Axie Infinity NFT Game: The Ultimate Beast Class Guide for Beginners 2022

The very first Axie class review in a series of articles will be devoted to the Beast class. The Beast class in Axie Infinity is often the mid-liner of a team. They typically have the highest Morale, which means they have greater odds of getting critical hits and last stand turns. Today, we will consider popular Beast cards and builds as well as general stats of this class. Let’s get started!

General Stats

As you remember from our guide — Beasts perfectly confront the Reptiles, Plants, and Dusk classes. And they are considered weak in comparison with the Fish and Birds classes. The basic stats of the Beast are as follows:

  • HP: 31
  • SPEED: 35
  • SKILL: 31
  • MORALE: 43

Each part of the Beast’s body gives +1 SPEED and +3 MORALE. That’s why we can conclude that SPEED is the second most important (after MORALE) characteristic for Beast. Pure Beast has 61 MORALE — the maximum in the game, and 41 SPEED — like a Reptile or Dawn, but less than Birds, Fishes, Dusks, and Mechs. However, you can often find faster Beasts, for example, with Fish or Bird body parts.

Comparison of the characteristics of the Beast
Comparison of the Beast Stats Depending on Body Parts

Role on the Battlefield

Beasts are most often used as DD and sometimes as support. The Beast class has many cards that deal great damage and cards that give and steal energy. Beasts are excellent back- and mid-liners, the main purpose of which is to deal as much damage as possible.

Beast Cards

Popular Builds

There is a huge amount of different Beast builds. But we will try to describe the most popular and available builds. Let’s get started!

True DD

DD Beasts are usually positioned on the mid- or back-line (if you want the Beast to survive as long as possible). The main build is the Sinister Strike (Dual Blade) card. Sometimes Night Steal (Rice) or Piercing Sound (Goda) are added to increase utility.

If you come across the first option, don’t let it attack with low health (below 30%), because otherwise, the Axie Kiss combo (applying Lethal — 100% critical strikes on the next attack) and Dual Blade will deal massive damage. Also, always try to kill the DD Beast without allowing it to enter Last Stand because there is a risk to receive 150% damage from Revenge Arrow (Risky Beast).

DD Beast #1

With the second option, it is also better not to wait until the Last Stand. Because of the Nitro Leap (Jaguar) card, Axie will strike it first, regardless of the speed indicators of all Axies on the battlefield. Also, take into account good defense indicators of the Hare Dagger (Hare) and Piercing Sound (Goda) cards — if the opponent makes the Goda x2 + Hare x2 combination, they will get >150 to shield.

DD Beast #2

RIMP Support

You can also use Ivory Stab (Imp) card combined with Single Combat, which is guaranteed to be a critical strike, in combination with at least two other cards. The Imp + Ronin combo requires you to play the cards correctly. Otherwise, it may not be effective enough. Also, this build is usually supplemented with Goda and Cottontail cards, expanding the possibilities for gaining energy (and burning).

RIMP Support


You can create a good hybrid from the previous two builds — for example, Nut Cracker RIMP or DD, which steals and destroys the opponent’s energy.

Hybrid Beast


If you liked this format of the class review, feel free to let us know in the comments below. Which next Axie class should we do a review on? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments as well!

If you want to learn more about the project, read our ultimate guide on Axie Infinity, full of in-game screenshots and helpful information!

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