What Is Axie Infinity NFT Game: A Complete Guide to Playing for Beginners 2023

Axie Infinity is a symbiosis of a cross-platform game and a social platform for earning NFTs and ERC-20-standard tokens. At first sight, it is an analog of a farm where users have to dive into the fantasy world of Lunacia, inhabited by creatures resembling Tamagotchi and Pokemons. 

In fact, this is a unique digital ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain. Here, users can create content, interact and trade with other players, as well as participate in the social life of the project.

What is Axie Infinity game, and what are its main features and peculiarities? Today, we’ll try to find out!

What Is Axie Infinity Game: Key Things to Know

The project was released on September 22, 2018, by the Sky Mavis development team. The creators remain incognito but have enlisted the support of such giants as Ubisoft, Samsung, Delphi Digital, and other large companies. 

Trung Nguyen, who previously worked with Anduin Transactions, became CEO of the platform. And the role of co-founder and a chief operating officer went to Alexander Larsen, the former head of the Security Council of one of the Norwegian government organizations.

In October 2020, Axie Infinity became the seventeenth project to be hosted on the Binance Launchpad.

The game is available for all popular platforms — PC (MS Windows and macOS) and mobile devices (iOS or Android). A user account is created once and is available for computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets.

Axie Infinity Game Mechanics

If you’re interested in a detailed gameplay process, make sure to check our complete review on this topic. Still, let’s briefly consider what Axie Infinity game mechanics is all about!

So, what is Axie Infinity game all about? Well, Axie Infinity gameplay includes several components:

  • Acquisition, breeding, and upgrading of Axies.
  • Fights in the battle arena.
  • Obtaining lands.

Numerous resources simplify and brighten up the gameplay, allowing users to upgrade their creatures and land plots, craft in-game items, and speed up some operations. 

In the near future, the developers promise to diversify the gameplay with the ability to explore the world fully. In the meantime, players gain experience and valuable items by fighting each other.

PvP Battle Mode

What is Axie game PvP mode? The battles between players take place in a special arena. Three pets from each user take part in the fighting. Axies are distributed by their roles on the battlefield (tank, damage-dealer, and support) and deal damage to enemy creatures. The team, which defeats all three Axies of the opponent wins. Thus, users receive experience points and useful items for defeating an enemy: buffs, potions, and other resources.

Axie Infinity PvP Battle

It is crucial to deploy pets correctly for a positional attack and make the most of their abilities and strengths during a battle. PvP matches are available every four hours. At the same time, a user can hold only six fights per day.

Land Plots in Axie Infinity

What is Axie Infinity land? Well, shortly, the developers plan to add a new mode to the game in which users could explore an open world, divided into 90,601 areas, called Land. Also, users will be able to find various resources for crafting and battle, as well as AXS tokens on land. The owner of the land plot has the primary rights to the assets.

Like other items, in-game land plots can be sold, bought, and transferred. The cost of the plot depends on supply and demand. In February, the anonymous organization Flying Falcon purchased nine plots for a total of 888 ETH, which at that time amounted to approximately $1.5 million. This is the most expensive sale of NFT tokens in the project’s history.

Axie Infinity Land Plots for Sale

What Do You Know About Axie Infinity: Axies & Their Stats

What is Axie game creature? Well, all in-game characters are called Axies and differ from each other in appearance and stats. Axies are divided into classes: 6 main and 3 secret ones. Thus, the main classes are the following:

  • Beast: an Axie with high damage but low HP and weak defensive indicators;
  • Plant: these Axies are able to heal friendly creatures and are endowed with good defensive indicators and high HP, but they move very slowly;
  • Bug: these guys hit accurately but don’t deal much damage;
  • Bird: this Axie is the fastest class in the game;
  • Reptile: such Axies has pretty good speed indicators but don’t deal high damage;
  • Aquatic: these Axies are distinguished by speed and high HP, but their attacks are far from accurate.

Secret classes are obtained by crossbreeding, and we will talk about them a little later. Thus, all pets are endowed with certain advantages and disadvantages.

Axie Creatures

Axies Body Parts

Users can easily upgrade their creatures. This will require replacing Axie’s body parts. They affect the basic stats and are the following:

  • normal;
  • rare;
  • ultra-rare;
  • legendary;
  • mystical.

The latter ones are extremely rare and belong only to a small part of special Axies — Origin Axie.

Body Parts

Key Axies Specifications to Know

Depending on the class and the received body parts, Axies receive certain values ​​of the four basic stats. These are the following:

  • The number of health points (HP).
  • Speed.
  • Experience.
  • Morality.

HP affects the duration of the pet’s life during the battle, speed allows Axies to dodge attacks, experience allows to deal more damage and miss less often. At the same time, the number of critical strikes, counterattacks, and the sequence of turns depend on morale.

Axie Stats

Breeding Axies

What is Axie Infinity breeding? Each Axie is able to bring a certain number of offspring in its life. Breeding pets will require resources and SLP obtained in Adventure Mode and the Battle Arena. The pet’s value depends on how rare genes are endowed by its parents. Therefore, before crossbreeding, you need to think carefully about the likelihood of getting a unique Axie.

It is also important to remember that when breeding representatives of some normal classes, there is a chance to obtain a secret-class Axie:

  • Mech: 33% chance when breeding a pure Bug with a pure Beast;
  • Dusk: 33% chance when breeding a pure Reptile with a pure Aquatic;
  • Dawn: 33% chance when breeding a pure Plant with a pure Bird.
Axie Secret Classes

Axies have no gender. Therefore, you can crossbreed any adults, except for relatives (parents and children or siblings). An adult pet that has received 400 experience points can produce offspring 7 times, after which it will become sterile. 

After birth, a pet goes through a growing cycle, which includes four stages: Egg, Larva, Petite Axie, a full-fledged combat unit Adult Axie.

4 Stages of an Axie

What Is Axie Infinity Crypto: AXS Token Basic Information

What is AXS crypto? AXS is an ERC-20 standard token that serves as an asset for project management within a decentralized autonomous organization. The owners of the in-game currency, available on some platforms, for example, Binance, make important decisions with the developers. These can be serious questions, such as reducing fees when selling a pet, and comic ones, like temporarily changing the company logo.

All-Time $AXS Price Chart

What is Axie Infinity crypto needed for? As mentioned before, AXS holders vote on existing issues and have the right to make their own proposals for the project’s development. The total number of AXS tokens is limited to 270,000,000. 

In general, an AXS token is necessary to:

  • use it as a means of payment in the market along with ETH or as a substitute for it;
  • participate in the project’s development;
  • receive privileges in upcoming sales.

Also, currency holders have access to the option of AXS staking. For this, they will be rewarded with various bonuses, including financial ones and in-game rewards for faith in the project.

How Can I Get AXS?

The fastest way to acquire the required amount of AXS tokens is to purchase them on a crypto exchange or on the project’s official marketplace. 

However, active users also have an opportunity to get AXS in several ways at once while playing the game:

  • regular participation in competitions and win in tournaments;
  • land acquisition and interaction with it;
  • breeding Axies;
  • market activity.

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If you’re looking for step-by-step instruction on how to buy Axies, make sure to check our blog article on this topic, full of screenshots and useful information!


Axie Infinity is a bright and memorable project that allows you to make good money. Now everyone has access to an excellent opportunity to get a stable additional income while having fun in the fantasy world!

What do you know about Axie Infinity? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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