Top 7 Best Move-to-Earn Projects: A Complete List of STEPN Alternatives

The STEPN project blew up the crypto game market in just a few months. It repeated the success of Axie Infinity and brought interaction with GameFi to a new level. Today even people who have never been interested in bitcoin know about STEPN.

In our today’s article, we collected 7 projects similar to STEPN. Some of them are clones, while others are based on the M2E concept but have their own unique features. 

Why Is STEPN So Popular?

Axie Infinity has revised people’s sense of crypto, blockchain, and money-making. Many users have realized that you can earn money in this sector without tracking the exchange rate of coins and knowledge about the crypto market in general.

The Play-to-Earn concept has seamlessly evolved into Move-to-Earn, and the huge demand proves that this is exactly what content consumers want. People enjoyed the idea of building healthy habits and earning money at the same time.

The popularity of STEPN is due to several factors:


      • good implementation of a worthwhile idea
      • large financial investments
      • unlimited target audience

    The last factor is especially important since the popularity of Axie Infinity was limited mainly to cryptocurrencies, and STEPN showed that anyone could earn money on cryptocurrencies.

    STEPN has become an entry point for many users, and this is the main advantage of Move-to-Earn projects. They have no growth ceiling, and with the help of competent marketing, you can always increase the number of regular players.

    Top 7 Best STEPN Alternatives to Know

    If you’re interested in learning more about STEPN, make sure to check our blog article with a detailed review of the project. As mentioned before, in this article, we’re about to consider the top 7 STEPN alternatives that you can try out. Let’s get started!

    #1 Step App

    The app is a complete clone of STEPN but runs on a different blockchain. It occupies one of the top places in the Move-to-Earn projects rating. The app differs from the famous analog in minor features, for example, a command mode.

    The Step App economy is based on gaming perks and values ​​and includes staking, liquidity rewards, locks, buybacks, and burns. The ecosystem uses two tokens: $FITFI is the governance token, which is fueled by ecosystem fees, and $KCAL is the in-game token, which is used to buy SNEAK (NFTs) and generates the value of the game economy, allowing users to mine, earn, stake.

    Step App has already collected almost 4 million pre-registration requests. In total, the developers plan to attract 10 million users. Investors who entered the project at the IDO stage increased their capital 106 times, and developers sold $1.7 billion worth of tokens.

    #2 Genopets

    Genopets is a digital Tamagotchi based on the Move-to-Earn model. There are metaverse creatures that evolve depending on the lifestyle of the host. The more movements, the higher the rate of the pet’s development.

    The main advantage of Genopets is the focus on individuality. There are no more sneakers that you can show off to your friends. But there is a digital image with unique characteristics. The graphics are very good, at the level of Tiny Colony. The project attracted more than $8 million in investments, and its developers have big plans for future development.

    #3 Dotmoovs

    DotMoovs is another worthwhile app on our list, which has football and dance as its two major games that you can play and earn NFT rewards and other digital gadgets. It is the first NFT game app that allows you to compete with all the players worldwide — there is fierce metaverse competition. 

    All the transactions inside the app take place in $MOOV, and you can use it to play against others, practice, or take on the Legendary Challenges. You can also use it to buy, sell or rent NFTs and other collectibles and merchandise. 

    #4 Calo Run

    Calo run is another clone of STEPN, which resembles the game in almost all aspects. At the start, you need to buy sneakers and start running or jogging. Thus, game users receive tokens for physical activity.

    In Single Mode, players are equipped with NFT sneakers to earn tokens by moving. Stamina is required to earn $FIT tokens. Each stamina equals 5 minutes of move & earn movement and stamina, which only starts replenishing after players acquire an NFT sneaker. 

    #5 Aircoins

    Aircoins is something like Pokemon Go based on a blockchain. Players install the app, scan the area, and collect coins in the real world using augmented reality technologies.

    The project has been operating since 2018 but has not gained wild popularity yet. Although it is positioned as the largest AR application with cryptocurrency — you can collect coins and purchase digital land.

    The app is not similar to STEPN but occupies a high position in the Move-to-Earn sector. You can withdraw coins only after the amount equivalent to $20 has been accumulated on the account.

    #6 AGLET

    The project is similar to STEPN, but for walking, they give not only tokens but also sneakers. The more tasks you complete, the faster the balance of coins grows. You can buy new sneakers in the store for in-game tokens.

    The app has a built-in map on which different points are located. You can walk to the nearest shoe repair shop and earn some tokens. The amount of bonuses depends on the weather, and it is impossible to predict the boost in advance.

    The project is older than STEPN but has not reached the same popularity yet. Many players note that AGLET’s mechanics are much better than those of STEPN. Thus, the project has every chance to bypass its main competitor. Judging by the roadmap, the development plans look very promising.

    #7 Sweatcoin

    Sweatcoin is another pioneer in the world of Move-to-Earn that has been biding its time. The app has been operating for over 6 years, but blockchain elements have only been added to it since 2020.

    The app used to give coins for walking. Nothing could be done with them — the developers just wanted to motivate people to engage in sports. Nowadays, Sweatcoin has been put on a commercial footing, and users will be able to monetize walking.

    The main advantage of Sweatcoin is its large user base — 64 million players are already involved in it. The developers expect the audience to grow to 100 million users. The list of partners includes more than 600 organizations from the healthy category.


    It is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis to decide on investing in any crypto project. If a project has a good roadmap, large funds in the list of investors, and a competent marketing strategy, you can invest several hundred dollars.

    Still, not all analogs of STEPN have real value and a chance to get at least half of the audience of the hit game. But even in this case, it is quite possible to increase your capital and make some money if you choose the right entry point to the market.

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