sectors mentioned above, and all tokens from the list brought excellent profits to their owners in a short time. It’s up to you whether to invest in them or not. 

Still, remember that the market situation is very volatile. For example, if a project is hacked, then the value of its token will drop, no matter how high it may be. And now, let’s get started!

Top 15 Tokens by Current ROI Chart

#1 My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

  • All-time high ROI: 318.43x
  • Current ROI: 104.1x
  • Funds raised: $2,200,000
  • Market cap: $425,835,396

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer construction game that combines entertaining gameplay and an ecosystem for players who create and trade NFTs. Anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and design many in-game items, or meet new people. $ALICE token allows you to earn and purchase game objects and land and participate in the project’s governance. 

All-Time $ALICE Price Chart

#2 Unizen (ZCX)

  • All-time high ROI: 134.35x
  • Current ROI: 77.0x
  • Funds raised: $3,400,000
  • Market cap: $89,738,597

It’s a new digital asset exchange platform providing traders and retail investors with access to exciting blockchain projects through a combination of social sentiment indicators, AI-driven DEXs, and Binance-level liquidity. The platform highlights its core qualities of high regulatory compliance, fast listing, highly competitive trading fees.

All-Time $ZCX Price Chart

#3 Ethernity Chain (ERN)

  • All-time high ROI: 272.1x
  • Current ROI: 76.9x
  • Funds raised: $2,800,000
  • Market cap: $125,115,821

In the Ethernity Chain ecosystem, you can buy and sell NFTs online. The network uses DeFi technology and combines it with NFT, creating an optimal environment for rare collectible content from digital artists. Early bitcoin investor Nick Rose Ntertsas created the system. Several dozen stars from the world of cinema, television, music, sports have already been placed their NFTs on the platform. Each token represents a separate piece of art in the collection. A certain percentage of the funds raised goes to charity.

All-Time $ERN Price Chart

#4 My DeFi Pet (DPET)

  • All-time high ROI: 128.76x
  • Current ROI: 76.8x
  • Funds raised: $1,050,000
  • Market cap: $10,225,268

My DeFi Pet project combines the traditional gaming experience and features of DeFi with NFT collectibles. Players can breed and trade pets, fight and participate in events to claim valuable prizes. The pet’s qualities are influenced by bonus points earned from other activities (including API integration of third-party apps such as health tracking and music streaming). Users can earn a $DPET token by playing the game and completing in-game tasks.

All-Time $DPET Price Chart

#5 Polychain Monsters (PMON)

  • All-time high ROI: 185.46x
  • Current ROI: 42.8x
  • Funds raised: $833,000
  • Market cap: $24,552,873

Polychain Monsters is a game about NFT-animals of different shapes and colors, each of which has a unique appearance and individual rarity. There are also ultra-rare species to discover. Monsters come in all rainbow colors, and the rare ones also shine. Another unique appearance attribute is the horn, whose shape can also be different. Polychain Monsters is an interconnected ecosystem of apps and marketplaces available on mobile devices. 

All-Time $PMON Price Chart

#6 SuperFarm (SUPER)

  • All-time high ROI: 189.33x
  • Current ROI: 39.4x
  • Funds raised: $1,450,000
  • Market cap: $506,478,330

SuperFarm is a cross-chain protocol allowing you to easily add utility to any token, turning it into an NFT-farm. A set of visual tools enables any project to launch its own farm with user-provided rules, reward liquidity providers, stimulate longer rates, provide special access to services, etc. SuperFarm creates a bridge between crypto ecosystems and the gaming industry. SuperFarm’s NFTs take advantage of real-life video games and unlock unique digital experiences.

All-Time $SUPER Price Chart


  • All-time high ROI: 119.17x
  • Current ROI: 31.3x
  • Funds raised: $2,400,000
  • Market cap: $834,702,662

APENFT was created by the developer Steve Liu, who holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Finance in Columbia Business School. He has also worked for major financial institutions for over 20 years. APENFT’s main activities are investing in NFT platforms and works of art, creating a bridge between digital artists and the world of NFT, sponsoring galleries, organizing art exhibitions, establishing awards in support of creativity, creating art collections etc. 

All-Time $NFT Price Chart

#8 DinoX (DNXC)

  • All-time high ROI: 44.37x
  • Current ROI: 29.1x
  • Funds raised: $1,310,000
  • Market cap: – 

DinoX is a sandbox-style battle strategy on a dinosaurs theme. Players build kingdoms, collect resources to expand them, and develop combat skills to conquer others. $DNXC is a standard ERC-20 token used for communication within the DinoX platform. $DNXC is required for many in-game activities, including hatching eggs and raising dinosaurs. It also serves as a bidding tool, and users can stake their tokens to earn $DNX or $DNXI rewards. $DNX provides public governance and voting on ecosystem changes.

