How to Stake mSAND-MATIC at The Sandbox NFT Game Project?

The Sandbox game project strives to provide its users with additional benefits from the partnership with Polygon. Recently, the project has launched a new liquidity program, and mSAND-MATIC staking on Quickswap has become available.

mSAND-MATIC Staking Went Live

In the Layer-2 ecosystem, a SAND token will be referred to as mSAND, but the developers emphasize that they are identical. Staking is introduced to facilitate access to mSAND on Polygon.

Every week, 300,000 mSAND tokens will be added to the pool. The developers will also add 200,000 mSANDs to stimulate early user exchanges within the first four weeks.

Liquidity providers who decide to top up the pool will be able to claim a monthly reward in mSAND tokens. Staking started on December 16. Liquidity rewards have been officially distributed starting December 17.

Website Interface

How to Stake mSAND-MATIC?

  1. Go to your profile in the Sandbox game.
  2. Switch to Polygon Mainnet if your wallet is on a different network.
  3. Click on the ‘Approve’ button on mSAND/MATIC.
  4. Select a program and click ‘Deposit.’
  5. In the side panel that pops up on the site, enter the amount of tokens to be deposited.
  6. If there are no pools in the profile, click the Quickswap link and get redirected to the pool interface. Add any amount of mSAND or MATIC to the pool.
  7. Sign the transaction after locking the deposited amount of tokens in the pool. 
  8. And you’re done! Congratulations, you have become a staker in the mSAND/MATIC program!

The developers of the game project promise that soon, there will be even more opportunities for staking, increasing the earning potential of SAND. The main goal of this process is to move most of the Sandbox ecosystem to Polygon. 

Currently, the first steps towards full support of Polygon have been made. Soon there will be a bridge, which will allow transferring tokens to Polygon to use them on Layer 2 with a reduced gas fee. This will provide a more profitable gaming experience for users. You can find more interesting news about the game here.

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