SLP Vs. AXS: Here Is Ultimate Guide on Axie Infinity Tokens 2023

Axie Infinity is a decentralized Ethereum-based game that introduces players to adorable fantasy creatures known as Axies. These creatures hide powerful potential beneath their Pokemon-like appearance. The game allows you to collect, breed, fight and even trade Axies in the market.

The Axie Infinity ecosystem includes several tokens: AXS token, SLP token, AOC token. There were many others before, but they became outdated or were converted to AXS.

What Is AXS Token?

So Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is a governance token in the ERC-20 format. The Axie Infinity team strives to switch project management to the DAO format. Thus, AXS token owners will have the right to solve all project’s pressing issues: from the commissions charged for selling your Axies on the marketplace to the color choice of the company logo. For this, AXS token holders vote ‘For’ or ‘Against’ the proposed changes and also personally submit their proposal for the game’s development.

Why Using Axie Infinity Shards?

  • Payment instrument. AXS will replace or coexist with ETH on the marketplace as a payment for user-generated content or for the use of any game in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. For example, you decided to launch a game and create a promotional event like ‘Beat the game first and get 10 AXS tokens’ to attract users.
  • Benefits for AXS holders in future sales and promotional events. These can be scheduled events when the community finds out about an upcoming event and begins to buy a token purposefully. 
  • Staking. AXS holders will be able to stake their tokens, for which they will receive newly issued tokens as a reward. Stakers will increase their rewards if they actively participate in the project governing or play the game.

After the launch of staking, the creation of the in-game Community Fund will be crucial, where rewards come from earned commissions and inflation tokens from staking. The fund will be transferred from the Sky Mavis team to token holders when the tokens are allocated in a decentralized manner. At the end of June 2021, the size of the Community Fund, or Community Treasury, was over $14M.

How AXS Tokens Are Used

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The Reward for Playing with AXS Tokens

The Axie Infinity Whitepaper sets out the team’s vision for rewarding and engaging active members of the Axie community for:

  • Competition in the arena and battle wins
  • Tournament wins
  • Interaction with land plots and caring for them
  • Using the Axie marketplace
  • Breeding Axies
  • Use of future company products that have not yet been released

For these initiatives, 20% of the total number of tokens has been allocated, which will be gradually allocated among players, and will find owners no earlier than 4.5 years after the first payments. At the time of this writing, the total cost of in-game rewards is $28,000,000. Do not leave the game until late as it only gets more expensive every day!

AXS Tokens Allocation

The total number of tokens will be 270,000,000 AXS. About 10,800,000 tokens were allocated for private investors at a price of $0.08. In total, $864,000 was raised. The next stage in the AXS allocation was the Launchpad Binance platform, one of the most famous crypto exchanges in the world. The Axie team, together with Binance, sold 11% of the total tokens at a price of $0.1, raising $2,970,000.

Unlock Schedule

What Is SLP Token?

SLP or Small Love Potion are utility tokens in ERC-20 format. Their sole purpose is to pay for Axie breeding in the game. Players pay SLP tokens to create a new Axie, which are then burned, and a new Axie is born in return. The cheapest breed will cost 200 SLP. You can receive SLP in several ways:

  • earn them in the game.
  • buy them on the exchange.
  • get a reward in SLP for participating in tournaments, promotions, and other events for users.

How to Earn SLP in Axie Infinity Crypto Game?

Currently, there are 3 types of SLP earnings in the game:

  • Arena (PvP)
  • Adventure (PvE)
  • Daily quest

Let’s consider all of them in detail!

Arena PvP Mode 

Arena Mode Map

Initially, a new user starts with 1200 rating points. Playing at the 1200 rating level, we get 7 SLPs for a win. Axie Infinity also has seasons and off-seasons. In a season period, the player’s rating changes in both directions for a win or defeat in addition to SLP tokens. 

Adventure PvE Mode 

Adventure Mode Map

Adventure mode consists of 36 levels. You can receive a certain amount of SLP for clearing the levels, depending on the Axies level. The limit is 100 SLP per day.

  • Level 1-4: 1 SLP per win
  • Level 5-9: 2 SLP per win
  • Level 10-14: 4 SLP per win
  • Level 15-16: 6 SLP per win
  • Level 17-20: Random 6-10 SLP per win
  • Level 21-36: Random 10-20 SLP per win

If you are stuck at the beginning of the path and can’t get through a certain level, go down 1-2 levels below. After defeating the chimera monsters once again, you will receive additional experience. By increasing the experience and Axie level, you will improve all the Axies’ indicators and abilities cards. Thus, it will be easier to clear a previously inaccessible level.

Daily Quest

Daily Quest Mode

Daily quest is a challenge in which you need to fulfill three conditions:

  • Check-in in the game. Just log in and click the ‘Check In’ button
  • Win 5 times in the Arena mode
  • Complete 10 Adventure Rooms

You can get points for a daily quest without energy, play an arena or adventure mode, and then just finish daily tasks. You can earn up to 50 SLP per day for the daily quest.

In total, with the proper approach to the game, earning 150 SLP tokens per day is quite an easy task. If you have an Axie with 20+ level, it will take at least 50-80 minutes to complete this minimum.


Axie Infinity is a decentralized Ethereum-based game, which allows you to play adorable Axies and provides many easy ways to earn in-game tokens. 

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Hope you found our SLP vs AXS ultimate guide useful! Have you ever played Axie Infinity? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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