All-Time $DNXC Price Chart

#9 Coin98 (C98)

  • All-time high ROI: 28.56x
  • Current ROI: 27.7x
  • Funds raised: $16,300,000
  • Market cap: $516,260,907

Coin98 is a cross-chain liquidity protocol powered by a non-custodial multicurrency wallet, exchange, and bridge between chains. The protocol enables users to access the DeFi ecosystem, such as decentralized exchanges, credit protocols, Snapshot governance, and blockchain games. In addition, cross-chain migration is supported through an app supporting over twenty networks such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche.

All-Time $C98 Price Chart

#10 PAID Network (PAID)

  • All-time high ROI: 149.91x
  • Current ROI: 25x
  • Funds raised: $2,100,000
  • Market cap: $42,777,172

PAID Network is a decentralized system that offers users easy-to-use web and mobile apps focused on doing business between people and companies without expensive legal services. With proprietary smart contract templates, users can quickly fill out terms and conditions and make transactions. Throughout the entire duration of the contract, the platform provides opportunities for transaction management and communication between counterparties.

All-Time $PAID Price Chart

#11 Tokocrypto (TKO)

  • All-time high ROI: 49.53x
  • Current ROI: 22.8x
  • Funds raised: $8,000,000
  • Market cap: $140,241,077

Tokocrypto exchange token was created in Southeast Asia in 2017. The service provides its clients with an easy, simple, instant, and secure platform for making crypto trading transactions. The $TKO token offers discounts on trading fees, eligibility for airdrops, and other incentives. It can also be used independently and in savings programs such as deposits, savings, and cashback. Among other things, Tokocrypto is a pioneer of the Indonesian NFT platform with a marketplace for digital collectible artist assets. $TKO is the platform’s native token and acts as a payment bridge between creators and users.

All-Time $TKO Price Chart

#12 AIOZ Network (AIOZ)

  • All-time high ROI: 184.91x
  • Current ROI: 22.7x
  • Funds raised: $1,350,000
  • Market cap: $186,776,583

The AIOZ ecosystem is a collection of dApps based on their own blockchain, with a P2P incentive system. The platform includes a video sharing service, a paid video subscription service, and an app for live broadcasts. The platform uses a scalable peer-to-peer network that can handle billions of views simultaneously. Anyone can become a node operator, run a streaming server, transcode, store content, and share throughput.

All-Time $AIOZ Price Chart

#13 DAO Maker (DAO)

  • All-time high ROI: 87.3x
  • Current ROI: 21.5x
  • Funds raised: $4,500,000
  • Market cap: $283,517,706

DAO Maker is a decentralized funding mechanism for startups. It is equipped with built-in buyer protection mechanisms and promotion tools to increase the success of startups. All products supported by DAO Maker include a $DAO token in their payment structure. This includes earning opportunities with dTeams, Social Mining, Yieldshield, and Staking 2.0. Holders of $DAO tokens receive platform priority, using, in particular, a multi-tier cashback system. 

All-Time $DAO Price Chart

#14 Polylastic (POLX)

  • All-time high ROI: 234.2x
  • Current ROI: 20.8x 
  • Funds raised: $887,000
  • Market cap: $3,987,079

Polylastic is an aggregator of the DeFi ecosystem, and $POLX is a deflationary token that rewards users and is used to manage and weight the index according to the delegated share. Polylastic’s goal is to become one of the most viewed and tracked indices in the cryptocurrency space. The team will determine the projects that go into the index. Also, the team can identify additional projects on both a management and request-based basis.

All-Time $POLX Price Chart

#15 FaraLand (FARA)

  • All-time high ROI: 32.28x
  • Current ROI: 20.3x
  • Funds raised: $570,000
  • Market cap: $22,518,719

FaraLand is another project combining NFT technology and gaming experience, allowing users to work with digital collectibles on the blockchain. All NFTs in FaraLand can be integrated into games to help them add value. There are many different races in the FaraLand universe such as humans, orcs, angels, demons, dragonborn, elves, and fairies. Users can control their characters in different ways, equipping them with weapons and armor or participating in battles.

All-Time $FARA Price Chart


Today, we’ve considered the tokens launched in 2021, which quickly became the most profitable of the entire cryptocurrency market. The reason for this popularity is that people have appreciated the benefits of decentralized finance and NFT. You can make good money in these areas, but only under the right market circumstances. 

The listed assets help create non-fungible tokens, participate in project governance, earn on yield farming, supply liquidity to protocols, lending, and many others. Therefore, the more popular the protocol becomes, the more actively the token grows in the long and short term.

Which token from the list do you find the most promising one? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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